Top 50 MLM Leaders in the World

There is no doubt that MLM or multilevel marketing is one of the best way for a person to make money & become rich.

Although you don’t need any qualification or experience for MLM but not everyone can earn big money through MLM. You need to have qualities of a great leader who work hard towards making their downline become successful.

Although there are hundreds of MLM companies in India but if you really want to be successful, you need to join an ethical, old & famous MLM company.

In order to develop the qualities of a great leader, you need to follow some of great MLM leader who are making big money through network marketing companies.

I am going to show you some of the best MLM leaders from around the world who are making hell lot of money. I have also mentioned about their social profile so it will be easy for you to follow them.

Top 50 MLM Leaders

Top MLM Leaders

Urban Turnsek-Slovenia

Urban Turnsek is from Slovenia and has formed a strong network of network marketing professionals. Recently his group earned 5 million Euros in revenues.

Joseph Lim – Philippines

  • Leads Alliance In Motion Global, Inc. and has won numerous awards. He has won top 1 distributer of AIM Global for 2010, 2011 and 2012. He has got an average earning of 2 to 3 million dollars.
  • FB account:

Max Knowles – USA

  • Max Knowles leads a company named as ACN and is of 28 years in age. He has won many awards because of his hardwork and dedication in the field of Multi-level-Marketing.
  • FB account:

Caio Carneiro – Brazil

  • Caio Carneiro is from Brazil and leads a MLM company called as MonaVie. He is 28 years in age and is a MLM leader in Brazil.
  • FB account:

Enes Olgun – Turkey

  • Enes Olgun is from Turkey and leads Mega Holdings MLM Company. Born in 1988 he is an excellent speaker. His earnings have touched $42,000 per month in recent months.
  • FB account:

Juan Carlos Olvera – Mexico

  • Juan Carlos Olvera is a leader with Sanki Global and lives in Durango City in Mexico. He is an strong motivational leader.
  • FB account:

Danien Feier – Germany

  • He is taking care of MonaVie MLM Company and is working as White Diamond Executive since the year 2010. He knows how to speak German, English and French.
  • FB account:

Ana Cantera- Domi. Republic

She is working with MLM company called as Organo Gold and was born on 16th December, 1987.

Billy D. Fuente – Philippines

  • He is from Philippines and leads a MLM company called as USANA Health Sciences Inc. He is working as 3 star diamond directors.
  • FB account:

Colt Elam – USA

  • He is working with Life vantage and has also worked as firefighter in 2005.
  • FB account:

Angel McGuire – USA

  • She is working as CEO with Angel’s Weight Loss and Recipes and is currently living in Sardis, Ohio.
  • FB account:

Fabian Melendez – Mexico

  • He is working as CEO with Mayeutic e-consultores and lives in Torreon, Mexico.
  • FB account:

Theo Galan – Domi. Republic

  • He is working as CEO with Galan Global Networks and lives in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He earns about 9.5 million Euros in a year.
  • FB account:

Ivan Tapia – Mexico

  • He is 29 years old and working with Café Organo Gold. He loves to listen to music and even performs during his MLM meetings.
  • FB account:

Jesse Redd – USA

  • He is working with a subsidiary of eBay called as eBay Millionaire Mastermind.
  • FB account:

Diego Endrizzi – Italy

  • He is working with Diamond Consultant OG and has previously worked with Organo Gold.
  • FB account:

Don Shan – Singapore

  • A 27 year old MLM professional and has studied at Budapest University of Technology and Economics.
  • FB account:

Vjacheslav Ushenin – Russia

  • He belongs to Kazan in Tatarstan and has been into MLM field for last so many years. He is best known for his thought provoking speeches. He earns about $ 105,000 per month.
  • FB account:

Jed Buenaluz – USA

  • He lives in San Diageo USA and loves to read different books and journals.
  • FB account:

Luis Belaunzaran – Mexico

  • He lives in Queretaro, Mexico and followed by many people for his efficient MLM strategies. His average earnings are about $9, 000 per month.
  • FB account:

Jordan Kemper – USA

  • He is a million dollar club member as well as international speaker at USANA Health Sciences Inc.
  • FB account:

Sashin Govender – S. Africa

  • He is currently living in Durban, South Africa and is one of the youngest MLM Professionals.
  • FB account:

Cesar Munoz – Mexico

  • He is acting as mentor at Ana Cantera Official.
  • FB account:

Charles A. Marion – Canada

  • He is working with health and fitness products MLM Company.
  • FB account:

Asos Harsin – Netherlands

  • He is acting as Regional Vice President with CAN Inc.

Lorenzo Roybal – USA

  • Famous for his innovative MLM strategies all over the world.
  • FB account:

Julio June Acosta – USA

  • Currently working with World Ventures and wishes to become one of the richest persons on this earth.
  • FB account:

Adam T. Green- Canada

He is 24 years in age and working with Young Living Ess Oils.

Luca Borreani – Italy

  • He took Empower Network to new heights with his amazing marketing skills.
  • FB account:

Alex Morton – USA

  • Working for Vemma and is 23 years in age. He makes around $250,000 per year.
  • FB account:

Gabriela Derminio- Brazil

She is 32 year in age and took MonaVie to great level with her great MLM skills.

Michael Alczyszyn-Poland

This 19 year old boy is working for FM group in Poland.

Philip Liang – Australia

  • He helped MonaVie expand its operations in Australia.
  • FB account:

Cheyn Crangle – USA

  • He has been an integral part of Market America Company and is 27 years in age. He earns about $10,000 per month.
  • FB account:

Julian Doan – USA

  • 26 Years old professional has got some amazing insights into MLM industry. He is a multiple 6 figure earner.
  • FB account:

Aaron Yager – USA

  • He is associated with the famous MLM Company Amway.
  • FB account:

Marcell Halim-Indonesia

He took Indonesian MLM Company Talk Fusion to amazing new heights. His average monthly earnings are estimated to be around $111,000.

Alex Metaxatos- Greece

He is just 21 years old and works for Organo-Gold and lives in Athens, Greece.

Frazer Brookes – UK

  • He lives in Liverpool and works for Shopping Sherlock.
  • FB account:

Nancy on – USA

  • She is a perfect network marketer and offers a very good advice on MLM.
  • FB account:

Alex Reynoso – USA

  • Currently working as Executive Director at Advancing With Us.
  • FB account:

Mauricio Sotelo – Peru

  • He lives in Peru and is a 10 star networking professional.
  • FB account:

Brittany Burtz – USA

  • She is working as 2 stars National Marketing Director at Nerium International.
  • FB account:

Ivan Estrada – Mexico

  • He is 22 years old and works for Sanki Global.
  • FB account:

Cayla Craft – USA

  • This 26 year old girl works for Isagenix and is a registered nurse.
  • FB account:

Omar Salazar – Mexico

  • He is also working for Sanki Global and is great network marketing professional.
  • FB account:

Marisa Honing – Netherlands

  • She lives in Netherlands and is 26 year old working for Organo Gold.
  • FB account:

Marc Isaac – USA

  • He works for ACN Inc. and is a regional vice president.
  • FB account:

Maria Ghaderi – Canada

  • She works for Global Wealth Trade in Canada.
  • FB account:

Emily Vavra – USA

  • She is also part of the MLM team of Isagenix and is 26 year old female.
  • FB account:

All of the above mentioned MLM leaders are present on Social media such as Facebook and Twitter and you can connect with them directly for more inspiration and motivation.

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