How To Make Money on Amazon Kindle without Writing Books?

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how to make money on amazon kindle without writing books

Amazon reports that its Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) service has some 115 million Monthly Average Users. This number continues to grow steadily, according to the company. 

The main reason for KDP’s popularity is because of the opportunities that are available to writers, poets and content creators to make and sell books. Also, there’s lots of free stuff available on Kindle for people to read.

While KDP is popular among writers and poets, it’s also used widely by people who don’t wish to write. Such persons can also make a lot of money through KDP without writing.

Of course, you will require a lot of creativity to use these methods to make money on Kindle without writing. However, it’s quite simple and works well if you’re willing to give it your best try.

Understanding Kindle and KDP

In simple words, Kindle is a reader from Amazon that you would require to read e-books in various forms. KDP is a service from Amazon that enables writers and poets to publish their works and sell it to 310 million customers of the company’s online stores worldwide. 

KDP helps budding authors and writers to create a book and sell it without the need for a traditional publisher and agent. Additionally, KDP is also useful to sell books and periodicals that don’t necessarily carry writings of any sort. These books are also in demand around the world.

Amazon charges $0.15 per megabyte of every book that’s sold on the KDP platform for prices ranging between $2.99 and $9.99. This fee also depends on other factors, such as country of purchase and file size.

Additionally, for hardcover books, Amazon charges 40 per cent of the cover price for its printing and other expenses and gives 60 per cent as royalty to the author.

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How To Make Money On Kindle Without Writing Books?

As I mentioned earlier, there are ways to make money on Kindle without actually writing a book or poems. These ways are simple but will require a lot of your creativity. Try some of these ways as your side gig and make some money. These methods to make money on Kindle also don’t need any investment.

1. Review e-Books

Review e-Books

The first and perhaps the most common way to make money on Kindle without writing is by reviewing e-books. There are several websites where you can find book reviewer jobs that also pay some money. These reviews won’t really make you rich, but it’s possible to make about $30 per week with Kindle this way.

2. Voiceover for e-Books

Voiceover for e-Books

Lend your voice for various e-books available on Kindle and make their audiobooks. That’s also one of the ways to make money on Kindle without writing. There are several companies and educational institutes that want to make e-books into audiobooks. Offer this service as a freelancer on Fiverr or other freelancing platforms and make some money.

3. Create Low Content Books

Low-content books include colouring and painting books, those with patterns for embroidery or tailoring, books with photos and graphics and lots more. You needn’t write a low-content book.

All you require is some creativity to make designs and patterns that people would love and like to make in some ways.

Low content books also have a high demand on Amazon Kindle if you provide the right designs, patterns and photos. They’re bought by both adults and kids alike.

4. Design Book Covers

Design Book Covers

One more way to make money on Kindle without writing is by designing book covers. A lot of writers and poets want to get superb covers for their books. However, they lack the creativity to make such covers.

Hence, they look for ready-to-use covers that are available and easily customizable. These book covers are in high demand among writers and poets. You can upload these on Kindle for sale or offer through your own website or some popular marketplace.

5. Help Getting ISBN

A book should ideally have an ISBN to find buyers worldwide. In simple words, ISBN means International Standard Book Number. Kindle has a facility where writers can get an ISBN free, but often, they prefer getting one from other sources.

You can offer services to get ISBN registration for these authors and poets. This is a high-value service and could help you earn lots of money.

6. Work as Influencer

Every author or writer, and poet wants to get maximum publicity for their work. And they’re willing to pay some money to promote their book on Amazon Kindle. That’s the reason they look for influencers who can promote their book to a target audience.

Offer your services as a Kindle influencer. To work as an influencer, you will require social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms and a wide following.

7. Kindle Translator

Kindle Translator

Those who know English and another language with native fluency work as a Kindle translators. This involves translating a Kindle book into another language.

Authors who wish to popularize their Kindle books to persons of different communities and in various countries sometimes look for persons who can provide error-free translations. This, too, is a high-value service where you can charge a lot of money.

8. Kindle Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Some authors want to use graphics in their storybooks. The number of graphics to use depends on the writer. These authors rightly believe that using graphics improves the readability of their books.

If you have some experience or skills in creating wonderful graphics, offer this service to writers and poets. You can expect some orders from persons who would love to include graphics to go along with their stories.

Wrap Up

Making money on Kindle without writing is easy, as you can see from the eight examples above. If you have good creative skills and are confident in making low-content books, designing or graphic arts, it’s easier to make a lot of money from Kindle.

At the same time, making money on Kindle is best as a side gig. Though you can earn a lot of cash, it wouldn’t most likely be enough to make a livelihood.

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