Top 15 Online Grocery Shopping Stores in USA

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Online Grocery Shopping

Online Grocery Shopping

Online Grocery Shopping in the US is witnessing boom time. According to a report by CNBC channel, over a quarter of American households now order groceries online.

In 2016, US households bought 20.5 billion worth groceries online.

US continues to remain the world’s largest market where consumers buy groceries online.

This has led to a boom in online grocery shopping. Nowadays, most e-grocers offer online grocery delivery to the location of your choice – home or office – free.

Within 10 years, the figure will boom to 70 percent, accounting for $100 billion. Owner of grocery store opt for coupons that offer excellent discounts, thus saving considerable money on household expenses, the report adds.

A major chunk of consumers who order groceries online are enticed by free online grocery delivery.

Types of online grocery shopping in USA

Online grocery shopping in US is done from computers and smart phones. A growing number of people prefer apps on smart phones because they also embed discount coupons and app-only deals.

Grocery shopping online has indeed become very easy and convenient. There are two ways to order groceries online:

  • Buying online and picking up from the nearest store.
  • Order groceries online and having them home delivered at nominal cost.

Top 15 online grocery shopping stores

Walmart Grocery Store: The clear leader in US online

walmart grocery store

Indubitably, Walmart grocery is the No-1 Walmart online shopping and e-grocery store of USA. is a lot like your neighborhood Walmart store, says the website.

Walmart grocery features a very wide selection of high-quality merchandise and groceries store.

It has excellent customer friendly services. Walmart provides best Walmart grocery pickup & Walmart grocery delivery to the customer.

Moreover, the ‘Every Day Low Prices’ guarantee of Walmart Online shopping helps you save money on daily needs. “Our headquarters is on the San Francisco Peninsula near Silicon Valley,

where we have access to the world's deepest pool of Internet executive and technical talent,” the Walmart website boasts. Indeed, this has made Walmart the most preferred website for grocery shopping online.

Costco: From aircraft hangar to global leader

costco online grocery

Costco is a dream success story. It began as Price Club from a aircraft hangar at Morena Boulevard in San Diego, CA in 1976, as warehouse offering retail stuff at wholesale prices.

Later, in 1883, the first Costco brand retail outlet began welcoming customers in Seattle. The two companies merged to form Costco.

Today, it has over 300 retail stores. Further, it also offers groceries online at very economical rates.

Costco website says, by August 28, 2016, total sales for fiscal year 2016-17 are US$ 116.7bn.

However, to buy from Costco and get great discounts, you need membership. Details online grocery shopping are available on Costco website.

Costco also offers free online grocery delivery at select locations. In fact online grocery shopping has been also popularized in Canada by Costco among other websites that allow busy people to buy groceries online.

Sears: Global reach, worldwide clientele

sears grocery

Ranking at No-3 in America’s online grocery store is Sears. Rightly so, for Sears not only allows Americans to shop for their needs, it welcomes non-US residents too.

For example, anyone visiting the US can buy stuff from her or his home country.

Payments can be made with any international credit/ debit card.

The stuff you buy will await you at the address in the US you provide. Moreover, Sears also ships to over 100 countries across the world.

Regardless of your location, you can be assured of highest quality products with Sears.

Amazon Pantry/ Amazon Fresh: The pioneers

amazon prime pantry

Undoubtedly, all credit for introducing online grocery shopping in a big way goes to Amazon.

Today, Amazon is a global e-retailer. In the US, it offers fresh foodstuff and grocery items from two divisions: Amazon Pantry and Amazon Fresh.

Amazon Pantry supplies all your daily household needs. These can be cosmetics and toiletries to grains, cereals and spices.

On the other hand, Amazon Fresh sells fruits, vegetables and various types of meat. Rather, everything that you require fresh is available here online.

Amazon Fresh offers short delivery periods to ensure your order reaches you at the earliest.

Kmart Online: Community engagement and more

kmart grocery shopping

In fact, Kmart Online owns America’s No-3 online store Sears. However, Kmart is a big contender in the US grocery store, in its own right.

Regardless of what grocery item you are looking for, Kmart will stock it.

In addition to daily bargains, Kmart Online offers three types of delivery options. You can pick up the stuff you order online from your nearest Kmart.

Alternatively, you can avail of doorstep delivery.

Further, you can gift groceries and other stuff you relatives and friends abroad with Kmart.

Kroger: Own brands, hallmark of quality

krogery grocery store

Kroger is one of the best online grocery shopping. It is highly reputed and has its own eponymous brand. Further, in 2024, customer spend at Kroger was US$115.7 billion.

Interestingly, Kroger also offers its own recipes. You can download a free recipe by Kroger and order required ingredients online. Furthermore, Kroger has an excellent loyalty program for shopper engagement.

You can also enroll for great discounts and use coupons to save money.

Safeway: Carrying tradition forward

safeway grocery

The dream of an ambitious Idaho-based youngster, MB Skaggs comes true with Safeway. Skaggs had a vision to offer superior quality products at lowest possible prices from his only store.

Notably, While founding Safeway, a small store,

However, this small vision soon grew as Safeway began growing in popularity. Today, Safeway has 2,200 stores in 33 states and the District of Columbia.

Further, Safeway is a great employer. The chain employs close to 275,000 people.

Moreover, its online grocery shopping portal assures you of the same traditional care found 100 years ago.

ShopRite: For the bargain hunter


Meanwhile, if you wish to find great bargains daily for groceries, ShopRite is the place. ShopRite was founded to cater to families in the US.

Further, ShopRite traces its roots to rather humble beginnings.

Today, ShopRite is not only serving the community by selling online groceries at low rates, the chain donates food to charities.

Further, ShopRite, has grown into the largest retailer-owned cooperative in the United States and the largest employer in New Jersey.

Instacart: Speed is of essence

instacart grocery

Surprisingly, the US$2 billion Instacart began operations in 2024. It is the brainchild of Apoorva Mehta, a former Amazon employee.

Today, Instacart is known as USA’s most successful start-up company.

Instacart does not sell products directly. Instead, it serves as aggregator of some small, medium and large online groceries. You can visit Instacart and select one or more stores of your choice to place a combined order.

Further, you get great opportunities to save on your grocery bills. Additionally, you can select delivery timings too.

Peapod: Freshest stuff with great discounts


Peapod is all about making your life easier and healthier. This store offers fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood and other amazing grocery products daily.

You can relax knowing your groceries from Peapod will conform to every acceptable food safety standard.

Additionally, Peapod delivers the stuff to your doorstep with highly trained and customer friendly delivery staff. Look for daily bargains and discount coupons while order groceries online at Peapod.

The Fresh Market: Living its name


The Fresh Market is catering to American grocery shoppers for over 30 years. This grocery store began with an objective of providing local growers, farmers with an outlet to sell their produce at best possible rates.

The company also focuses extensively on charity.

Nowadays, The Fresh Market operates with 170 locations. Further, whatever you order from The Fresh Market online can be expected to be as fresh as it gets.

Growers and farmers can sell their produce here too.

FreshDirect: Pioneers in short logistics

freshdirect online grocery

As the name suggests, FreshDirect is all about fresh food, one of the best online grocery store. This includes seafood, vegetables, meat, poultry, pork and dairy products that taste best when fresh.

Therefore, FreshDirect became a pioneer in short logistic chain.

Simply put, it means FreshDirect procures groceries from the nearest possible sources. Further, its indigenously developed packaging system ensures freshness.

Thus, every grocery item from FreshDirect is as good as fresh from the source.

Boxed: Innovative shopping experience

boxed grocery

Boxed is also a newcomer to the online grocery shopping business. It is the brainchild of a few techies. Their idea to embed love for customers who shop online was reason for this amazing project.

At Boxed, you can buy anything. The online grocery is true to its motto of big sizes, small prices. You can get your home groceries or office snacks through Boxed.

Deliveries above certain value are free.

Target: Spot on for timely delivery

target online grocery

Regardless of where you shop from, Target offers timely deliveries. In fact, you can select the time and place where you require the groceries.

All you need to do is place your order, select the delivery address and time.

Rest assured, your order will reach you just as needed. Alternatively, you can choose from any Target store of convenience. Your grocery cart will be ready and billed.

All you need to do is carry away your stuff.

Vmartgo: For every community and need

vmartgo shopping

Vmartgo excels in online groceries for a simple reason: it has over a hundred food, beauty and other products from across the world.

Understandably, outsourced and foreign products often come cheaper than local variants.

Further, VMartgo also has a website in simplified Mandarin Chinese language. Largely due to the high number of Chinese online grocery store.

In addition, a wide selection of Chinese stuff is also on offer.

Tricks and tweaks to buy online groceries

Meanwhile, there are several tricks and tweaks available for you to save while order groceries online.

  1. Visit any website that offers coupons. Surely, you will find great savers there.
  2. Join loyalty programs offered by major online grocers. Your loyalty points translate into cash and can be used while shopping.
  3. Compare prices between two or more retailers for the same product. In most cases, intense competition forces price wars. The product you want can be cheaper on one website.
  4. All online grocers offer apps. Further, they offer discounts for shopping with apps.
  5. Unless you are in hurry, look for delivery times when charges are minimal.

Caution while order groceries online

There are some things you need to be careful about while order groceries online. Especially, you need to take some care while buying foodstuff.

  • Take special care to check ‘best before’ and production dates on food items.
  • Ensure that packaging of food items is intact. Small leaks and tears are potentially hazardous. They can cause contamination of the product. Consequently, you might endanger your health.
  • While buying meats, fish, poultry and dairy products, make sure there is minimal time between order and delivery.
  • Unless you are sure of using large quantities, do not order bulk packs. True that they are available cheaper. But prolonged storage can spoil the product.
  • Subscribe to daily mailing lists. All online grocery shopping stores offer great discounts. You can save considerably with special offers.

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