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Usually credit card users use only one credit card for all of their shopping and other expenditures.

If you are smart enough and know the various types of credit cards issued by the banks for different purposes then you could save a lot of money.

Having just one regular credit card for all purposes is not a smart way to go around. You need to try out various other options given by your bank.

In this particular article we look at the variety of credit cards issued by HDFC banks. Although all banks issues different types of credit cards but I particularly use HDFC bank’s.

In recent years I used almost all the cards issued by them. After using all of them I wrote down this particular list.

types hdfc credit cards

Types of HDFC Credit Credit Card

Here is the list of credit cards from HDFC banks. You can find one according to your needs-

1. Regular

HDFC Bank Platinum Plus Card The first one is the most commonly used credit card and every HDFC bank customer has one. The brand name of the credit card for regular category is Platinum Plus.

You can use this card for almost every purpose from shopping to fueling your car. Here are some of the features of Platinum Plus card given by the HDFC bank.

  • 2 Rewards points on Rs 150 Spent.
  • You get 50% more in Reward Points for the incremental spending above Rs 50,000/- in any given statement cycle.
  • You also get fuel surcharge discount capped at Rs 250/- on every billing cycle.

Platinum Plus is commonly used and it is good for fueling your car.

2. Professional

Second category is of professional credit cards. HDFC offers two types of cards in this category. The first one is Doctor’s Superia and the other one is Teacher’s Platinum.

The card is really good for people coming from these two professions.

HDFC Bank Professional Credit Card

Doctor’s Superia gives you travel benefits with best lounge program. It has welcome benefit of 1000 Reward Points. Moreover, 3 Reward Points on Rs 150 Spent and 50% more on spending on dining.  Complimentary Priority Pass Membership and MasterCard Lounge program.

Teacher’s Platinum is for teacher with flexibility to fill fuel across any given fuel station. The scheme has 2 Reward Points on every Rs 150 spent. 3 times reward points on shopping at weekends. Finally 500 Bonus points on Teacher’s Day every year.

3. Premium

Premium comes with three different categories.

World Mastercard

Here you get discount on fuel surcharge at all fuel station and access to premium airport lounges. There is 2 rewards points on Rs 150/- spent. Fuel Surcharge waiver capped at Rs 250/- and complimentary access to Airport Lounge.

Diners Club Premium

You get unlimited access to domestic lounge. 4 reward points on every Rs 150/- spent and unlimited golf classes. Moreover you earn Rs 6000/- E Vouchers for every 1000 rewards points. Plus redeem for airline tickets, hotels and movie tickets.

Diners Club Rewardz

Here only 3 reward points for every Rs 150/- spent. Exclusive 24 X 7 concierge for booking.

Visa Signature

Only 2 reward points for every Rs 150/- Spent.

4. Premium Women

This credit card is perfect for all women’s need. The card name is Solitaire.

Solitaire is woman friendly card and you get Rs 1000/- Shoppers stop vouchers on Rs 75,000/- spends every 6 months. Plus 50% rewards on grocery and dining.

5. Super Premium

Super premium comes with three brand names


The rewards points are really great because you get 5 points for every Rs 150/- spent. Moreover there is no Pre set spend limit. However there are some terms and conditions.


Regalia is good for only travel and luxury benefits. Welcome benefit is over 2500 reward points. There is complimentary Priority pass and 4 rewards points for every Rs 150/- spent.

Diners Club Black

It is international credit card with huge benefits. You gain access to elite golf clubs in India as Green Fee Player.

You could earn at least Rs 750 travel vouchers for every 1000 reward points earned. Moreover you can redeem your tickets, hotels etc.

6. Featured Cards

Featured card is very basic one. There are four different categories of credit cards here.

Jet Privilege HDFC Bank World

Jet Privilege HDFC Bank Card Again the travel privileges are exclusive. Welcome benefit is up to 10000 bonus and one way base fare waiver for Jet airways ticket. You earn 6 JPmiles for every Rs 150 spent and 18 JPMiles on ticket booked on jet airways.

You also get 10 kg of access luggage relief.

Platinum Times Card

You get flat 25% off on movie tickets and up to 20% off on dining in top hotels of the country. The offer is for 365 days of the year.

You also get bouquet of discount vouchers as welcome gift. Plus rewards points on every Rs 150 spent.

Titanium Times Card

Same as Platinum card you get flat 25% off on movie tickets but up to 15% off on dining in top hotels of the country. Only 2 rewards points for every Rs 150/- spent.

Diners Club Black

You could gain access to golf clubs as Green Fee player. Earn Rs 750 Travel vouchers for every 1000 reward points.

7. Premium Travel


You could redeem your reward points as air miles. 3 Reward points on Rs 150 spent.

All Miles

Here the reward points are double with welcome benefit of 1000 reward points. Other is as same as Superia credit cards.

8. Co Brand

Co Brand is same as featured cards with same four categories and features.

  • Jet Privilege HDFC Bank World
  • Platinum Times Card
  • Titanium Times Card
  • Diners Club Black

9. Cash Back

Here you can enjoy cashback on everyday shopping. It has 3 categories of cards.

Platinum Edge

You enjoy 2 reward points for every Rs 150 spend and 50% more on money spent on dining. You could also redeem points as CashBack against outstanding amount on your credit card. Plus zero fuel surcharge.

Titanium Edge

Reward points are as same as platinum edge. There is hardly any difference.

Money Back

The third one is money back. Here instead of more 50% additional rewards you get 3 times reward points on online expenditures. You could also redeem points as CashBack on your money back credit card. 100 reward points = Rs 40 earned.

So these 3 were the cash back credit cards.

10. Commercial

Commercial is best suited for commercial needs of big businesses. I mentioned it at last because we normally do not use credit cards for commercial purposes.

There are four different categories of cards here.

Business Platinum

It is a business card that offers cash back on all retail spending. You get 1% cash back on all retail spending except for fuel surcharges. 1% on international spends.

Corporate Platinum

Here you get access to lounge on all the domestic airports and fill fuel across all gas stations. 2 rewards points on every Rs 150 spend. There is petrol surcharge waiver.

Corporate World Mastercard

Corporate world Mastercard is same as corporate platinum because all the features are same.

Corporate Card

Here you get travel and entertainment benefits. There is 24 X 7 online MIS availability.

So these were some of the credit cards offered by the HDFC bank, for more visit the website www.hdfcbank.com

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