12 Legit Ways for How to Get Free Robux?

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Roblox, as many of my readers would know, is a very popular online gaming platform. But to enjoy Roblox, you need to pay money and buy something known as Robux. If you’re deep into gaming or even an online games addict, your hobby might cost a lot of money.

That’s because you have to pay for various Roblox merchandise and games in Robux. While enjoying Roblox , once in a while you might have thought about “How to get free Robux easy?” so that you can spend them on Roblox .

Robux Explained

Actually, Robux is a form of online currency that you use on Roblox. Of course, you can pay money to buy Robux and use them for buying various Avatars or even in-game accessories or sometimes, upgrade games. 

That’s because Roblox doesn’t accept fiat currency or normal money. Instead, you have to buy Robux paying money and redeem them for your upgrades, accessories and Avatars.

But what if I told you that there’re as many as 10 different ways to get Robux free. Yes, entirely free. And that all these ways to get free Robux are 100 percent legit?

Wouldn’t that be interesting? So, if you’re into Roblox, read further. Because now I’m going to discuss how to get free. 

Getting Free Robux

Before I begin discussing how to get free Robux, here’s something you should know. There’re over 120 million active users of Roblox in mid-2021. And quite a lot of them use these ways and means to get free Robux through various platforms and free robux generator tools, the much-needed virtual currency for Roblox. 

Therefore, in this article, I will speak about the legit ways to get Roblux free Robux.

How to Get Free Robux on Roblox ? : 12 Legit Ways Explained

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the largest online survey communities in the world. They reward you with SB Points for every survey you complete online. In recent months, Swagbucks is allowing members of its online survey community to exchange their reward points for various rewards, including Robux gift cards. To get free Robux, become a member of Swagbucks and start earning.

2. ZoomBucks

ZoomBucks is a website where you can earn points for watching ads, videos and playing some of their games. They offer you two options. One of them is to redeem your points for cash. And the second one is actually getting Robux codes in exchange of your points. You’ll require at least 5,000 points to redeem for Robux codes.

3. Creating Games for Roblox

Roblox doesn’t actually give away free Robux to just anyone as bonuses. However, the company does reward game developers for the Roblox platform with free Robux codes. The number of codes or Robux you earn depends upon many factors. The first is that the game you develop should be playable on Roblox and the company should accept it for their platform. The second is that it should be user-friendly game that all can enjoy.

4. InboxDollars

InboxDollars does allow you to earn gift cards from Amazon and other online stores. You could use these gift cards to buy Robux codes. InboxDollars is a very popular online survey website in USA. They reward you with points for every online survey you complete. Additionally, you can earn extra points by watching videos and playing games, referrals to others to join the InboxDollars online community and other means.

5. Ibotta

When you join Ibotta, it’s possible to get discounts on your online shopping through this website. In fact, these discounts are given in the form of cashbacks. You can redeem your cashbacks to buy Robux codes. Better still, you can buy Robux through Ibotta, get cashbacks and buy more Robux codes. This is a longer process but it works wonderfully, if you’re serious about getting free Robux in 2024.

6. Strong Granny

Strong Granny is an online game that’s fairly popular in America and elsewhere. This game consists of various levels. As with any other online game, these levels get tougher as you move up. However, if you’re smart enough to reach Level-10 of Strong Granny, you can win up to five Robux codes for absolutely free. This is a common way for gamers to earn free Robux.

7. Free Robux Lotto 2020

Free Robux Lotto 2020 is an app that allow you to do several things such as watch ads and earn points. You can even play other games through this app on your smartphone. The app holds weekly and monthly lotto where you can win as many as 10 free Robux codes. Though the app was launched in 2024, it continues to work though we’re well into 2021. You can try your luck at this lotto to win free Robux.

8. Strong Pixel

I’m not much aware of Strong Pixel but many Roblox players claim that playing this game can fetch you free Robux. According to these players, you’ve to reach the highest level of this 10-level game to win free Robux. They award you with three Robux codes that you can redeem on Roblox for gaming accessories, Avatars and other stuff.

9. Qmee

free robux app

Qmee is an app from where you can get cashbacks for your online purchases through different stores. Though Qmee doesn’t actually allow you to redeem your cashbacks for Robux, you can always use the money they pay to buy Robux codes. This is an indirect way to get free Robux codes. But if you’re a Roblox addict, Qmee could help you slice off a few Dollars off your expenses on their games.

10. Jetpack Chicken

If you’ve enough skills to “jump” with your keyboard while playing online games, try Jetpack Chicken. This is a game where you play the role of a chicken and have to overcome various hurdles on the way by jumping. The more you jump and negotiate these hurdles, the closer you get to winning Robux codes. And if you complete the game successfully, you could get up to three free Robux codes.

11. Slide Joy

Slide Joy is actually an app that you can install on any smartphone. Once you install it, Slide Joy will display ads on your smartphone instead of your regular screensaver. Each time you slide the ad to open your phone, you’ll win some points from Slide Joy. These points are redeemable for free Robux codes. And this is the simplest way to earn free Robux. However, getting free Robux this way takes a bit of time.

12. PointsPrizes

PointPrizes is yet another online survey community that reward you and you can join it absolutely free of cost. They reward you points for every successful online survey you complete. And you can earn more points for watching online ads, referring your relatives and friends and doing other ordinary tasks on the PointsPrizes website. These points are redeemable for cash, which can help you buy Robux codes.

In Conclusion

These are the topmost 12 legit and workable ways to get free Robux. If you’ve the time and inclination to spend on online surveys and playing games, you can win lots of free Robux codes and use them on Roblox.

For software developers, I would suggest that creating games that’re compatible with the Roblox platform is the best way to get free Robux. In any case, winning free Robux or buying them from cash you get as cashbacks and rewards is exciting. Therefore, you can try any of the 12 ways I mention in this article. That would add some extra pleasure to your Roblox gaming experience.

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