How to Find the Best Product to Sell from Amazon

Let me begin with saying that Amazon affiliate network is the best network on the Internet. It has established itself as an authority in the eCommerce business. Amazon is the people’s first choice if they want to buy products online.

Customers can find variety of products very easily at one place. The way Amazon web portal is designed that anyone could browse all the products very easily. Consumers love to visit Amazon on daily basis to find out new products.

amazon best products

Secondly, Amazon is also the first choice for every affiliate marketer. You can make huge amount of money from Amazon. Daily millions of consumers come to Amazon and there is a huge market out there. Let us see how you are going to tap this market.

How People are making So Much Money with Amazon?

People not just around the world but even in India are making big money from Amazon. They are from all walks of life, they can be college students, housewives, working professionals and even retirees.

How they are doing it. Well! Everyone has some hobby. You may like music, sports, writing or reading, politics, religion, academics, playing gadgets etc. Now you can choose a product from Amazon to sell. Product must relate to your hobby. If you like, gadgets then choose a product from electronics goods.

Now just create a blog on the topic of your product to sell. Daily update your blog, so that people will come and buy your product. Your income would totally depend upon how many product you sell daily.

Let us see in details what you have to do.

Just you have to know two simple steps to make money with Amazon. It is very simple to learn and implement. First step is how to choose a product and second is how to sell it.

Choosing Best Products from Amazon

Now let us discuss in details about the things that you have to consider while choosing a product.


Here I will tell you that while choosing a product keep in mind what is the season right now.

In holiday season like Christmas, New Year demand for products goes up. This is the best time to sell and make maximum profit. Never miss other festivals like mother’s day, Halloween etc.

Moreover, you have to know what people are searching online. Go to forums, debating clubs, chat rooms, Q & A and find out what questions people are asking. You can find forums on a particular topic.

Find out all forums that are related to the product you are selling. Therefore, first is analyzing trends.

Step 1: Types of Product

You have to choose a product from a category. While choosing a product you must see that quality of a product is very good. Try to find out feedback from other customers who have used it.

Note down all the unique selling points of a product. You have to explain this when you promote or sell the product.


Next factor that you have to consider is competition. It means, how many other affiliate marketers like you are selling same product. If you find that there are many marketers then you have to face stiff competition.

Therefore, while choosing a product understanding competition is very important. You might have to face some experience marketers who are selling for many years.


Last important factor is commission. How much a product is paying to you for each sale? It can be $10 or even $200. It depends upon the type of the product.

You have to balance between competition and commission. See to it that competition is less and commission is also good. Never choose a product only because of commission because commission may be high but you will find very difficult to sell even one product because of tough competition.

Step 2: Best Ways to Sell Amazon Products

Free Method – Blogs

The best way to sell products is via blogs, they are free to get started. You can write blog posts daily about your product. Here you have to give some important information about the niche that is related to your product.

Blogs are free, but it takes time to generate traffic. In fact, only after few months people would start coming to your blog. They will read your posts and buy the product you are selling.

Here convincing part is very important. Moreover, you have to update your blog on daily basis. It will take time until money starts coming.

Paid Method- Google Adwords

Google Adwords will bring traffic or customers to your blog in just few hours. However to get that traffic you have to pay Google.

In Google Adwords, you have to create ads and bid for those ads. If your bidding is highest then your ads will be shown on the top. You might have noticed ads on the right hand side of the search results.

To come on top you have to bid high. You will get traffic overnight but you have to pay a price.

Some Tips for Indian Amazon Affiliates

People or affiliate marketers who want to make money here in India have to keep certain points in Mind.

Buying Trends

First is the purchasing power of people in India. Here, not everyone uses credit card. Trend for shopping online is very less. It is restricted to only cities.

Moreover, people do not trust because of fraud. Although Amazon is very famous, but you have to win trust of the people.

In India, customers pull out their credit cards very rarely.

Products to Sell

You have to know what Indians like to buy online. Physical products are not their choice. It is not good for you also because you have to worry about its safe delivery.

I recommend you to sell E products like eBooks and electronic greeting cards. Customers do not have to wait for shipments because eProducts can be downloaded in few seconds and they can make payments in a moment.

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