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Most of us continue working from home, even as the Covid-19 pandemic begins ebbing around the world. In fact, a lot of small businesses and large corporations are now considering the possibility of allowing their staff to work from home.

That’s because it increases the efficiency of personnel and saves a lot of time they would otherwise spend on long commutes.

This means, that most of us would have to equip ourselves with better resources to work from home. While we would definitely require better computers and other hardware, there’s also a pressing need to have more software and apps that could help us work better.

Top among such a list of online resources and apps are virtual whiteboards. For a lot of people, the concept of an online or virtual whiteboard might sound new or strange.

Therefore, in a few words, I will explain what is a virtual whiteboard and why would you require one for your work from home or even while working at the office.

Understanding Virtual Whiteboards

In simplest terms, a virtual whiteboard is something like the regular whiteboard that we use at presentations or lectures or training sessions. It functions just like a regular whiteboard, except for the fact that it’s online.

Similar to using a physical whiteboard, you can write anything on a virtual whiteboard during a session. A digital whiteboard, therefore, helps the user to overcome the handicap of limiting their presentation to Excel or some other format.

Like a physical keyboard, not only can they write but they can also draw using virtual pens and other resources. This feature comes very handy when explaining something to others attending a presentation or conference.

And you needn’t get up from the seat or require a camera or other things that would be necessary if you were to use a physical whiteboard.

Top 5 Free Virtual Whiteboard Apps

Obviously, you would expect to pay a King’s Ransom for using an app or software that negates the need to use a physical whiteboard. Actually, no. As a matter of fact, there are as many as five different free virtual whiteboard apps that you could download and use.

Here’re the top five virtual whiteboards.

1. Witeboard

Witeboard - online white board

The first on my list is the Witeboard app. According to reviewers, it is one of the best software and apps for small and large businesses, as it integrates easily with various other conferencing software. These include Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Team and others.

One of the greatest features of Witeboard is shape detection. As you would know, it is not easy to draw a geometrical shape using your mouse or keypad. In such cases, Witeboard is the best online whiteboard.

All that you have to draw is a crude figure with your mouse on the computer and Witeboard will detect the shape to make it perfect. You can save all your boards and recall them later. However, these boards will be erased if you delete history from your search engine.

2. NoteBookCast

NoteBookCast - online whiteboard

NoteBookCast appears exactly like a notebook that we would use at school and college. In fact, this is one of the best online whiteboard apps that anyone could use. It integrates well with conferencing software.

Additionally, you can also use NoteBookCast directly from the web or on your mobile. It makes writing easy on the whiteboard. Additionally, you can save all your boards and recall when necessary.

Your team members can also create their own whiteboards using NoteCastBook and share them with you or others. It is simple to use. The free version can support up to five users at a time.

The premium version provides access to a higher number of people. NoteBookCast is excellent for training sessions. You can draw images, flowcharts, graphs or use simple text, according to need.

3. Miro

Miro - virtual whiteboard

Most users claim that Miro is the best online whiteboard. However, the only snag is that the free version comes with very limited features and can support only three users at a time.

However, Miro can be used on all sorts of operating systems, from Windows to macOS as well as Android-based smartphones and iPhones. This wider option of the operating system means that neither you nor the team is stuck due to a lack of resources at any point of time.

You can make a whiteboard presentation with Miro even while travelling. Additionally, the free version provides the option of saving a few boards that you or a team creates. The premium version is supposed to be the top of the line in this range of whiteboards.

4. Ryeboard

Ryeboard digital whiteboard app

If you’re going to use a high number of images, photos, graphics and designs in your presentation, the best whiteboard app to use would be Ryeboard. It allows you to place all kinds of files on the whiteboard during a presentation, conference or training session.  

Ryeboard can be easily integrated with other conferencing software and programs too, including an in-house system of any company. This feature increases the options you have for using Ryeboard on the web with Windows and Mac systems or even Android-based phones and iPhones.

Some of the salient features of this whiteboard are instant saving of your board and easy recall for persons with access.

5. Figjam

Figjam digital whiteboard app

Figjam has several options for users. The basic version is free and comes with a host of amazing but limited features. You can invite up to five users on the free version.

However, Figjam allows executives to create and share mood boards with one or more employees. It provides easy access to data such as pricing or features to your field staff.

Additionally, Figjam is configurable for use with Slack and Zoom as well as other conferencing and team collaboration software and apps. The only flipside with Figjam is that you would have to learn how to use it, because of the various features that it has.

The basic version should give you a good idea. Figjam can also be used by designers and editors to showcase their projects to the team.

In Conclusion

Before you decide on using any specific digital whiteboard, I suggest you try them out. That way, you could select the best one that suits your own skills in handling a virtual whiteboard and the superb one for your team as well.

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