Financial Advisor – How to Become a Successful & Independent Financial Consultant

The analogy for financial advisor can be done with any sports coach. Financial advisor or a financial consultant is financial coach that guides you at various stages of your life to achieve your short and long term financial goals.

Financial Advisor

The aspiring financial advisors start working for financial and consulting firms where they need not have to find their clients. They earn guaranteed paychecks each month like any other job. It will also help them getting better understanding of various areas of finance and their related issues. The valuable experience that they attain is most likely to be used to deal in their profession.

Working as freelance financial advisor might be extremely frustrating and overwhelming but rewarding later on. The financial professionals who choose this career as freelancer will virtually be responsible for their performance to bring in more and more clients.

Being their own boss, financial consultant can work from home or setup up his own office and flexibility to have their own working hours. Freelance financial adviser can possibly make more money than a salaried if they are determined, dedicated and motivated.

Role and Responsibilities of successful financial advisor

arrowAn effective financial adviser is an individual who offers professional advice on money management.
arrowAdvisor should be capable enough to identify their client financial requirements and goals to make informed decision about their money.
arrowChoose financial products that suit their client financial needs and protect money to their best advantage
arrowFinancial consultant serve individual and organization looking for right investment strategy and help them setting their short and long term financial goals, developing saving plans, setting their budgeting and debt management issues.
arrowAdvisor is asked about several advice like buying a home, good mortgage rate, how to start college fund, when to save for retirement and estate planning.
arrowFinancial advisors can also work for banks, tax companies, mortgage lenders to get valuable expert advice.

Educational Qualifications of Financial Advisor

Unlike insurance agents, a financial advisor should have bachelor degree. Subject knowledge of Finance, Accounting and economics will prove helpful to become successful and independent financial consultant. Strong analytic, quantitative and problem solving skills are vital. MBA or law degree can give you up in selection process in your initial career.

Characteristics to become successful and independent Financial Advisor


Lot of world’s trusted investment firm and banks seems to be engaged in possibly illegal or unreliable practices which pop-up as financial scandal later on. Organizations and individuals who do not know in and out of finance may require help from good financial advisor who guide them to protect and build up monetary security for years to come.

However, it is hard and difficult to know who is trustworthy. The first step to become successful financial advisor is putting yourself with lot of honesty, integrity and behaving morally to your clients.

Discipline and Determination:

The path to become success financial advisor is slow and gradual process where it would take time, focus, hard work and discipline to set success goals and develop strategies to achieve your goals.

Advisors needs to work for long hours and also during night and weekends based on your client availability. It takes discipline and determination to become successful financial professional.

Communication skills

To become successful and independent financial advisor you should have superb interpersonal skills to attract and maintain clients. A good advisor must be convincing salesperson to keep engage their prospective clients.

It requires active listening and communicating information and ideas in the better way that their clients may understand. It requires tailoring the way of presentation of your advice according to each investor’s personality and communication style. Brilliant communication skills pave the way to success in this profession

Analytic thinking

Monetary and investment market is so huge where it takes time for financial experts make sense to devise appropriate investment strategies. The expert needs to separate pros from the cons which require ability to think and analyze logically.

The world is facing wild economic times where it is difficult to predict financial future. A good and successful advisor needs to analyze financial facts and recommends their client to reach their financial goals.


Money is personal and significant to people as their family and health. Each client would expect to be treated personally and professionally. They expect financial advisor to take responsibility for their advice and strategies that they recommend.

Financial advisor must always disclose the merits and demerits of each investment options and place their client in confident position that both advisor and advice are reliable and dependable.

With very unstable economic conditions across the world, there is tremendous need for qualified, skilled and successful financial consultants to lead making generations to come towards the path to financial security. The individuals who choose this path of financial advisor will discover a professional career that offers abundant personal satisfaction and significant income potential.


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