27 Most Popular Things To Sell To Make Money

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Things to sell to make money

Many times we fall short of cash or feel the need for some extra money. That’s not necessarily due to some emergencies or because we need to pay a few bills urgently. It’s just that we wish we had some extra money to buy something that we want or even to have as an investment or savings.

This is absolutely normal for every human, regardless of whether they live in the USA or any other country.

When we feel the need for some extra money, the question arises: where do I get the money? Obviously, you don’t wish to borrow since a loan has to be repaid. Nor do you want to let go of your dreams of buying something or investing or savings.

If you’re among those millions of Americans who feel the need for extra cash but don’t know where to find some, continue reading. In this article, I will explain to you everything about how and where to find that extra money that you’re looking for.

The first thing that would come to your mind is to sell something to get money. Yes, that’s right. Indeed, there’re lots of things that you can sell and make money. But what’re these things?

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The best way to make money is by decluttering your home and office. That serves two major purposes. It cleans up your home and office and gives it a neater look while saving space. And secondly, it fetches you some money. 

Therefore, I will explain how to declutter your house and the 27 things that you can sell to make money.

What is Decluttering a Home and Office?

In simple words, decluttering the home and office means getting rid of old and useless stuff that’s lying around and has no apparent use. If you look around your home and office, you will surely come across a lot of stuff that’s been there for years, and you’ve never used it. Nor is it useful anymore.

Such things can seem minor because they’re scattered all over the place. But when you try to collect and store them in a single place, you’ll be shocked at the volume of space they need.

Furthermore, some of these things would be gathering dust because of neglect. And the chances of these things getting spoiled or damaged permanently due to weather and other conditions is quite high.

When you gather these things, it’s possible to sell them. There’re lots of needy people in your area who wish they had the stuff you’re selling. They might not have enough money to afford new things and hence, would be happy to buy the stuff you’re selling.

By decluttering, you’re selling off unwanted things that could prove useful to someone else and help make their lives a bit better. Additionally, you’re also happy because you could make some money. And your home and office are neat and clean too.

So, what are the things you can sell to make money? As a matter of fact, not everything that you find from decluttering will sell. However, there’re 27 things to sell to make money from your cleaning up.

What are these things? Continue reading.

27 Things To Sell to Make Money

When you start looking for things lying around the house, obviously, you will come across a lot. Therefore, what is necessary is to sort out the things that you can sell to make money and the stuff that you could give away for free or simply dispose of as trash.

1. CDs and DVDs


Old CDs and DVDs fetch the most money. That’s because they’re no longer in circulation and hence, become a collector’s item.

2. Old Books

Old Books

If you have old books such as textbooks and others, sell them online to make money. There’re several ways to sell old books.

3. Old Mail

This could come as a surprise, but old mail, such as envelopes with postage stamps, also fetch some price in the market. They’re collected as a hobby. However, newer stamps fetch less or have zero value.

4. Jars

Old jars, especially glass, stone and ceramic jars, have also got some value in the used stuff market. You can sell these online or from a garage sale.

5. Clothes


If you have lots of clothes in your wardrobe, sell those you barely use or old ones. You can sell online and get new ones or exchange them for a newer collection.

6. Shoes

Shoes from top brands also sell if you’ve used them sparingly and they’re in excellent condition. The same stores online and offline that buy clothing also buy shoes and footwear.

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7. Computers

Old computers that aren’t working won’t sell except maybe in scrap. But if you have working computers, it's possible to sell them for a small price to organizations in your area that provide them to poorer families and students.

8. Newspapers


Obviously, we believe that old newspapers are trash. This is true. However, if you have old newspapers in bulk, you can sell them to a scrap dealer or recycling company.

9. Utensils

Used cooking pans, bowls, cutlery, crockery, cookers and other stuff in the kitchen also fetch a good price when you sell. They have lots of takers since these items are necessary for households.

10. Vehicle Spares

If you have vehicle spares lying unused in the garage, sell them for cash. You can sell online on eBay or through a garage sale. Old tires also qualify for sale if they’re in good condition.

11. Glassware

Glassware fetches a good price in the market, especially if you have complete sets. These include wine and whisky glasses, beer mugs and other such stuff. You can sell them offline from garage sales.

12. Paintings


I’m not talking about Van Gogh or Picasso here. If you have old paintings that’s no longer in use, sell them at an art gallery or auction house. In some cases, you might make $1,000 each if they’re in good condition and rare.

13. Sunglasses

Sunglasses usually go out of fashion after a few months or years. There could be old sunglasses that don’t match your style, or that you’re no longer using them. These can be sold at stores online and offline that buy clothing and accessories.

14. Purses and Handbags

Got a handbag or purse from some top brand? It is possible to sell them online through websites that deal with used clothing and accessories. The handbag or purse has to be in excellent and usable condition.

15. Gardening Equipment

Surplus or unwanted gardening equipment is always in demand. Should you have some such stuff in good condition, sell them through the local gardening shop.

16. Shelves and Racks

We buy shelves and racks or have them made to organize our stuff. However, some of them go unused or even occupy large spaces in the house. Sell such unwanted shelves and racks to furniture dealers.

17. Unwanted Furniture

Unwanted Furniture

The largest volume of space in any home and office is taken by unwanted furniture. It could be anything from chairs and tables to closets. If that’s your case, sell them online through Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

18. Home Gym

Often, we buy gym equipment at home, and it lies around unused. That’s because we lose enthusiasm after a few weeks. Sell the stuff to make money if you’re not using the gear anymore.

19. Scrap Metal

All kinds of metal ingots, rods, bits, pieces and other stuff can be sold easily as metal scrap. There’re countless scrap dealers in your area that will be happy to buy the stuff and pay some money.

20. Toolkits

Extra toolkits have no value unless you’re using them. Most of us own more than one toolkit. If you have a spare one, it is better to sell off rather than keep it unused and allow it to get rusted.

21. Baby Cribs and Walkers

If you’ve had a baby, you’ve surely used a crib and walker. Should these be lying around the house, it’s better to sell them cheap so that a mom who can’t afford them can buy one.

22. Wires and Cables

Wires and Cables

We usually buy surplus wires and cables for the house. And lots of it lies unattended because we don’t need them anymore. These can also be sold at a nearby store that deals with the stuff.

23. Used Appliances

Used appliances, including TV sets, radios, washing machines, dishwashers and ovens that we don’t need any longer fetch a good price in the used stuff market. I suggest you do a garage sale to get some money from selling these things.

24. Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones

Most of us use the latest mobile phones. However, there’re millions of Americans living below the poverty line that can’t even afford one. If you have some old mobile phones, sell them online through Facebook Marketplace and eBay.

25. Jewellery

Used and unused costume jewellery as well as precious jewellery, sells for a good price. There’re several online stores where you can get a quote for such jewellery and sell them quickly for cash.

26. Rewards Points

Most Americans are enrolled on loyalty programs that they never use. You collect points for your loyalty and even when you spend on a credit card or debit card. If you have such points, find out if you can sell them to someone. Or redeem for gifts and sell the stuff.

27. Baggage Items

Heavy baggage items used for travelling are in great demand among students and budget travellers. These include travel bags, briefcases and suitcases, both hard and soft types. You can easily sell these at a garage sale.

Check for Antiques

There’re several instances when people have sold old stuff, believing it to be useless and without value. However, they accidentally sold stuff that could fetch thousands or even millions of Dollars because these were genuine antiques.

I suggest that you contact an antique dealer if you come across anything that looks or feels antique. Often, we don’t realize the value of antiques and sell them cheap in desperation to get money. 

Wrap Up

Use my list of 27 things to sell to make money anytime you need some extra cash. These are simple stuff you can find lying around the home and office. And they have a lot of takers too. You won’t make a fortune, but it could fetch you a few hundred dollars, at best. 

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