17 Best Places to Sell Sports Cards Online for Money

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Best Places to Sell Sports Cards

Collecting baseball sports cards wasn’t a very famous hobby at one time, not so long ago. And those who have such sports cards never knew they’re worth a considerable amount of money now, in 2024. 

As a matter of fact, some baseball sports cards have sold in the past for as much as $6.07 million. If you’re lucky, you could make more than that if you sell sports cards online for money. If not, you can still sell some or even all your sports cards online and offline for money.

So, let’s see how this entire business of selling sports cards works. To begin with, I will explain what are exactly sports cards.

Understanding Sports Cards

During the late 1800s, when photography was becoming popular in the USA and elsewhere in the world, it was common for people to collect pictures of their favourite stars. One of these things was photos of famous baseball players from various American clubs.

Obviously, in those days it wasn’t easy to get such photos because transportation systems weren’t as well developed as today. 

However, cigarette makers, chocolate, candy and especially gum makers, came up with a brilliant idea. They would include photos of these stars in their packs. The idea was obviously to drive sales of their products and not as some contribution to baseball.

Over the years, many more companies began giving such free sports cards with their packs of candies, chocolate, gum or cigarettes. Some clubs also started to sell sports cards at stadiums.

The system continued until 1979. However, since 1980, the number of sports card collectors grew exponentially. As a result, companies began mass-producing such cards. Nowadays, sports cards are very common. In fact, they’re so common that it’s changed the way people would sell sports cards and collect them.

Which Sports Cards Sell?

As I said, sports cards are so common nowadays that it’s actually changing the way people buy, sell or collect them.

The first change is that most of these sports cards can now be easily bought online and offline. There’re no such things called rare sports cards, which was the case before 1980.

Therefore, most sports cards issued in 1980 and beyond are now not worth anything. And even if you manage to sell them, you won’t make much money in any case. I am not implying that sports cards made after 1980 don’t sell. They do, unlike what some websites would tell you. But the money wouldn’t be very attractive for you to actually sell sports cards.

However, if you have sports cards from 1979 and earlier, its definitely possible to sell sports cards. Some of the rarest sports cards that have fetched the highest price usually date back to the 1900s. They’re rare for two reasons: such sports cards aren’t printed and available anymore. And nor are they in circulation. In fact, most of these sports cards were lost over the decades, either spoiled, damaged or simply thrown away.

17 Best Places to Sell Sports Cards Online

If you have a collection of sports cards that were issued in 1979 and earlier, you can definitely sell them online. However, before you sell sports cards, it is best to have your collection curated to find out whether they’re genuine and the price you could get.

Here’re some places to sell sports cards online.

1. Facebook Marketplace

sell sports cards on Facebook Marketplace

Maybe this comes as news to you. With one billion users in the USA alone in 2024, Facebook is undoubtedly the topmost social media website in the country.

Facebook is the best place to sell sports cards online as many people can access Facebook Marketplace. You can sell sports cards post-1980 on this platform and make a few dollars from Facebook for your efforts.

2. eBay


eBay is the best way to sell baseball cards if you have the common ones as well as those that don’t really qualify as rare or vintage. Find the going price of your sports cards and sell them through eBay.

That way, you can get collectors from around the world to bid and buy them at your asking price.

3. Shopify

sell sports cards on shopify

Again, if you have common and not-so-common sports cards and are a collector, sell sports cards through your own marketplace on Shopify. Shopify is one of the best sports card selling websites. Opening a Shopify marketplace isn’t free. But you can definitely find some buyers here too.

4. Etsy

sell sports cards on etsy

Sports cards come under the category of collectables. That’s the reason you can sell sports cards on Etsy too. However, in this case, you would have to open a marketplace on Etsy for a small fee and attract customers.

Actually, it's best to sell on the Etsy marketplace only if you have some pre-1979 sports cards.

5. Topps

Topps card selling websites

Topps is actually a chewing gum maker in the USA which introduced sports cards in 1954 for playing. They buy and sell heritage sports cards.

These cards are rare and not available anymore. The company also sells its own sports cards and reprints of rare ones for collectors.

6. Panini

sell baseball cards online on Panini

Panini is also one of the makers of sports cards. Though Panini is an Italian company, they buy and sell sports cards only if your cards meet their needs in the USA.

You can write directly to the company with photos of your sports cards. Its not certain they will respond. However, if your sports cards are among their rare creations, Panini will contact you.

7. Dean’s Cards

Dean’s Cards

Dean’s Card is one of the largest places to buy and sell sports cards online. They have a complete video on how to sell your sports cards. And they also have tutorials where you can learn how to assess the value of your sports cards.

8. Justcollect.com


Another best place to sell baseball cards is Justcollect.com. They also provide resources for you to get the value of your card. Generally, they buy only sports cards made in 1979 or earlier.

Justcollect.com also buys sports cards made in 1980 and beyond, depending on their net value.

9. Webstore


If you’re a sports card collector and would like to sell baseball cards online for the highest possible price, try Webstore.com. They aren’t a specialized store to buy or sell sports cards.

In fact, Webstores.com is a website where you can sell or buy used stuff through auctions. They also have a special section for listing sports cards for sale.

10. Blowout Card Forum

Blowout Card Forum

Blowout Cards Forum is one of the places that sell sports cards, here people discuss sports cards. Here, you can get a fair assessment of the value of your cards. These forums have collectors that look for such sports cards. You can find a buyer easily on a Blowout Cards Forum.

11. Dave & Adams

Dave & Adams

Dave & Adams Card World is a large buyer and seller of sports cards. Fill out their online form and give descriptions of your sports card collection. Also, upload photos to make it easier to get an assessment and quote for your sports cards.

12. eBid.com


One way to get a higher price than what any assessor tells you is to sell your sports cards online through eBid.com. They have a special section for sports cards and similar collectables.

All you have to do is create your own account and start selling the cards, by listing your sports cards with photos and your price.

13. Kruk Cards

Kruk Cards

Kruk Cards has been in business since 1987. They provide very easy services to sell your sports cards online. Simply fill in their online forms and give the highlights of your collection such as any rare cards or unique ones.

They give a fair assessment of your card, depending on its condition and uniqueness and quote. You can sell sports cards quite quickly with them.

14. Bonanza


Bonanza isn’t a buyer or seller of sports cards. Yet, many people sell their sports cards through this online resource. In fact, you can signup for Bonanza for free.

Upon successful signup, you get an online ‘booth’ to sell your sports cards. For selling sports cards online this way, you need to know the selling price and shipping costs. Actually, the online booth is your marketplace, though smaller than other similar websites.

15. SportsCardsPro.com


Selling cards through SportsCardsPro.com requires some knowledge of how their system operates. Here too, you have to list your sports cards like in an online marketplace.

These listings are free. However, SportsCardsPro.com charges a fee of $0.30 per sale, as their commission.

16. SportsCardForum.com


SportsCardForum.com functions as an online forum. You can create a free account and list your sports cards for sale on their dashboard.

For this, get a proper assessment of the value of your sports cards and shipping costs. This is a top place for collectors to buy sports cards directly from sellers.

17. CardBoardConnection.com

sell sports cards on Cardboardconnection.com

And finally, Cardboardconnection.com. This website sells all types of sports cards and other sports memorabilia and collectables. They also allow you to sell your sports cards. Listings are free but you pay a nominal fee of $0.25 per sale through this website.

Getting Sports Cards Assessed

Actually, there’re no agencies or organizations that would assess your sports cards. It’s the website that buys your sports card that would inform you of the value. Generally, they use a scale of one to 10 for such assessments and valuation.

Cards that fetch the highest value are pre-1979 and, those that aren’t really damaged or torn. However, older cards with some degree of damage are also acceptable for selling or trading. These are assessed on the same one-to-10 scale.

Sports cards in mint condition, meaning those that are intact, fetch the highest price provided they are rare and unique or meet some other specification such as made by defunct companies. 

Wrap Up

Selling sports cards online is fairly easy. There is some money to be made from your collection. However, there are no guarantees that you would find a buyer unless your sports cards are unique or old and rare. 

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