40 Creative YouTube Video Ideas to Make Viral Video

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YouTube Video Ideas
YouTube Video Ideas

Who wants to be an instant celebrity or a sensation worldwide? Well! I am not joking because it is very much possible after the advent of the Internet.

Yes, anyone amongst us can be a celebrity, at least on the internet, and become famous without the need for mainstream media.

It does not matter where you live in the world or what you do; you need a camcorder or your mobile phone, record videos, and upload them on YouTube.

YouTube Partner Program will ensure that you also get to earn a healthy income from the views apart from being famous. Apart from making money, you can also focus on becoming a brand and a social media influencer on YouTube.

However, it is not as easy as it seems to be because you need to upload videos that must have meaty content so that the audience will appreciate them.

Uploading entertaining and informative videos will help you build your fan base on YouTube and generate millions of views on your videos. There are famous YouTubers throughout the world who generate massive incomes via YouTubing.

To make earning easy for you, I have listed the 40 best YouTube Video Ideas that are sure shot hits in 2024.

40 Creative YouTube Video Ideas

You will be famous and rich from YouTube only if your videos have thousands or millions of views. Check these 40 creative & craziest video ideas that will make your video viral in no time.

1. Record prank videos

The first YouTube video idea on our list is prank videos. Although prank videos look comparatively easier to record, they can be challenging.

How to record a prank video?

If you are into video blogging and cannot hit the street to record a prank video, then you can start directly from your home or office. You can shoot these videos on a significant occasion like April fool’s day. Prank a coworker and film it and then put it on YouTube.

You can start playing a prank with your roommates by wearing colorful masks and annoying them.

2. Videos of singing in a weird voice

Videos on item numbers or rap songs are highly well-known on YouTube. You can render a trending song in your voice with a twist to it. Hilarious sounds are one of the funny YouTube video ideas.

You can be more creative and sing a song in a weird or funny voice like in high pitch or breathy voice or at a fast pace to entertain your viewers. One of the classic examples of funny videos is dubsmash.

Here you can upload videos almost every day.

3. Videos on the sting operation and crime

If you come from a developing world or the already developed world, you can record videos exposing corruption in the public and private sectors.

Suppose you want to make a driving license and the government official is asking for a bribe, then you can record it on a hidden camera and upload it on YouTube. Such videos generate millions of views since the audience is more interested in watching videos made on corruption.

Similarly, you can think of many such ideas and upload videos at least once or twice every week.

4. Create parody videos on your partner: YouTube video ideas for couples

This is another mind-blowing video idea for YouTube. Making parody videos of your spouses or partners can be highly comical from the audience's perspective. However, the only challenge would be the immense competition in the market because everyone is into making parody videos.

Hence you got to stand out from the rest. The best ideas would be talking about your girlfriend or boyfriend; later on, you can expand on the topic and include movies, music, fashion, etc.

Make it unique, and I am sure you can upload a video every day.

5. Ranting videos on recent topics

Rant videos are great, and people love them, especially those who do not like pranks or parody videos on YouTube.

You need a topic you can rant on, the more it is controversial, the better it is. Here you don’t have to bother about political correctness or sensor board—mimic politicians, influencers, products, movie trailers, and anything trending in modern times.

You choose a topic like politics, religion, sexuality, etc. Just rant it for 10 to 15 minutes with many F-words in it.

You must upload at least a couple of these videos from this YouTube video idea weekly.

6. Cute baby and animal YouTube video idea

Again like parody videos YouTube and the Internet are full of adorable baby videos or animal videos. Remember “Charlie Bit My Finger.”

Creating a YouTube video idea for beginners is very easy because you can start it right from your home. If you have pets or kids, recording such videos would be hassle-free.

However, you need to keep in mind that you must create compelling videos with exceptional story-telling skills to intrigue your audience.

7. Movie review videos

You can make a few bucks with this amusing YouTube video idea. Review recently-watched movies and shoot a video while reviewing every scene and the song present in the film. You have to give an honest review of whether the movie was good or not. Be creative if you want to make it famous. Uploading a video with generic content is of no use for your channel.

8. Videos on best restaurants and lounges

If you are a gastronome and love to explore new restaurants and food joints regularly, you can start your channel to showcase the best options in your hometown.

Here you don’t have to do anything special. You have to visit new eateries, bars, lounges, etc., and write a review or record a video about their menu and services, etc.

You must be an avid traveler, and you should be passionate about hitting eateries and bars.

9. Review grocery products from local retail store

Shooting videos on products you are using in your daily life can also be an excellent idea to make money from YouTube.

You can review products like jam or cooking oil or an air freshener and express your thoughts on them. Carry out an unbiased review of products from various brands and be honest while giving reviews.

You need to choose a new product daily and create a review video on it.

10. Videos on Home interiors

This is an excellent youtube video idea for those who love decorating their living rooms. You have to shoot a live video as you walk through the

You can create videos about the interior design of your living room, different kinds of beds or pillow designs used, wall decoration, and what’s there in your wardrobe.

Upload at least three videos every week.

11. Education videos

One of the best youtube video ideas is, to upload ‘How To’ videos or ‘Tutorial’ videos on YouTube about a specific topic.

For example- if you have expertise in coffee, you can create videos like ‘how to make a particular coffee', ‘different kinds of coffee' etc. Basically you will target coffee lovers who wants to know everything about coffee.

People are mostly hooked to tutorial videos on topics like share market, technology, daily life, high school mathematics, etc. Here it would help if you put an extra effort to create quality videos out of PowerPoint presentations or other research works.

Upload at least one video daily.

12. Review videos on latest gadgets

Tech gadgets like smartphones, laptops, and tablets are always fascinating for new-generation users. One of the best video ideas is gadget reviews, especially smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Also, a tech-review channel helps attract more visitors you need to create your brand.  Find exciting ways to keep your audience engaged as multiple channels work in the same genre.

13. Create FAQ videos

FAQ videos might create wonders for you because there is no highly rated channel for producing FAQ videos on YouTube. Create funny FAQ videos with your friends in the office or family members at home.

If you want sensation, ask controversial questions like sexuality, personal traits, or other related aspects. This will help you generate more views, resulting in more revenue with time. You can easily upload up to three videos a week in this genre.

14. Interview videos with local celebrities

Celebrities are always eye-candy for everyone. Start connecting with local celebrities and shoot the interactive session with them in the form of a video. While shooting live interviews of stars, make sure you are appropriately dressed up and ask them professional questions related to their hardships and careers.

Celebrity stories create hype in general and more followers will start flocking together to YouTube to watch the interview videos.

15. Create videos on gaming

Show your gaming skills and record videos about new games and their reviews with your friends. Post videos on live footage of you playing a game or on cut-scenes of stories of a video game. Create a video on walkthroughs inside a game to complete the levels and challenges.

These videos are fun, and you can directly start earning money from these videos.

16. Series of challenge videos

In the western world, challenge videos are the sole wage-earners for some of the YouTubers. It could have been mentioned ahead of parody or ranting videos, but challenge videos are challenging to shoot.

You have to take a challenge like you will eat a bowl of chicken nuggets in 30 seconds or drink a whole bucket of Cola without any stop, or you are not going to sleep for the next seven days.

If you like the idea of taking a challenge and showing it to the entire world, you can upload at least one video daily and grow your channel.

17. Weekly time-lapse videos

Time Lapse Videos are where you create a montage explaining what you did in an entire week or a day. These YouTube video ideas are shared across YouTube, and you start watching any of them and learn how to create those videos.

The only thing you need to do is create this video innovatively, not like the ones that already exist in the market. This type of video usually takes time to be created, and uploading at least one video of this type is sufficient for a week.

18. Film yourself while doing work

You can film yourself while self-driving your car or visit a brand store at a mall. Sharing life experiences with your audience in the form of a video is a fashionable idea.

You can upload one video every day on your YouTube channel based on this content

19. Create videos on process description

Find out a difficult concept to understand and explain the idea in a simple way to make it easier for absorption to the viewers. People are looking for this type of video on YouTube since they act as sources for learning various topics.

20. Trivial YouTube video idea

Find interesting facts on your favorite topics and build your videos around them. Some channels provide in-depth knowledge of the subject you are not familiar with.

21. Videos on writers and authors

Make a video biography of some of your favorite subject's renowned authors and writers. You can choose authors from a single topic or maybe a handful of subjects.

One way to find it more attractive to the audience is by highlighting the authors who are not popular among us, but they deserve a unique stature in art and literature.

22. Talk about Film-makers and producers

Most of us are movie-buffs, but we hardly possess any knowledge of some of the highly acclaimed directors of our era. Most of the people living in this present world have seen ‘The Jurassic Park', but only a few of them know about the past life of the evergreen director, Stephen Speilberg.

Deep dive into life stories of particular directors from various countries and talk about their achievements. Try to upload at least three videos weekly on your channel.

23. Review videos on recent music

Are you currently obsessed with a recently launched song that is making too much noise in the market? If you are an ardent listener of music of various genres and verticals, then creating a channel on music reviews is a brilliant idea.

Try to upload four to five videos in this category every week.

24. Videos showcasing mysterious tricks & hacks

Even in 2024, people are unaware of some of the coolest technical and non-technical tricks. Suppose you are trying to fix your door lock single-handedly, but you don't know how to do it. What a shame! Videos on topics like these roll eyeballs of many, and your uncanny content on YouTube will generate millions of views and appreciations.

25. Video coverage of mega events

If you’re into music, attend the live music concerts in your locality and start filming your experience on your video camera. If you are a sports enthusiast, watch the live games in stadiums and interview people from the crowd.

26. Create videos on public interest

Shooting live videos on the pathetic living conditions like potholes, no streetlights, overcrowded buses or metros, pick-pocketing in public, careless road accidents, public rallies, etc., usually get viral.

You can also make videos spreading awareness on drug usage, conduct interviews with drug addicts, and publish FAQs through your videos. You can quickly get ideas for creating at least a couple of videos every week.

27. Videos in response to other videos

Create a series of videos in response to other YouTube videos like how you like a particular musical trailer or your reaction to a political conference in New York.

You must publish honest content in your videos, and it should not be abusive to your audience. You can easily upload 2 to 3 videos every day as it is pretty similar to ranting videos.

28. Videos showing your innate talent

Try to display your inner talent and abilities through your videos and post them on YouTube. The launch of an application called musically will help you shoot visually compelling videos for your audience.

If you are a good dancer, showcase your dancing skills by shooting a video of you dancing to the tunes of a song. If you are a designer, create videos on your crafts and designs.

29. Videos on Illusion and magic

If you believe in wizardry and bewitchment, and want to enchant your audience with your skills of magic, then you can start shooting live sessions where you will demonstrate every trick of magic in detail.

30. Record a karaoke video

Find a karaoke version of your favorite song and sing along. Multiple tools will help you in singing a song in this mode. Record a video while singing a karaoke version of the song. Then, could you post it on your YouTube channel?

31. Virtual travel guide videos

If you are a travel enthusiast but hardly get the time to travel around the world, then you can start making videos of famous countries in the world. Through your videos, you can show your audience the renowned tourist sports in a particular country, where to go for dining, the best shopping malls, etc.

You can publish 1-2 videos every week and act as a virtual tour guide for millions of subscribers.

32. Make a philosophy video

If you are interested in giving life lessons and exciting the audience with your knowledge and communicative skills, create videos that relate to your followers' lives. Try to influence them in various ways. Arrange pep talk sessions to boost their morale.

33. Story-telling videos

Do you have an engaging story to share with your audience? A story that might occur in our daily lives? Cleverly share your story through video. This YouTube video idea involves your creativity skills and language efficiency too.

You may even introduce characters to make them more engaging.

34. Speak in depth about career

If you have excellent experience in the field of your expertise, you can start your youtube channel, which will be career-oriented and provide career lessons to the audience.

Suppose you have work experience of 15+ years in the field of technology, then you can act as a career coach for students interested in excelling in IT. With this informative YouTube video idea, you can be a career counselor via your YouTube channel.

Such YouTube video ideas draw attention from school students and college-goers.

Best YouTube Video Ideas For Girls

35. Hair and makeup videos- Beauty YouTube Video Ideas

This YouTube video idea is exclusively for girls. If you are a beauty expert and love to teach others how to be stylish with perfect hairstyle and makeup, you can upload videos based on style tips such as ‘7 ways to use mascara’, ‘top affordable eyeliners in the market’, and more.

Try to build your brand because there are many YouTube channels, and you need to stand out from the rest.

36. Cooking and recipe videos

Again it’s a decent youtube video idea for the ladies! You can start a channel dedicated to cookery and things related to it.

Incorporate all kinds of recipes like Italian, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Mediterranean, etc. Try fusion recipes and experiment with them. Make your show livelier by inviting two or more people to taste your dishes.

Innovation in cooking methods and trying new things in front of your audience might put you ahead of the competition.

37. Health and Fitness videos

Health and fitness videos encompass videos that are shot in gyms and yoga classes. As we increasingly become aware of our health, create videos on health tips and exercises. People are interested in maintaining their health with their progress with time.

Share tips about losing weight and show wind-down exercises in your videos. Show a home workout and host an interactive health & wellness Q&A.

Hence, creating entertaining health and fitness videos by incorporating music into the background will prove to be advantageous for getting more views.

38. Wedding videos

If you are a romantic person and love making plans for the wedding, you can create videos on wedding guidance for your users. Like where to buy your wedding gown, how to decorate the hall's interior, and much more on the wedding topic.

Creating videos on this topic require prior arrangement and a team of efficient people. You can upload videos providing hints on making your wedding successful and colorful.

39. Videos on Fashion

If you are a fashionista or a fashion blogger, creating a channel and uploading videos related to fashion is the best possible way to earn fame and money. You simultaneously make some cash with these cool YouTube video ideas.

You can try various outfits attires of famous brands and show them to the audience. You can provide fashion advice to your audience through these types of videos.

You can partner with brands and promote their apparel in your videos.

40. Video tour of a day in your life

Another fantastic YouTube video idea is what happened in a single day in your life. Through a single YouTube video, you can interact with millions of people around you.

You can start filming your experience while traveling in public transport like buses, cabs, or while grabbing lunch in a cafeteria. This youtube video idea is a massive hit, especially for girls.


I am sure you will get your YouTube channel idea after checking this excellent list of the latest YouTube video ideas. I have done a lot of research and hard work to create this list of ideas. Good luck for your new YouTube channel.

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