How to Start a Pressure Washing Business?

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how to start a power wash business

The pressure washing market in the US is estimated to be worth $1 billion in 2024 and is growing at nearly six per cent each year. The US is home to some 23,000 power washing businesses.

However, there’s enough scope for newer players in the pressure Cleaning business, according to various sources in the industry. As a result, the pressure wash business in the US is likely to cross the $3 billion mark by the year 2026, industry sources reveal.

Setting up a pressure washing business is fairly easy. However, it needs some skills and, of course, some investments. However, you don’t really need too much money to start a pressure washing business. Depending on the services that you intend to provide, it’s easy to start a pressure washing business with investments ranging between $2,000 and $25,000.

Therefore, if you’re interested in starting a pressure washing business in the US, continue reading. In this article, I will provide some easy steps that could help you to start a pressure washing business.

Let’s start by understanding the meaning of pressure washing.

Definition of Pressure Washing

In simple words, pressure washing is a process where water is pumped at intense pressure on a hard surface. The water jets help to loosen and remove dirt trapped on the hard surface.

Pressure washing is a superb way to remove moss, fungus, dust and mud that settles on your walls and floor. It also has some uses in washing the interiors of automobiles that’ve been lying without use for a long.

Furthermore, pressure washing is extremely useful in cleaning tombstones in graveyards and cemeteries across the US.

To some extent, pressure washing is used on new constructions to dislodge concrete and paint droplets that have hardened and can’t be removed easily.

Generally speaking, pressure washing is done by pumping water on surfaces through one or more jets at extreme speed. In some cases, the water jet can be so strong that it can cut into certain softer surfaces.

Pressure washing companies sometimes use jets of water combined with cleaning agents, including detergents, caustic soda, bleach or mild acids, using special pipes and nozzles that don’t corrode.

Cost of Pressure Washing

Since pressure washing is so important to keep buildings, homes, offices and other places clean and shiny, you might believe it’s expensive. Actually, the cost of pressure washing isn’t so much.

For example, the cost of pressure washing an ordinary size house anywhere in the US would range from $250 to $370. Of course, the cost will differ according to the materials used. Pressure washing a driveway can cost about $100, for example.

In some cases, pressure washing companies charge a rate based on area. The current rates are between $0.15 to $0.90 per square foot, depending on the location and the place that needs pressure washing.

Furthermore, you can also provide pressure washing fees on an hourly basis. In the US, pressure washing companies charge between $50 and $200 per hour.

These figures can give you some idea of how much you could charge customers with your pressure washing business.

How To Start a Pressure Cleaning Business?

Here are some simple steps to follow to start a pressure washing business in the US. These steps are important for the success of your pressure washing business. Therefore, follow them carefully, even if they take some of your time and effort.

1. Create Business Plan

A business plan is essential if you’re serious about success in the pressure washing industry. That’s because a good business plan takes various factors into consideration, including competition in the market, demographics and target customers, pricing and pricing policies, cost of operation, manpower expenses, management of profits and troubleshooting practices.

A good business plan aims to avoid crises and boost business instead. It would take a lot of research and some time to create a business plan. I can assure you that any efforts to create an amazing business plan will prove worth the effort and time.

2. Create Own Brand

Before launching any business, think about creating your own brand. You can also create a brand for your pressure washing business. Normally, people remember brands very easily. To create a brand, think about creating an easy-to-remember and catchy name for your pressure washing business.

Also, create a wonderful logo for the business. People usually remember a brand and its logo far better than remember the name of the business owner or the identity of the company. A strong and easy-to-remember brand name combined with a logo could help your business become popular quite quickly.

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3. Get Permits & Licenses

Here’s something very important that you should do: get the permits, licenses and registration for your pressure washing business. When you do so, the pressure washing business becomes a legitimate company.

That will surely help you to get loans when needed or insurance plans for yourself and your workers. Since a pressure washing business involves people and places, it’s best to have the necessary clearances instead of facing any lawsuits later.

Some pressure washing companies have been taken to court by customers for causing allergies due to certain chemicals used in the cleaning process.

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4. Buy Pressure Washing Equipment

The next obvious step is to buy pressure washing equipment for your business. This is the most expensive step, as a matter of fact. A lot of money from your investments would go towards buying this stuff.

Thankfully, there’s not really much you need to start a pressure washing company. Typical equipment for a pressure washing company includes various kinds of pumps, a wide assortment of pipes and nozzles, cleaning chemicals and detergents. 

Look for excellent deals that could be available online at eBay or from local dealers. You can also get some superb deals from stores such as Home Depot and ACE Hardware, among others.

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5. Advertise Your Business

Getting business is often tricky and hard. Therefore, it’s essential to advertise your business. Understandably, offline or conventional advertising on billboards, newspapers, TV channels and radio will prove expensive.

Therefore, use cheaper alternatives such as online advertising. This can be done by opening a Facebook Marketplace account, posting classifieds on Craigslist or other classified sites and creating your own website and blog.

These resources are free and don’t cost much, even when you go for the paid variants. You can also use word-of-mouth publicity by spreading the news of your pressure washing business through relatives and friends.

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Wrap Up

These simple steps should help you get enough customers for the pressure washing business in the USA. You can check the rates of local pressure washing businesses and offer prices that compare well to bag some initial customers. 

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