Money Tips

How Google Makes Money

How Does Google Make Money When it’s Free to Use

Pritam Nagrale

When almost all the services provided by Google e.g. Google search, Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, G Drive, G Map etc. are ...

win lottery

What to Do if You Win a Lottery?

Pritam Nagrale

Like most people, you dream of winning a lottery. And why not? A single ticket to Powerball or Mega Millions ...

stay happy when poor

How to Stay Happy When You Are Poor

Pritam Nagrale

International bestselling author, Frank McKinney says: “It is pretty hard to tell what does bring happiness. Poverty and wealth have ...

how to donate money to charity

How to Donate Money or Anything to Charity: Complete Guide

Pritam Nagrale

Surely you would have felt like giving something to someone. Maybe money, food, clothes or even blood that flows in ...

Best Cryptocurrency to invest

10 Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2024

Ashwin Honawar

In this article, explore 93 simple and profitable home-based business ideas for 2024, with various options to suit your interests and budget.

average net worth of american

What is Net Worth? Average Net Worth By Age of American

Pritam Nagrale

The American government defines US net worth as total sum of assets minus debt. The US Census Bureau, Federal Reserve ...

average salary in usa

Average Salary in US: Average Household Income in America

Pritam Nagrale

Average income in USA is on the rise, according to statistics released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In June ...

when lost cash abroad

What to Do if you Lost your Cash & Cards while Traveling on a Foreign Land

Pritam Nagrale

Traveling abroad can be an exciting and fun experience – but also filled with avoidable mishaps if you don’t take ...

tips for credit card users

How To Use a Credit Card? 12 Tips for First Time Users

Pritam Nagrale

The joy and sense of achievement you feel when you get your hands on your first credit card is unparalleled. Often ...

retire early

How to Retire Early: Best Early Retirement Strategies

Pritam Nagrale

Are you fed up of the daily routine that involves rising early in the morning and rushing to work with ...

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