25 Things You Can Recycle to Make Money

Do you think going green is that expensive? What if I tell you you can make money by making environment better. Have you ever thought things lying around you could be used and then recycled to make money? Almost everything that is in your home like clothes, news paper, books, food items, utensils all of these things could be recycle in order to make money.

Recycling is good for environment. There are  number of recycling services & websites where you can trade these goods for making cash.

I have jotted down a list of 25 things that you could recycle and make someone money with it.

Recycle to Make Money

Let us discuss them one by one.

1. Recycle Newspaper, Books and Magazines

The first thing that we all can do is recycle newspapers, books, magazines and other stationery and make money.

You could collect all these stuff and sell it to your nearby junk shop. You could make enough money if you subscribe two to three newspaper, half a dozen magazines and have a huge collection of books.

As per my experience, TOI is one of the newspaper which can earn you back at least 60% price back . So the money is really good.

2. Recycle Bottled Water

We all use bottled water for drinking, at least in cities. Today, hardly anyone use tap water for drinking. If your family daily consumes at least 4 to 6 bottle then for a month you could have 350 to 300.

You could return these bottles to the dealer and make some money or the dealer would give concession when you buy new ones.

3. Recycle Garbage to Create Artifacts

A household produces a lot of trash each day. If you are smart enough then you can turn this trash into money.

Non-Bio waste like paper, plastic etc could be used for creating artifacts. Like you could use china to make certain kind of artifact and you could sell it too.

4. Recycle Clothes, Shoes etc

We have pile of clothes in our closet that we would not like it to use. Every year we buy new clothes so what we do with the old ones?

Well you could knit all these clothes to create designer clothes and sell it on eBay or Amazon. You could auction it and make money.

Similarly, you could do the same with shoes. Check www.nikereuseashoe.com

5. Recycle Human Hair

Now, this could surprise you. You can sell your hair and make money with it.

If you are a woman then you could sell your hair to wig makers and hair extension companies. You could be paid from $200 to $1000 depending upon the length and quality of the hair.

Check eBay or Craigslist to find these companies.

6. Recycle Printer Cartridges

Some of the used ink Cartridges could be sold back and you could earn some money with it. If in your office you print thousands of paper daily then those used cartridges could be sold.

There are many websites online which are ready to accept used cartridges and pay you back with some extra cash. Check www.Recycleplace.com

7. Recycle Motorbike and Car Tire

We all have tires from motorbikes and cars in our garage. Tire companies are in need of used tires.

Although you could not directly sell these tires to the companies but you could check out your nearby garage shop. They would be willing to take used tire and give you some money.

Check www.recycleoil.org

8. Recycle Home Furniture

Furniture especially made out of wood. Every home has broken table or a chair that is made out of wood or iron.

You could reassemble and repair your broken chair and sell it in an auction. This could be a great way to make some money.

Never throw away your broken furniture.

9. Recycle Game Disk, CDs and DVDs Cases

We play games, music CDs, film DVDs etc. Over the years we accumulate tons of disks and CDs and there is no way to use them.

You call sell all these stuff to a junk shop and make hundreds of rupees. If you have CDs of films and popular albums then you make more. Check www.auraltech.com

10. Recycle Wool Inside Sofa and Mattresses

Sofa, Mattresses and bed sheet contains a lot of wool or cotton in it. If you have a sofa or mattress that is torn apart then you could hollow out cotton inside it and make pillows and other stuffs with it.

Later on you could sell it. Check www.UsedCardboardBoxes.com

11. Recycle All Your Gift Cards

You receive greeting cards on various occasions every year. Many people collect it and decorate their living rooms creating a string of cards.

However, if you are smart enough then you could come up with some great paper work called orgami. You could sell your artifacts and make some money.

12. Recycle Cooking Oil Canister

Cooking Oil canisters or containers are also an easiest way to make money without doing anything. Every week or month you collect cooking oil canisters or containers of other kinds.

Instead of disposing them you might sell it and earn some money depending upon the weight and quality of these containers.

13. Recycle Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Used or fused fluorescent light bulbs could be repaired and sold in half of its original price. If you know to repair a light bulb then you could make some money by selling it in lower price.

Check www.ikea.com

14. Recycle Aerosol Containers like Coke & Pepsi Can, Perfume Bottle

We consume coke, pepsi and other beverages on daily basis. Instead of throwing these cans away, you could use it to make some money.

Empty cans of beverages are needed by junk shops and they are ready to pay good amount of money for one can. So you could directly sell them.

Or else you create something out of these cans and sell them as artifacts. However, for that you have to be an artist because many people are doing it and making money with it.

15. Recycle Old Cell Phones

After every six months I need a new mobile phone and I stop using my old one. Like that over the years I have collected dozens of them and I don’t know what to do with them.

Well you could sell them and make some money or you could reuse some of their parts. Even you can sell its battery to a mobile shop and make some money with it.

16. Recycle Children Toys

If you have one or two toddlers then you store house would surely have toys that are no longer in use now.

Don’t dispose these toys or give them away. You could resell these toys through an auction on eBay or Craigslist.

You could always get best deals for your used toys. Like toys there are many other accessories that you could think of to make money.

17. Recycle Rotten Food and Animal Manure

Do you know that your rotten food, pets manure and other bio stuff could be fermented and formulated into organic fertilizer?

You could also call it manure that can be used to increase the fertility of the soil. You could sell this product in the market and make money with it.

Although it is a bit dirty job but you could make money from nothing. Check www.findacomposter.com

18. Recycle Bottle Cork

Here bottle cork is nothing but cork of a wine bottle. If you drink wine then you can collect cork on the top of the bottle.

These corks could be used in creating many beautiful accessories because these are made out of wood. Moreover, some wine makers need these corks hence you could sell them.

19. Recycle Aluminium Foil and Make Gift Wrap

You could reuse aluminium foil and create gift wrap. Aluminium foils are used for wrapping food and things to do with cooking.

Instead of throwing these foils you can collect them create gift wrap and start selling them. There are many other artifacts that you could make with aluminium foil.

20. Recycle Cosmetic Packaging

Ladies use so many cosmetic products for their skin, hair, nails etc. You should never dispose off used tubes, bottles and other containers.

You could resell them to companies because they need to be recycled. You could approach your local drug store and enquire more about it.

21. Recycle Batteries

Batteries could be recycled just like other stuffs. Never dispose batteries because they contain harmful chemicals that could pollute the environment.

So if you have used batteries you could collect it and sell to your nearby junk dealer and make some cash. Check www.batteryrecycling.com

22. Recycle Electronic Parts of TV, Fridge, Washing Machine etc

Just like batteries you could also recycle electronic parts of TV, fridge, washing machine to create other electronic devices.

Small electronic shops or TV and electronic repairing shops needs used electronic parts. You could sell them and earn money with it.

Check www.recycle-steel.org

23. Recycle Medicine Foils

Another item that you could recycle and sell it is medicine foils. Medicine foils are generally made up of aluminum. You could collect these aluminum sheets and make something nice and beautiful.

Check www.recycline.com

24. Recycle Plastic Bags

Plastic has become a great environment hazard. Instead of throwing here and there we should collect and make some good out of it.

If you have plastic bags then you could melt it down and create some artifacts. You could sell them after. Check www.findacomposter.com

25. Recycle Your Pet Fur

Last but not the least is recycling your pet fur. If you love animals and own pets like dog, sheep etc then you could trim the fur on their body and collect some of the finest wool.

Later on you could sell it in the market for high price. Even dog fur is very precious. You could do it very easily because you don’t need anything extra.

So these were some of the things that you could recycle and make money. All of them are within the reach of a common man except one or two.

Hence, start recycling and make some money with it.


  1. Priya madam,
    Awareness, Initiative and Guidance is very much needed for our society.
    Appreciate your efforts to save the environment on the basis of re-cycling and your idea to make money from it specially without field knowledge .
    This should help us to handover the environment to our youngsters in a better way than it was
    handed over to us by our elders. Its true that there are many ways for making extra money also from waste as mentioned here, Wonderful information and beautiful presentation. Good work. Best wishes.
    Thank you, with regards

  2. Dear Priya
    Thanks for your message, and I want earn more money, please guide me in which route i want earn money ?

  3. hi priya ur msg always be awareness and very useful. thank u for the useful details about recycle things

  4. Dear Priya,

    Thanks for your important information.. For sure, i Vil try to follow any one of it.
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  10. Thanks , thanks and thankyou very much for your invaluable tips to make some real money out of our household wastes , great job keep it up and as well keep on trying to come out with much more such tips in future ok take care.

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  13. Dear Ms. Priya,

    Thanks for your awareness drive but the application of it in our practical life is very less. Hope we, all will try to respect your effort by following your guidance.


  14. friends,it is hundred percent true that we can make use of the waste product
    by utilising them into right mode.recentky a common man of chandigarh
    in punjab decorated the park with the waste products which were
    thought to be useless.he designned the boundary,gate etc with thorny bushes which were thrown
    on the road.chairs were beautifully designed by cartoons which
    had been thrown near the roadside.we can reconstruct our environment
    by going green as in this example.


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