20 Free Redbox Promo Codes to Use Today (And 10 Ways to Get More)

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redbox codes

If you want to watch a free movie today or rent-free video games, try using Redbox codes. To enjoy these free movies and games you will have to visit a nearest Redbox kiosk.

Fortunately, plenty can be found in your area, though some may be located a bit far. Redbox codes are used during checkout from these kiosks.

Some of these free Redbox box codes will help you save a lot of money.

redbox codes

20 Free Redbox Codes that always Works at your Location

The magic number to watch free movies and play games on Redox is 727272. Send a text message to 727272 using these codes. You can get one-night free movie rental DVDs.

They can also fetch you a US $1.50 discount on rentals of video games and Blue-ray discs as well as some latest movie releases.

  1. EMAIL
  2. PUSH
  4. DEAL
  8. MOVIE

Remember to use another mobile number to send a text message to 727272: if you send it from the same mobile number, the free Redbox code you receive may be invalid.

Again, it is worth remembering that some codes may work at specific locations only. Redbox codes you receive are valid just for a week.

You can also try sending these text messages to 727272.

  1. REDBOX (This is for new subscribers only)
  4. GAMEKIDS (for one-night game rental for kids only)

I am also providing some of these Redbox promo codes that are location specific and could work in your area.

  2.  DVDATWEG (valid only at Wegman’s sites)
  3. DVDATWAG (valid only a Walgreen’s sites)
  4. WALGREENS (valid only at Walgreen’s sites)
  5. RDBOXHEB (valid only at HEB sites)
  6. REDBOXHEB (also valid only at HEB sites)
  7. DRIVEIN (valid at select Sonic sites)
  8. DVDKROG (valid at Kroger sites)

You can use these Redbox codes today. However, there are other ways through which you can get more free Redbox coupon codes for use today and in the future.

10 More Ways for Redbox Coupon Codes

People keep wondering how to get these Redbox codes for free. Well, I must say it is pretty simple! You can get those free Redbox codes using these simple methods.

1. Redbox Perks Membership

Redbox Perks is the official loyalty program of the company. Register as a member of Redbox Perks using your email ID. For every confirmed and paid purchase, you earn loyalty points on Redbox Perks.

You get one-night movie rental DVD for free when you sign up as Redbox Perks member. Sometimes, the membership also allows accessing their premium Redbox movies and Redbox games collection.

There are four levels of Redbox Perks membership

  • Perks Member (Beginner)
  • Star
  • Superstar
  • Legend

Redbox Perks offers double and sometimes triple points as well as bonuses on select purchases.

Several Redbox gift cards in the form of bonus points and other Redbox coupons are specially given on your birthday and the anniversary on your joining Redbox Perks.

2. Redbox Social Media

Redbox has its eponymous Facebook page. They also have a Twitter account @redbox. Additionally, Redbox is also present on Instagram.

Follow Redbox through their social media accounts. They give away Redbox promo codes that can fetch you one-night DVD rental.

3. Redbox Coupon Codes by Emails

Register for receiving promotional emails from Redbox. The company often sends free Redbox codes along with its emails.

Depending upon the season or content, you can get Redbox codes for DVD rentals, viewing at kiosks and playing games. Some of these Redbox codes may be location specific.

4. Redbox Text Club

Redbox runs a text club where you exchange SMS messages with the company and other followers. Participating in some texting daily will get you free Redbox codes for a one-night movie rental or watching at a nearby Redbox kiosk.

5. Redbox Codes from Redbox App

Downloading the Redbox app on your smart-phone earns you one-night free DVD rental. But that is not all.

The app features various promos and ads. Using the app frequently earns you occasional free Redbox codes. There are other money making apps that help you earn few bucks and also offers promo codes and coupons.

6. Reserving Redbox Movie

Specific free streaming movie portals let you watch movies. What makes Redbox different from others is Redbox movies offer some premium collection of films and Redbox new releases as well.

It enables you to rent a movie online. Reserving a Redbox movie is not free. Redbox will charge you its standard fare. However, upon making a confirmed purchase and returning the DVD, you will receive a Redbox coupon.

This offer may not be valid for all reservations of Redbox movies. So you have to find whether reserving a particular film also gets you a free Redbox code.

7. Shop near Redbox Kiosks

Shops near Redbox kiosks often give away free codes when you buy something worth a certain amount. The code can come printed on your bill. Check out whether stores near a Redbox kiosk are offering you the free Redbox promo code.

8. Couponing Websites

There are several couponing websites where you can get Redbox codes. Some of these coupons give discounts on Redbox movie rentals. Other coupons give free Redbox codes.

Additional vouchers entitle you to a free code when you make a confirmed Redbox purchase. Sites like Retail Me Not, Savings.com, Coupon Cabin , Groupon and many more might help you get some these Redbox coupons.

9. Shopping at Walmart and Other Stores

Walmart and other major retailers sometimes give away free Redbox promo codes when shopping. But these Walmart promo codes are very seasonal offers.

Also, they will vary according to every location. But you can always check before making online purchases. Some stores include free Redbox codes and coupons as rewards on their loyalty programs.

10. Redbox Play Pass

Redbox Play Pass is the easiest way to get free Redbox codes. But it does not come free. A Redbox Play Pass is when you are a frequent user.

You will often get a free Redbox code when you buy something from the company using your Redbox Play Pass.

Final Thoughts

Since Redbox is very popular in America, there are numerous ways to get free codes and gift cards. Some fans say they exchange free Redbox coupons with other users across the country.

Such exchange helps fans to get Redbox codes that work at their location.

Others claim that you can find Redbox codes on various websites. But the common complaint is that these codes do not always work or come with some terms and conditions.

If you are very fond of Redbox, I recommend you keep checking their official website for promos and special offers. Participating in these promos and availing special offers is a legit and surest way of getting free Redbox codes.

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