5 Best Google AdSense Approval Tricks For 2023

Pritam Nagrale

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google adsense approval

11 thoughts on “5 Best Google AdSense Approval Tricks For 2023”

  1. Hello thank for a wonderful write up that would help me so much.
    Please i need explaination
    if am in Us today and my adsense is been approve what if i move to another country will google pay me in dollar $?

  2. Hi there… I have created a blog with my gmail account and accepted by google adsense..after some months has been desabled my account.. Can I create again a blog and submit to google adsense to approve?

  3. hi,

    Firstly let me thank u for writing so useful article on getting adsense. I must say u r showing a way out for someone to earn bread n butter.

    there are a few queries in my mind and i hope u will love to reply them as well and at the same time it may answer to other readers questions also

    Well.. !

    1) As u mentioned in one of your above tricks that “u can buy an old or expired domain name”. So incase if i buy an old domain do i still wait for 5-6 months before applying for an adsense account?

    Can i immed apply for adsense after buying a domain from blogspot.?

    After rejection how soon can i re-apply for adsense (this is just for my knowledge).

    I hv 3 gmail accounts if one of my application is rejected by google on a particular topic can rewite better on same topic and apply thru different gmail acc?

    Another thing is what do u mean by “keep posting on ur blog with new updates” to be more precise i want to understand the ‘action’ in detail.

    • 1. If you buy any old expired domain, then you just create a good quality blog with the domain & apply for AdSense account.
      2. If you buy a domain from blogger, then start publishing good contents & once you start receiving a little traffic, you can apply for AdSense approval.
      3. You can re-apply as soon as you correct the mistakes.
      Keep posting means writing origianl & high quality content on your blog on regular basis.

    • hi,

      1) With regards to ur revert to my third point i would like to inform you that that i am not able edit or may b i m not able to find an option to edit my existing content. like i told u that now i have written a lot on that topic and now i want to edit it but i cant do it.

      2) I have now created a new blog on wordpress as mynameiaraakesh.wordpress.com. pls go thru and let me know the feedbk… there some typo error which i will rectify in short time.

      3) With regards to wordpress can u tell me how can i change the domain from ‘mynameiaraakesh’ to ‘openscams’

      Moreover pls revert bk to blogger query abt ” how edit existing contnt as well”…

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