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grocery stores near me

Getting discounts on groceries is something most of us would love. In fact, there are as many as 20 discount grocery stores across America.

While some of these serve most US states, others are available at select locations only. However, with discount grocery stores becoming very popular among American households, there’s a good chance you’ll find one nearer home, too.

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Reasons to Use Discount Grocery Stores

Obviously, slicing a few precious Dollars off your household expenses and saving money are the greatest reasons to buy from discount grocery stores. That’s what most people believe. But here are some more reasons, too.

  • You get to try some new products that a company launches through discount grocery stores. Hence, they offer superb products at really low rates.
  • Buying at discount grocery stores could help you get rid of delivery charges that some online sellers will add to your bill.
  • Discount grocery stores often have special offers such as buy-one-get-one-free, which enable you to save more money.
  • Some discount grocery stores will offer lower rates than their off-the-shelf prices if you’re buying in bulk for your friends and neighbours, which adds to your savings.
  • Quite a few discount grocery stores also offer loyalty points that you can redeem for freebies or use to get more rebates on your shopping.

Generally, some discount grocery stores offer the above benefits because they wish to sell as much stuff as possible by keeping prices low and ensuring you’ll return to them again for your household needs.

Top 20 Discount Grocery Shops Near You

If all these points sound attractive, I suggest that next time you try buying from discount grocery stores near you.

Who knows? You might not only save a lot of money but also find several superb products that are better than the ones you’re now using.

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1. Aldi

ALDI: cheap grocery near me

Aldi ranks among the topmost discount grocery shops in America. They operate from nearly 2,000 locations across the US in 2024. You’ll find warehouse-size packs on Aldi shelves, but you can buy whatever you like.

Also, you’ll have to pack your own shopping since Aldi doesn’t provide staff to bag your purchases. Aldi is operated in America by an eponymous chain of stores from Germany.

2. H-E-B

HEB: grovery store near me

If you’re living in Texas, H-E-B is your best bet for discount grocery shopping. H-E-B has been operating in Texas since 1905 and now has over 300 stores in some 150 communities across the state.

They sell everything from bakery products to vegetables and meat to other household needs. H-E-B is very popular among residents of areas where they operate because they provide very attractive prices on all kinds of groceries.

You can find a grocery store, the nearest H-E-B store near you, easily from this link.

3. Amazon Pantry

Amazon Pantry

Yes, Amazon Pantry also makes it to my list of top 20 nearby grocery stores. That’s because Amazon, the single largest online store in the world, has an unwritten policy of selling grocery store foodstuff and other essentials at affordable rates for shoppers of all budgets.

Therefore, you’ll come across some amazing discounts on your favourite grocery items as well as fresh fruits, vegetables and meat products, including on Amazon Fresh. Check out their delivery charges before ordering.

4. Costco

COSTCO: discount grocery near me

Costco is yet another amazing store if you’re looking for cheaper groceries. They have close to 800 outlets in several countries, but majority of them are in the US. Costco operates through a membership program.

They have three different levels of memberships, costing $60 per year and $120 per year. Each of these memberships allows shopping from all Costco outlets in the world.

Costco sells grocery store food products and groceries with minimal or negligible costs. This means you can get superb discounts on groceries online and offline.

5. Dollar General

DOLLER GENEARL: geocery store near me

Dollar General has been serving Americans since 1939. By the end of January 2023, they had some 19,414 stores located across all states in the continental USA. Dollar General is very popular among American shoppers looking for discount groceries.

Usually, Dollar General offers superb price cuts on groceries in two different ways. The first is DG Digital Coupons, which you can use while shopping online and DG Weekly Ads, which provide superb discounts on groceries and other household needs.

They also have their own DG Brand products that often cost less than other competing stuff.

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6. Food4Less


Food4Less is a discount grocery store that’s operated by top American retailer Kroger. At the time of writing this article in 2024, they’re offering free shipping to home or office for orders over $35.

Additionally, Food4Less also has Deals of the Day, digital coupons and weekly ads, which provide an opportunity to get fantastic discounts on your favourite groceries.

Want to know where’s the nearest Food4Less discount store near you? It’s easy. Simply key in your ZIP code or location, and the Food4Less website will display its nearest grocery store.

7. Giant Food Stores

GIANT: gorcery store near me

Shopping for a discount groceries shop at Giant Food Sore is rather simple. They have a unique feature known as ‘Shop by Aisle’ that helps you to complete your online grocery buying very quickly.

Meaning there’s no need to waste time looking for your products. Furthermore, they display all daily and weekly discounts on grocery shops and other products on their home page.

Additionally, they have coupons that are useful to get discounts on daily or weekly grocery purchases. Giant operates a loyalty program you could join. Also, look for their special offers both online and offline.

Giant Food operates in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia states through a network of 186 stores, 125 grocery pick-up hubs and over 120 pharmacy and fuel stations.

8. Kroger


With 2,750 locations across the USA, there’s no doubt that Kroger ranks among the largest chain of superstores in the country. This might come as a surprise to many who’ve never used Kroger.

They offer excellent discounts on groceries and other household items daily. Kroger has daily deals, weekly ads and online coupons that are useful for getting such discounts.

With so many locations spanning the country, you shouldn’t face difficulties finding a nearby Kroger store. And then there’s always the option of shopping online from Kroger.

9. Walmart

WALMART: cheap grocery shop near me

At the beginning of the year 2023, Walmart had some 11,510 stores worldwide. Most of these stores are located across the length and breadth of the USA.

Hence, finding a Walmart near you to buy a discount grocery shop would be fairly easy. Maybe you’ve also been to at least one Walmart store or have ordered something online.

Walmart offers discount groceries shop in three ways: through Walmart credit card, daily discounts and weekly ads. You also have the option of shopping online and collecting your order personally to save some money on doorstep delivery.

10. Fareway

FAREWAY: gorcery store near me

Fareway calls itself a ‘full-service grocery store’. It operates across the US Midwest region, with 122 grocery store locations in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Missouri.

They have a web link that helps you to find grocery store discounts, promotions, and special offers on groceries as well as other products at stores in your area.

Otherwise, you can also look for discount ads for groceries available at various stores through the Fareway website. Despite operating in a smaller region, Fareway ranks among the top places to get discount groceries.

11. ShopRite


ShopRite has a wonderful slogan. It says: “We're All about Food. We're All About Savings. We're all about You.” ShopRite introduced this logo in 2024 and continues using it till today.

As a matter of fact, ShopRite is one of the best discount grocery stores if you’re living in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

They operate at 318 locations in these states as of January 2023. You can browse their weekly calendar for discount groceries online or select a store nearby and sign up to receive discount deals and special offers by email.

12. Lidl


Lidl is a German group of superstores. They operate some 11,200 stores in Europe and Hong Kong and have nearly 120 outlets in the US.

The best way to find grocery store discounts from Lidl near you is by using their online store finder. Upon selecting the nearest grocery store, you can browse their weekly ads for discount groceries and other household items.

To keep prices low, Lidl doesn’t offer free packing bags. This means you’ll have to carry your own bags for your grocery shop and other purchases.

However, Lidl has a large following on the East Coast and is famous for discount groceries. They’ll be expanding their network of stores to cover more US states in the coming years.

13. WinCo Foods


WinCo Foods operates stores at some 120 locations spread over Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington.

The company employs the bulk of its shareholders. WinCo Foods offers as many as five distinct ways to save money. These include weekly coupons, special promotions at specific stores, in-store events at one or more locations held occasionally and weekly ads.

They also have competitions to give away discounts and free shopping vouchers. You can also order online from their website and pick up groceries later.

14. Market Basket


Market Basket operates from 87 locations in New Hampshire, Connecticut and Maine. Buying discount groceries at Market Basket is something very simple. You can view their daily and weekly offers on the Market Basket website.

Or you can sign up with your email ID to receive their weekly flyers advertising discounts. Generally, you’ll be able to get discounts on all kinds of stuff if you spread your shopping on Market Basket over a couple of weeks.

15. Trader Joe’s


Trader Joe’s operates from 530 ‘clubs’ across the US. This chain of grocery stores is owned by Aldi Nord, a division of the German superstore chain Aldi.

In stark contrast with ordinary grocery stores, stuff that you’ll find at Trader Joe’s is generally from their own brand.

They stock only about 4,000 products, mainly under the Trader Joe’s brand, though some could be from very popular or high-demand brands. This is one store where you can find discounts on groceries all throughout the year.

Look for their ‘Fearless Flyers’ to find grocery store amazing discounts. It’s also a very popular store among most Americans who wish to save money on household expenses.

16. Hy-Vee


Hy-Vee chain of supermarkets traces its history to 1917, when it started as a small community store in Iowa.

Hy-Vee operates stores at nearly 250 locations in the Southwestern USA, mainly in Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

The company has been expanding its operations since 2010 and, by 2023, has acquired several smaller chains of stores. Therefore, you can expect them to serve your area within the coming years.

In an employee-owned chain of stores, you can easily find attractive discounts on grocery products both in-store and online. They offer lots of benefits to Hy-Vee members. The cost of Hy-Vee membership is $99 per year.

17. Sam’s Club


Sam’s Club operates across the USA. However, you’ll need a Sam’s Club membership to buy groceries online and offline while availing great discounts. There are two levels of membership at Sam’s Club.

The ‘Club’ membership comes at $45 per year while ‘’ costs $100 per annum. Both memberships help you get discounts for shopping for groceries at Sam’s Club.

One of the first things you need to do is find a Sam’s Club in your area and select it as your home club.

There are various kinds of discounts on groceries from Sam’s Club, including the ones you get as membership benefits and during special weekly and festive promotions.

18. Price Rite


Most people might not have heard about the Price Rite chain of supermarkets. It’s owned by Wakefern Food Corporation, the same company that owns ShopRite.

However, Price Rite has limited operations at 62 locations spread across Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

There’s a simple reason why Price Rite makes it to this list. You can buy groceries at surprisingly lower prices at Price Rite.

The reason is that they sell only Price Rite brand products, and hence, the selection of stuff is much smaller than other supermarkets. Yet, their product range is large enough to meet your household needs.

19. Safeway


Safeway features its corporate slogan, “Our Best for Less,” on its shopping website. True to its motto, Safeway offers a loyalty program that offers you thrice a number of points when you buy their brands of groceries.

These loyalty points can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases. Additionally, you’ll get weekly offers and digital coupons on Safeway, too.

This chain of supermarkets operates from 1,300 locations across the US. In fact, Safeway is a well-known brand among lots of American households.

20. Save a Lot


Save A Lot grocery store food stores operate at 1,300 locations within the US. This is one discount grocery store near you that’s got special offers around the year. Look for their weekly ads and flyers to find discounts on grocery items.

They drop prices quite a lot on some products every week. Therefore, if there’s a Save A Lot store in your area and you wish to save more money, visit their website regularly to look for weekly ads and discounts.

It is one of the famous discount grocery stores in the USA.

In Conclusion

Before concluding, I’ll add that almost every grocery store in America- whether online or offline- provides discounts occasionally. You could also check your neighbourhood store for such discount groceries.

This list should help you find discount grocery stores near you and help you save some money with digital coupons.

Saving some money on groceries can help your personal finances recover a bit faster. Therefore, the next time you need groceries, try looking for discounts from any of the stores I’ve listed above.

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