Top 10 Things to Consider Before Joining a Part Time Job

Part time jobs have always been a way out for students, housewives and retirees to make extra money. Moreover, individuals who are already working for a full time job are in search of a part time job for an extra income.

So if you are also looking for a part time job then you must consider 10 things before you ever join it, because at times, part time jobs could go wrong. It means you might have to work for long hours and in return you make very less money.

part time jobs

Hence before choosing a part time job, do consider following 10 things.

1. A Part Time Job: Online or Offline?

First thing that you have to consider while choosing a part time job is whether it is online or offline. We have already known offline part time jobs. But in past few years a new phenomenon has come to the front. And that is online part time jobs.

In an online part time job you have to work on your computer right from the comfort of your home. Here, you need an internet connection and all your work will be done online on computer.

As far as offline part time jobs are concerned everyone knows about it, like call centre, various evening jobs.

Hence, choose which one of them suits you the most.

2. If Online: Genuine or Scam?

If I presume that you are going for an online part time job then you need to figure whether it is genuine or fake.

On the internet, there are lots of individuals who are cheating innocent people looking for a part time job. In fact, every 9 out of 10 jobs on the internet are fake & scam.

Hence you need to be very careful before choosing a job and consider few more things that are given below. If you follow them then you can be saved from a scam.

3. Online: Registration Fees and Paid membership

To test an online job whether it is genuine or not, you should find out if the particular company is taking any fees or money for membership or registration.

If they are charging then they may not be an honest company. It is normal on internet that after taking money these companies vanishes.

So always avoid going for a paid membership. Therefore, if an online company is charging enrolment fees then it is not a genuine company.

4. Online: Monthly Pay Check: When, How and How much?

Third thing to consider before choosing an online part time job is your monthly pay check. You need to know when the company is going to pay, every week or every month.

Then how it is going to pay, through a check, PayPal account or depositing the amount directly into your bank account.

Next thing to know is how much they are going to pay for your hard work. If you feel that the amount paid is too little then you are free not to join that particular part time job.

Thus, consider these factors before you go for an online part time job.

5. If Offline: Bond Sign-Up or Not?

Until now I presumed that you are going for an online part time job. But what if you are choosing an offline part time job.

Here, first thing you have to consider is whether you have to sign any bond or legal documents. Here you may have to sign that you will work for next so many years.

Never sign such documents and simply refuse to join such type of part time jobs.

6. Offline: Daily Wage or Monthly age and How Much?

Next is how the company or a business will pay you the money. You will get your payment on daily basis or monthly basis. Normally in offline part time jobs you are paid for daily wage.

Then, next is how much he is going to pay you. If you feel that the amount paid is not worth then do not join.

So, talk to your employer about above mentioned things before you start working.

7. Offline: Start-Up Cost

As I said in online part time jobs you might be asked to pay membership or registration. Similarly for an offline part time job you might have to think about the start-up cost.

Many such offline part time jobs may ask you some initial amount to get a membership. After paying that amount you will be allowed to work under that company.

For an online part time job I recommended not to join however in offline things are different. Here, they cannot take your money and vanish like in online.

So you can go for it if you feel OK.

8. Online & Offline: Working Hours

Now following three points would apply for both part time jobs online as well as offline.

Working hour is an important factor to consider. We work for part time jobs because we feel that with less effort we could more money. However, if you feel that you have to work more than you are paid then you can decline to work.

Hence choose a part time job where work load is less at the same time you are paid handsomely.

9. Online & Offline: Can you make it Big?

Next thing that you must try to understand is whether the part time job you are doing holds some future. It means, tomorrow could you be able to expand that same job into a big business.

You can put it in other word and say is your part time job offers something new to learn. Are you gaining some knowledge from it or not? If your answer is no then you might be wasting your time.

Hence choose a job which has a future.

10. Will you be able to manage Both Jobs?

Final and more obvious thing to consider is could you be able to manage both part time job and full time job simultaneously.

It could be challenging as you have to manage two jobs at a time. Hence, consider once again whether you can work for both jobs.


I will conclude by saying that before choosing a part time job you must consider above mentioned 10 points.

If you look at them one by one then you will find why you should not make any decision in haste. You should think twice and then make your final decision.

If you are a graduate with some educational background then you can go for online part time jobs and if you do not have a degree then you might opt for an offline part time job.

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Priyanka Nagrale is a homemaker and entrepreneur in the truest sense. She’s very passionate about issues including women empowerment, career development and helping people- especially women and students to make money from home. She encourages people to choose best careers and become financially independent through her well researched and interesting articles that are popular among women and men of all ages.


  1. Dear Sir,
    I am Very happy to your Top 10 things points. I have very interest to participate in online Job.

  2. The 10 points you raised are quite sound, but some fall a little shirt of being correct. Paying membership and registration serves two purposes.
    1. It demostrates the perosn enrolling is aeroius in their intent to earn money when following the training laid down. Make sure there training available online that you can read and follow to setup your online business.
    2. You will never find an online marketing system that gives you something for nothing and pays you for your efforts and achievements. The money has too come from somewhere. If you receive something for nothing, you can guarantee someone, somewhere, has psid for it in the first place. Not all networking or MLM companies, part-time or full-part, are all scams

    Regardless of the what you are going into to make money also search for information online and from two or three different soruces. Then decide if it’s for you. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, retiree, or networker, do your homework first and see if you can afford to join.
    If a company has low entry fees($50.00US), then you cab anticipate having to pay higher to upgrade, or invested in the next level.
    Medium fees ($500.00US), usually have nominal fees to upgrade, or even that as an option for later when you actually being earning money.
    High entrance fees ($1500.00US), means they are targeting hih end money makers and have a very expensive product to market. Products move slower, but long term returns average the same as a medium fee program.

    I’ve been in networking for near on ten years, and there are no “get rich quick schemes” anywhere. Those that say they are, beware of them, don’t get caught. There literally thousands of networkers that have lost alot of money over years on scams, and there scams out there still today. I have to admit I’ve been caught, but I’ve learnt and have been in an organisation for eight years and my wife and I have been able to quite our 8am-5pm jobs two years ago and doing ok.

    I’m posting these comments not attract people to my business. I already have an excellent group of people in my network and after some hardwork. Just beware of what you are letting yourself in for when joining a group, research it thoroughly, even google the company and “scam” MLMs, and see for yourself the legitimacy of the company. Then decide your move.

    Have great Christmas wherever you are.
    Cheers, Peter and Yvonne


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