50 Perfect Ways to Waste Your Money

Money saved is money earned but money wasted is money lost. May be you don’t have idea on saving money but when it comes to waste your money, nobody needs any advice.

I am really not against the lavish spending but if you are making good money & there is no saving for future then you may regret later in future.

I want to give one of recent example of me. I bought a 47” LG 3D LED TV with all the functions that a best smart TV needs. I thought of using all the functions like watching 3D movies regularly, using internet through wi-fi etc. etc.

But from the last 3 months, I have not used any of the features other than watching the normal channels. I really could have saved at least 40% money, if I would have bought 47” LED TV from the same brand LG which has the same picture quality but does not have features like 3D, wi-fi & others.

Well! apart from this, I have found out 50 other ways to waste your money for no good. You could try anyone of these.

Waste Your Money

And yes, if you do opposite of these ways, you can save lots of money & that is what I want you to do-

1. Stay a Month in Hotels like Ashoka, Taj or Leela

One night could cost you at least Rs 100,000 or even more if you want to waste your money. If you have more money then spend the whole week in these hotels.

2. Travel All Around the Country in Business Class Everyday

Yes! If you want to go from Mumbai to New Delhi to Goa then always travel in business or club class. Ticket price is at least Rs 30,000/-

3. Beautify Yourself: Get Lip Surgery or a Nose Job

Wasting money could be fun. Why don’t you get a lip surgery and make it look like Angelina Jolie or a nose job like Tom Cruise.

4. Buy Pets Like a Dog, Poodle, Pug, or a Persian Kitten

Pets are always best way to waste your money. You could buy a Poddle, Pug or even a kitten. My Favorite is a poodle.

5. Buy Plenty of Lottery Tickets

In India, if you don’t find casino to throw money then you can buy lottery tickets in bundles and see your luck.

6. Book a Charter Plane and Escape to Thailand or Bahamas

Charter a plane and escape to an island like Thailand, Mauritius or Bahamas. Nice way to waste your money.

7. Gift a Beautiful Painting Bought in an Auction

Paintings are very costly, you could buy from an art gallery and it could cost in Lakhs and gift to your loved one.

8. Book Escorts for Over Rs 50,000/- Per Night

Well! This is bit over the top. But you have really some money then you could bring in some girls and have fun.

9. Become a Bookie and Bet on Cricket Matches or Horse Race

I am not suggesting anything illegal but you could bet on Cricket matches through bookie and waste your money.

10. Invite a Celebrity in Your Private Function

This is very trendy. You could invite a celebrity in your birthday or marriage function. For Rs 500,000 to Rs 1000,000

11. Cruise liner: Stay there for a Week

You could hop into a cruise liner with your family or spouse and escape to Europe.

12. Adorn Your Car With Gold Plating

If you have a car then you can adorn it with Gold or silver plating. If you have extra money to throw.

13. Book an Entire Luxury Train like Rajasthan on Wheels

There are luxurious trains in India and you could book entire train and have fun. But it would cost you lakhs of rupees.

14. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner All Three in a Five Star Hotel

Five star hotels are very chic and you could have your all three suppers there and spend almost Rs 100,000 a day.

15. Arrange a Party, Bring in Performers and End with Fireworks

Arrange a party, bring some singers, dancers, ladies and end with great fireworks. Waste your all money.

16. If You Are Adventurous Then You Could Do Drugs

Well! Again I don’t want you to do something illegal but there are some great drugs out there and you could give a shot.

17. Buy Beautiful Accessories Like Watches, Bracelets, Bags, Jewelry etc

Watches, Bracelets, Bags and other accessories are great way to waste your money if you have too much of it.

18. Spent Lavishly Decorating Your House Interiors

You could renovate your entire home and adorn the wall with some of the great paintings if you have money.

19. Fix a Gold Tooth in Your Mouth

Yes. You can get fixed a gold tooth inside your mouth for Rs 50,000 to Rs 100,000 depending upon how many gold teeth you want.

20. Book an Entire Yacht in Mumbai and Spend Time With Your Valentine

You could book a Yacht or a boat and have fun with your spouse or girlfriend on this valentine.

21. How About Purchasing Tiger’s Skin or Elephant’s Tusk

This is for royals. You could buy tiger’s skin for Rs 500,000 to Rs 1000,000. Yes it is possible. Similarly, elephant’s tusk also.

22. Gamble Your Money in Stock Market Especially Day Trading

You could waste your money in stock market especially day trading which is very risky.

23. Women Can Buy Expensive Banarsi Sari

Woman love to have Saris. You have money then you could buy it and one Sari could cost Rs 50,000 to Rs 10,0000

24. Buy an iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Both

You could buy iPhone 5 and Galaxy both at the same time and if you don’t like either of these then bang on to the wall.

25. Waste Money on Learning Flying in a Private Institute

You can take private sessions of learning how to fly a plane. They charge on hourly basis and you could have fun while wasting your money.

26. Go on a Multiple Date and Spend Money on Girls

You could go on a multiple date and spend money on buying gifts for your two, three or even four girlfriends.

27. If You Have Fetish then Buy Adult Toys

Waste some money on buy adult toys. If you have a fetish then go for it.

28. Buy Branded Perfumes to Rejuvenate Your Senses

Branded perfumes could cost you like Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 a bottle. Nice way to waste money.

29. Plan an Extravagant Marriage

Your marriage could be extravagant, book a hotel on an island and have a blast.

30. Purchase Gifts and Accessories for Your Friends and Family Members

If you are not able to waste all of your money then buy some gifts for your family and friends.

31. If You Have a Booty then You Could Buy an Luxurious Apartment

How about buying a 2 BHK or 3 BHK apartment in Mumbai or New Delhi. Well! You could waste your money.

32. Buy Expensive Antique Pieces From an Auction

There are antique pieces that you could cost you lakhs of rupees and you could waste your money there.

33. How About Travelling Around the World

You could travel around the globe through plane and visit almost 30 to 40 best cities in the world.

34. Why Not Visiting an Underground Dance Bar in Mumbai

Again, I am not suggest anything illegal here but if you have money and no idea how to spend it then visit a dance bar and throw some of it on the lady.

35. Importing Expensive Cuban Cigars and Smoking All in One Night

If you love smoking then you could import cigars from Cuba and smoke it all and bring some more.

36. Wasting Money for Travelling in Space

Although this is not possible in India but you could go
to Russia and take a trip into outer space. However, you have to have some cash to throw.

37. Pay a Painter to Draw Your Portrait

You could book a painter or an artist who could draw a portrait of yours. However, you have to pay according to his wish.

38. Women Could Get Breast Implants

If you are feeling low about your breast then get a boob job. Yes implant silicone in your best and attract men.

39. Buy Some Cool Gadgets

You could buy some cool gadgets like cell phones, laptops, iPad, Tabs etc. It would be a nice way to waste your money.

40. Going Hair Implants, Manicure, Pedicure and Skin Treatment

Try hair implants, manicure, pedicure and skin treatment if you are very concerned about your looks.

41. Interior Designing – Bring In Furniture, Sofa Set, Wall Paintings etc

Spend something on your home. Buy furniture or sofa set to make it cozier.

42. Waste Your Money Buying Only Designers Clothes, Watches, Bags, Shoes etc

Designers clothes like Gucci, Parda, Channel are very costly and only rich people could buy accessories from these stores.

43. Buy a Car According to the Money You’ve Left

You could buy a car according to your budget. If you have good amount of money to waste then you could go for a BMW.

44. Renting a Resort in Hill or Secluded Area for Weeks

Book entire resort on a Hill or a secluded area inside an Island. Choice is yours.

45. Booking Private Helicopter on Rent and Flying around the City

You could hire a chopper for your family and friends and travel around the city, if you have money to waste

46. Booking an Entire Table in a Top Restaurant Like Taj

You could book entire table for Rs 30,000 or more in a 5 star hotel and spend the night.

47. Change Your Entire Physique with a Surgery

You could change your entire body look by going through a surgery, it would make you look more athletic but cost you a fortune.

48. Play Golf in Some of the Best Golf Courses

Learn to play golf in some of the most expensive golf course in India. Simply waste your money.

49. Women Could Waste Money on Jewelry

If you are a woman then you could waste money on Jewelry because jewelry is woman’s best friend.

50. Gifts, Gifts and Gifts

Finally, still you have some money left then buy all kinds of gift for your loved ones. Just throw your money.

You could try any of these 50 ways to waste your money. Everything is there, from good advice to really doing something adventurous.


  1. Hi Priya,
    I have been reading your blogs, as and when it comes. I found it decent enough, with information and thoughts, but this article off track. Most of the activities mentioned in this article is part of either filthy rich or perverted people, I was thinking it could have been better if focus was everyday activities where money is wasted without knowledge.


  2. Priyaji,

    100% right what u have told
    Sorry state of affair is that medicine U are forced to get more medicine than ur requirement
    Reason is that strip cant not be sold in retail u have to get full strip Or full bottle of 450 m l Earlier days vaidya are supplying liquid medicine for the required days quantity Now a days u are forced to purchase full bottle after using 3/4 days keep a side the bottle and if u want use next time expire date warns Drug controller/Environment Dept in Central closes their eyes and ears
    No N G O s serious about this Think how much nature is suffered due to this

  3. Priya madam,
    Many do not ever think about spending hard earned money lavishly. Your good work shows that there are so many ways to spend in India, if some one is minting money. More than half of the population is below average. For them all these things are as show case to see, may be for some in their dreams. In India many new shopping centers are opened and many youngsters go there for sight seeing and to enjoy air condition atmosphere inside and only few buy something. Elders always think of how to save money. Some used to invest their savings so to get returns. Youngsters think life is to enjoy. Many did not even have an account in a bank. These days companies force their new staff to open account in bank and deposit their salary/wages in their account. In this system when you sign the salary bill at month end you will not get any money in hand like olden days.
    Really worth. Thank you.

  4. Dear Madam,
    It is very useful for learn and understand… i had it waste moeny… I should save money….!
    Thank you for ur idea…!

  5. Hi Priya,
    Thanking you for these all types of wasting money tips. Because everybody needs to follow these valuable tips.


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