Where Can I Cash a Check on Sunday Near Me?

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Where Can I Cash A Check On Sunday

The majority of banks in the US and most parts of the world are closed on Saturday and Sunday for the weekend. This means it is almost impossible to cash a check on a Sunday or even Saturday. So, even if we need cash desperately over the weekend and have a check in hand, there’s almost nothing we can do.

However, here’s the good news. It is possible to cash a check on Sunday. All you need is to know about these 10 places in America where you can cash a check on Sunday.

Therefore, if you’re wondering where to cash a check on Sunday, continue reading. I will write about these ten places that accept checks and give cash or allow you to buy something on Sunday.

10 Places to Cash Checks on Sunday

Regardless of where you live in the USA, it’s possible to find any of these ten places at your location. Remember, there are countless persons in the US who wish to cash a check on Sunday. Hence, lots of businesses provide this facility.

1. Kroger

Kroger - cash a check on sunday

Kroger and its affiliates, such as QFC, Payless, Dillon’s and City Market, to name a few, offer the facility to cash a check on Sunday. You can cash checks up to a value of $5,000 at these outlets. Fees range between $3.50 and $5.25 per check, depending on its value.

2. Walmart

walmart - cash a check on sunday

Walmart provides the facility to cash a check at all its stores across the USA. The maximum value of a single check can be as much as $3,000 for cashing at Walmart and its partners. Smaller value checks are also welcome. The standard fee is $3.95 per check, according to various sources. However, call your nearest Walmart to find out if they provide the service at your location.

3. Publix

publix - cash a check on sunday

If you reside or work in Southeastern USA, try Publix stores in your state and city. They offer a wide range of financial services, including cashing checks on Sundays and select public holidays. Publix charges a fee of $2.50 to $5 per check your cash, depending on its value. They pay cash instantly, or you can use the check to buy at Publix.

4. Bank ATMs

Bank ATMs - cash a check on sunday

Bank ATMs continue to evolve with time, and most of them now offer a wider range of services other than dispensing cash. One of these services is cashing a check. Should your bank have an ATM nearby that accepts checks, you can cash it there on a Sunday. However, you might get the cash in your account the next working day in some cases.

5. Payomatic

Payomatic - cash a check on sunday

Payomatic cashing outlets are available in many parts of New York City and the state. They’re open on Sunday, too. If you live in and around New York, these can prove very convenient to cash a check on Sunday. Check Google Maps to locate the nearest Payomatic outlet nearby.

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6. Pilot Flying J

Pilot flying J - cash a check on sunday

Pilot Flying J has close to 800 stores located along all major highways of the US and some near cities. They’re open 24-7-365 and, hence, are an ideal location to cash a check on a Sunday. You can also avail of Pilot Flying J check cashing services at select locations in Canada. They charge a nominal fee for the service.

7. Travel Centers of USA

travel centers of America - cash a check on sunday

Though it’s possible to cash a check on Sunday at any of the nearly 300 Travel Centers in the USA, they will provide the facility only with certain conditions. These include buying gasoline, spares for your vehicle and other purchases that can be made with the check. You will get the balance as cash or credit on a debit card or bank account.

8. Pawn Shops

Pawn Shops - cash a check on sunday

Not many people would like to visit a pawn shop. However, if you’re in a hurry to get cash on a Sunday, the nearest pawn shop can offer a good deal. Most pawn shops usually cash a check on Sundays and other weekdays. However, some of them charge a stiff fee for this service. Therefore, find out the costs before going to cash a check at a pawn shop nearby.

9. Check Cashing Apps

Check Cashing Apps - cash a check on sunday

Believe it or not, but thanks to advances in mobile technology and high-speed data connections that are now affordable, some financial organizations are offering check cashing apps. This facility is also available on PayPal. Other famous apps include Venmo, Ingo Money, Netspend, Greendot and Loadfast, among others.

You have to take a photo of the check with the feature on the app and upload it for cash. Some credit the cash immediately to your bank account or debit card. They charge a fee. Hence, read the terms and conditions carefully.

10. Western Union

westernunion - cash a check on sunday

It’s possible to cash a check on Sunday at specific locations of Western Union. They have check cashing machines at some of their outlets. At others, you can present the check at a counter and get cash instantly or ask for credit to your bank account. Western Union also offers its own app that works with Netspend and provides the service of cashing a check. This is available to all users, regardless of whether you’re a Western Union customer.

Other Locations to Cash Checks on Sundays

Understandably, these aren’t the only ten places to cash a check on Sundays and other holidays. There are several more. One of these is credit unions and banks that have offices open on a Sunday. The other is select offices of the United States Postal Service (USPS).

You might also come across local businesses nearby that offer the service for a small fee. Such businesses are local, and hence, they don’t really advertise online. It’s possible to locate such places with a simple search on Google Maps, with keywords, and cash a check on Sunday.

Wrap Up

Cashing a check on Sunday is quite simple, as you can see. The only flipside is the fees that are payable for using the facility in some cases. Therefore, cash a check on Sunday only if you require the money desperately or in urgency. There’s no point in wasting a few Dollars if you can wait for the cash to come on a Monday or during weekdays.

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