How Much Money You Can Make From Google AdSense?

Pritam Nagrale

Google AdSense has become very popular among Indian bloggers. If you want to make money online then AdSense program is the best one to start with. It has earned the reputation of the most trusted program among bloggers and publishers around the world. Hence, if you are a new blogger then you could start benefitting from this program.

However, getting approved for an AdSense account is not that easy now. You have to be very careful and smart enough to see your eligibility for AdSense. Google looks for genuine bloggers & not the fake one.

Therefore, there is a potential for making money with AdSense. But how much money could you make and what are those factors that you need to consider before you start blogging?

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Let us discuss them one by one.

How People are Making Money from AdSense Program

Well! Guys, as a matter of fact bloggers are making hell lot of money with this program. Publishers around the world have used and even abused this program to make enough money that would blow your mind.

So how much money could you make?

It depends upon the kind of publisher you are. I usually divide publishers in four categories.

1. Heavy Weight Publishers– These are literally publishers not bloggers. It means they are companies with writers working for them. These publishing house hire writers as many as 100 to 500 to write for them.

They create huge content every day on every single possible topic. Some of their examples are,, These are websites that make hell lot of money with AdSense program.

Approximate Income could be $500,000 to $10,00,000+ per month

2. Medium Weight Publishers – Then there are publishers which run blogs that are smaller relatively to previous one. They also hire writers however their number is very small and they could be 10 to 30 at maximum.

They write about only few selected topics and make money from them. Examples are tech blogs like,, etc

There approximate income could be $300,000 to $500,000 per month.

3. Top Bloggers – Then there are individuals bloggers who run there blogs without having a team. They do it alone and update their blog regularly.

Bloggers like, etc.

Their approximate income is around $20,000 to $50,000 per month.

4. Mediocre Bloggers – Finally there are bloggers which are very average and don’t make money like top bloggers. Their number around the world is more than 1 million.

They blog about different topics like technology, blogging, music, sports, business etc.

They make around $2000 to $6000 per month.

There are bloggers which are not able to earn more than $500 to $1000 per month. They are struggling and want to work their way up. Some of them succeed and some fail.

So you have to decide which kind of blogger you want to be.

If You are New and Confused then How Much You Could Make Money with Your Blog in Future

It is quite normal that a blogger who has just started his blogging career do not make enough amount of money.

In fact, as a matter of fact many quit because they could not make it. But if you are persistent with your work then there is a room for success.

However, when you start, don’t expect much. A new blogger struggles to make even as little as $100 per month. In fact, in first few months you would not make even a penny.

So don’t expect any money while you start. There is a perception that blogging is very easy and you could make money instantly but the reality is quite opposite.

But if you keep working for at least 6 months then you could expect a breakthrough.

After six months you could make $100 to $300 per month.

A year later $800 to $1000 per month

Two Years later $2000 to $6000 and that is what an average blogger makes.

How Can You Calculate Your Approximate Income

Well! A new blogger has to plan; if you don’t then you might fail. Therefore, you have to prepare a chart for your average daily income when you start your new blog.

Your income totally depends upon the traffic that you receive on your blog. Hence, you have to do some maths here.

1st Month = 100 Page Views and CTR = 2%, CPC = $.25, then Daily Income = 50 Cents & Monthly Income = $15

But in coming months if you work hard then you could turn around the table.

6th Month = 1000 Page Views and CTR = 3%, CPC = $.50, then Daily Income = $15 & Monthly Income = $450

In a year you could reach up to

12th Month = 4000 Page Views and CTR = 4%, CPC = $.75, then Daily Income = $120 & Monthly Income = $3600

Thus you work your way up with getting more traffic. You could easily make up to $6000 to $10,000 per month in couple of years. More than the income you would make from your day job.

*CPC depends upon country to country. In this example I am assuming the country is USA, in India, it could be half, so income would also be half.

Topics and Niche for Your New Blog

However, before you dream of making that much amount of money every month you have to do certain things in a right way. First is choosing a niche for your blog.

You have to blog about a topic which is very close to you and you know everything about it. The topic must be your hobby or you had some experience with it.

Many bloggers who start blogging, choose social media, make money online etc as their niche.

Hence you have to decide a niche because it could make or break your blogging career. Some of the niche for a new blogger could be

  1.  Blogging tips
  2. Marketing, Social Media
  3. Travel Blog
  4. Entertainment
  5. Health and Beauty
  6. Entertainment, Music and films
  7. Food blog etc
  8. Sports News
  9. Finance & Investment tips
  10. And many topics you can imagine…

So choose the niche that you like the most.

Target Your Location and Audience

You need to know your audience very well. If your blog has to generate a good income then you should know your audience.

You have to figure out whether your audience would be in India or USA. If they are from USA then you make a lot of money.

If your audience resides in metropolitan cities then you have to write about things that happen there. Moreover, you also have to consider things like their age, occupation and education. Knowing their demographics is very important.

Your blog should include things that revolve around their daily life. It would help you to relate with them and increase your traffic and income.

Visitors and Page Views

The next factor that could affect your blogging income is the number of visitors you get every day. Regardin
g your visitors, you need to know that they must be of high quality.

It means they must have purchasing power. Therefore ensure that your every visitor is educated and comes from a city.

Moreover, to increase your page views you have to reduce the bounce rate. Visitors must not leave the website instantly, they have to stay on your blog.

Usually, 1 visit makes 2 to 2.5 page views. So if there are 1000 visitors then page views would be 2000 to 2500.

In short, try to get as many as unique visitors and reduce the bounce rate.

Source of Visit

Analyze from where you are receiving your traffic. It could be search engines, social media and even direct traffic.

You must try to get as much as traffic from search engines because your 90% of the traffic would come from organic searches. So you need to do little bit of SEO here.

Similarly you should also try your best to get traffic from other sources like Social media and guest blogging.

However, if you are an established blogger then you should not rely on Google or any other platform because direct traffic is the way to go forward.

Ad Placement

Placing your ads at right spots is important if you want to make money with AdSense. You are expected not to break any rules by clicking on those ads by you.

Place ads in such a way that it mingles with the content. Your readers shouldn’t be able to make out that it is an ad.

Do not clutter your blogs with too many ads. Place ads in between your content but not too much. Only three ads are allowed to show on one single page.

So place your ads wisely.


CTR and CPC is the lifeline for a blogger who is using AdSense program. As days past, you have to increase your Click Through Rates and more importantly Cost Per Click.

Initially, your CPC would not be more than 10 cents but you have to work hard and make it up to 30 to 40 cents for one click. If your CPC is not increasing then you will not be able to generate the income through blogging that you expected.

Hence, write something that your readers would love to read. You can read these tips to increase your earnings.

Plan B If You Fail

It is my responsibility to tell you what happens if you fail in blogging or with AdSense. Because it is not something that could never happen. In fact, most of the bloggers fail.

So if you are not finding a way forward in blogging then you could quit. This is not the end of the world. You could continue doing what you were doing earlier.

Don’t leave your day job when you start blogging. You could blog in your spare time also.

Read this blog before you go with the AdSense program. It is easy to make money with AdSense but you need to know how to do it.

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