6 Great Benefits of Buying an Expired Domains

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In 2012, I purchased an expired domain, SureJob.in. I started an education blog on this domain. For the last 9 years, I have been making regular income from this blog. I have made almost half a million dollars from this single blog.

However, it is not necessary that this website would not have been so successful if I had taken a new domain instead of an expired domain. A few months before SureJob, I started this MoneyConnexion blog. It's not an expired domain. It was a new domain.

But the earning of MoneyConnexion is much more than a SureJob.in. Both these blogs are successful because I have worked very hard on them for the last 8 years. 

I have written hundreds of posts, done a lot of SEO and of course, a lot of work apart from this. Also, I have my in-house team – who work on both these blogs.

But I don’t want to disagree that the value of the expired domain did not play a role in the success of my blog SureJob. Yes, it indeed played an important role.

I have done a lot of research on expired domains and have done various experiments with expired domains. If you find the right expired domain, then the power of this expired domain can speed up the success of your blog. Apart from this, there are many benefits of Expired Domain. 

Today, I will enlighten you about 6 important benefits of expired domains in this article.

6 Important Benefits of Expired Domain

If you are planning to start a blog or a business website, a quality expired domain can help you a lot in growing your blog or business. Here are 6 benefits of buying an expired domain.

1. Create an authority website that ranks fast

If you are starting a new blog and if you get a good expired domain then it can get your website rank fast in Google.

Now, the questions in the frame are-

  1. What is a good expired domain?
  2. How does it help to rank your website fast?
  3. How can we buy a good expired domain?

I purchased SureJob in 2024, but if you see its history in the archive, then this website was started by someone else in 2024. 

In 2010 his website looked like this.

surejob archive

He worked on this website for 2 years and left it after that. After working on this website for 2 years, the value of this domain had increased and there were two important reasons for this.

  1. This domain was of the age of 2 years.
  2. Its previous website owner had spent money and time on SEO on this website. It means he created some quality backlinks for this website. These backlinks were still pointing to this website after this domain expired.

If someone buys this type of expired domain, then he gets these two advantages in Google ranking-

  1. Google will not treat this expired domain as a new domain and will not keep it in the Google sandbox if someone creates a website on this. Age factor is also a factor in Google ranking.
  2. This domain already has backlinks – so you don't need to create too many backlinks. Its existing backlinks are very useful for you to rank fast on Google.

Where to get a good expired domain?

There are many platforms from where you can find Expired Domains, such as ExpiredDomains.net, DomCop, SpamZilla, Domain Hunter Gatherer, aur GoDaddy auctions. But my favorite is ExpiredDomains.net. ExpiredDomains.net is absolutely free.

expired domains

You can visit the site and research for a good expired domain. If you do a free signup on it, then you will get to see many features, and you can research well and find a good expired domain. 

You can search for expired domains using your keywords. There will be thousands of domains for each keyword. You can use various filters to find the best domain for your website in your niche.

Here you have to understand a lot of things and only then will you understand what are the qualities of a good domain. You have to see all these filters; you have to understand them and apply them so that you get better results.

search filters

For example, if I want to have only .com or .in, or if I don't want a domain with ‘number' or hyphen or SEO-related filters.

And if you want domains with high DA (domain authority), then there is another website, Domcop, where you can see the DA of each expired domain. In this way, you can find a good expired domain.

After taking the expired domain, first of all, you have to set up the website and if possible, give it the same look and feel as it was before. You can buy WordPress hosting to set up a website on your expired domain. I will recommend buying Bluehost or Hostinger web hosting for the same.

If there were some high page authority (PA) posts on his sites, then you can rebuild the page with the same URL, and then you can start your blog on it. This way, you can start a blog that can perform better in Google and can get fast success as compared to starting a blog with a new domain.

2. Create a PBN or Backlinks

You can buy high DA expired domains and set up your own PBN (private blog network). A PBN is generally used by affiliate marketers to rank their money sites. This money site may be an AdSense site or an affiliate site.

In order to set up your own PBN, you need to purchase high DA expired domains and set up a website on each domain. 

Once your PBN is set up, you can give backlinks to your money site from each of the websites in your PBN. Because these websites have good domain authority, more link juice will pass to your money website and it will help in ranking your website in Google. 

A good PBN contains at least 25 high DA websites. It is a bit expensive to set up a PBN with 25 websites, but it can give you excellent returns. Google hates PBN a lot. If Google gets the slightest idea about your PBN, then it will deindex your PBN as well as your money site.

You need to understand SEO better in order to set up a PBN. People make a lot of mistakes while making PBN.

3. Sell at High Rates

Shaksphere said what's in a name? But if we talk about domain names, then everything is in a name. Normally a domain name costs Rs 500, but if you have a name that a big company needs at any cost, the company can't buy it unless you want to sell it. You can keep the price of that domain at $100$, $1000, $10,000$ or even more.

According to Wikipedia – the Voice.com domain sold for $30 million, Tesla $11 million, and iCloud.com sold for $6 million. Domain name selling is a serious business. Many people earn thousands of dollars a month from this business. 

Let’s see what is Domain trading.

In domain trading, you have to purchase domains – which you think can be in good demand in the future. It can be on a keyword, it can be on a concept or technology, or it can be in the name of an upcoming movie, series or company.

Generally, in domain trading, people buy a new domain and later sell it at a very high value. But we are not talking about new domains here but expired domains, so here's how we can use them.

We can use it in two ways-

1. Similar to domain trading

Many people start their website or book a similar domain, but when the time for renewal comes, they either do not have interest, or do not have money, or they do not get the notice of renewal.

However, there are many people who do not know the real value of their domain. So when their domain expires, you can buy expired domains with such high value and then sell them through auction at a high price.

You should have a good experience with it – because you should know the potential value of the domain other people are unable to see, and thus, you successfully buy and sell the domain.

2. Website Flipping

As I mentioned, people have done a lot of work on many of the expired domains; they have done SEO on them, so such domains have good DA even after they expire. 

If you buy such domains and build a good website on such a domain, then it's much easier to bring traffic to this website in the next 3-4 months. You can even generate some decent income from this website through Google AdSense or affiliate programs.

If you make $100 or $200 every month, even for months, from such a website, then you can sell it on Flippa or EmpiriFlipper. You can easily sell your website or website domains at a price 15 to 20 times your average monthly earnings.

4. Use for Guest Post Exchange or Sell backlinks

This is also a good way to use expired domains. If you buy high DA expired domains, you can set up websites on that and then use them for guest post exchange, or you can even sell backlinks from your high DA websites.

You have to purchase an expired domain that has good domain authority and backlinks. You have to set up a good blog on this expired Domain.

If you publish targeted content on your website, its traffic increases and other metrics like Alexa & DA get improved. 

When you do outreach for guest posts, there are more chances of convincing people to accept your guest posts if you publish their guest posts on your website.

I have seen better conversions with this approach.

Not only this, you can take sponsored posts on this website. You can create a guest post page on your website so that people can approach you. Or you can sell sponsored posts through Fiverr, SEO Clerk or Facebook.

But remember, try not to sell sponsored posts from your main website – if you are serious about your main website and want to grow it. One sponsored post a month can work, but not more than that.

5. Redirect to your authority website or redirect a penalised website

If you get a good expired domain that has a lot of backlinks from high authority websites, you can purchase such a domain and put a 301 permanent redirect on it.

With Permanent Redirect, all the link juice of that website will be transferred to your main website. And it can help a lot in increasing the ranking and authority of your website.

In another instance, if there is a Google penalty on your main website and even after working hard on the website, it's not performing in Google search, a good expired domain can help you to recover from this penalty.

You can buy a good, clean, expired domain; you can work on the same niche for the next few days. You can then permanently redirect (301 redirect) your penalised website and all its content to your newly expired domain website. There is a good chance that your website traffic will come back. I have used this trick twice in my blogging career and got success both times.

But there can also be a risk in it. 

If you want to use this trick, then you have to understand this technique well and then make the decision to redirect your penalised website.

6. Get Free Content

There are many people in the world who start their own blog and publish good content on their website. But not all people get success in blogging. 

Because apart from writing good content, there are many things you need to do to make your blog successful.

When a lot of people do not get the results even after working hard, then they leave blogging and do not renew their domain and hosting at the time of renewal. Therefore, both domain and hosting expire. 

After a few days, the contents of that website are de-indexed from Google. That means if someone uses that content now, then Google treats this content as new content.

You can find such expired websites and use the Wayback Machine to see the old content of that blog. With the permission of the previous owner of the blog, you can use this content on your own blog or even for creating contextual backlinks.


These are 6 great benefits of buying an expired domain. But buying an expired domain is not as easy as it seems. 

Thousands of domains expire daily, and out of these, there are just a few domains that are very useful in a real sense. Identifying the best-expired domains out of these thousands is a difficult task. You may find domains with good DA and backlinks, but these domains may be penalized. Such domains can become a headache for you. 

You may find a lot of competition for valuable domains because there are thousands of domain traders who keep an eye on all the good expired domains and buy them at any price. You need to learn the complete process of expired domains and how to identify good domains before you buy one for yourself.

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