Top 10 Free Webinar Software for Business

You might be present on the Internet for various reasons. However, if you really want to increase your clout over Internet then you need to know about webinar.

Whether you are a marketer or a blogger, run a small business or just a PR practitioner you need to reach out to a large audience in order to increase your following.

Webinar could really help you in achieving that. If you want to talk to the world then webinar could be the best possible way.

Webinar is very frugal and everyone can afford it. It gives power to individuals to present themselves in front of the world.

Large and medium sized companies could discuss and strategize their business plan with their executives and managers sitting at different places.

You can easily expand your business with the help of webinar software.

Advantages of Webinar Software

  • Webinar is perhaps the best way to reach out entire world just sitting in front of your computer. You do not have to travel and present in-person to different places. You could address hundreds of people sitting at different places at a time without spending huge money.
  • You save a lot of time and money with webinar.
  • The results that you get in terms of increase in sales of products or services you are selling are phenomenal.
  • The best part of webinar is the cost of operating it. The cost of a webinar software ranges from free to $5000. Whether you are an individual or a company you could afford the price considering the benefits that you get.
  • It is very easy to operate or run as anyone without technical knowledge could to it.

How could You Make Best Use of a Webinar Software

  • You could train staff remotely
  • You can promote a workshop
  • If you are consult in a particular field then you could charge a fee for listening to your webinar
  • Generate leads and convert it into sales
  • You can conduct interviews of great personality to endorse your product.
  • Auto webinar allows you to sell even when you are sleeping because it works round the clock

Here are the 10 best free webinar software that you can use as a beginner. If you have learnt enough about it and feel that you can really reap benefit out of it then you could think of buying webinar software.

Free Webinar Software

10 Free Webinar Software Are

1. AnyMeeting

This is my favourite free web-conferencing service loaded with various features. At any given time up to 200 individuals could join a single session or meeting of webinar at zero cost. It also supports screen and application sharing along with messaging, VoIP and polling support too.

You can also record your webinars and conveniently integrate social media platforms that allow you to share your recorded meetings on various social networks.

2. ooVoo

This is free App ideal for small businesses and freelancers to generate group video chat sessions up to 12 individuals. You can record the sessions and conveniently share it on YouTube from within the software itself. Moreover, Facebook integration allows you to instantly send messages to other networks during the video conference. You can also record your video-conferencing session in HD quality using ooVoo.

3. Google+ Hangout

Google+ Hangout is also very popular. It is largely used to connect with friends and customers. It is very easy to use and runs within browser and supports high quality group video chat sessions.

People could participate in real time.

4. Zoho

It is browser-based web conferencing software that offers an affordable option for meetings of up to 100 different participants at one time. Moreover, Zoho has an embedded feature known as Embed Meeting. You could integrate the meeting details in your website and actually organize the meeting right there.

However this software is not free like previous one so the plan starts with $12 per month.

5. MeetingBurner

It is one of the most popular free web-conferencing software in the market. You can create account for free and immediately start launching your first webinar conference. It is integrated with conferencing lines and Skype, added with fast screen sharing makes it a very reliable software. Moreover, its analytics data allows you to optimize your webinar session in real-time.

6. OpenMeetings

It is free and open source web-conferencing software. OpenMeetings is also browser-based webinar system like Google+ hangout that allowa to host on your own server. You can share your screen, mic, webcam and can also use whiteboard during webinar.

7. LotusLive

Give a webinar using the LotusLive Events software. Its features are event management tools, automated email services, integrated instant messaging, mobile access, and live polling. LotusLive Event can host meetings with up to 1,000 participants.

It is free for only 60 days later you have to pay money.

8. TokBox

This webinar software allows you to integrate group video chat support into your web site or blog. Its free API gets you started within minutes and you don't need to be a software engineer to implement this application.

You can also make use of the plug-n-play application for embedding the same functionality on your blog.

Plug-ins for content management system like wordpress and Drupal is also available.

9. BigBlueButton

This is also free and open source web-conferencing and online collaboration software for education area. Active developer community can add new and robust features to this powerful webinar software continuously.

You can start screen sharing, voice/video calls and whiteboards in a single web-conferencing session.

There is a moderator which manages the participants sitting remotely.

10. Free Web Meeting

It allows you to connect with up to 7 people in a single web-conferencing session.

You don't have to create an account to make use of this service. It's a web-based webinar service that supports both video and audio conferencing at zero cost.

It operates directly within browser so you can use it on any type of platform provided you have a modern

These are 10 best software for organizing webinar.



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