10 Ways You Will Make Money Even When You Are Sleeping

This is the age of internet and making money online has become very easy. You can make money very easily if you use your brain and time wisely.

In fact making money while you are asleep is not a big secret everyone knows about it. Here, in this article we are just putting it together.

However we would like to caution you because title of the article could be misleading for many of you. Here, I would like you not to assume following things.

  • When I say make money while sleeping does not mean it is a jackpot or a lottery.
  • You are not going to wake up one morning and start piling up cash coming out of your computer
  • Here I would not tell you anything that is illegal because you might think only illegally one could make money while sleeping
  • Do Not assume that you don’t need any experience or knowledge of Internet and good English
  • Money is not going to come in weeks or even in months as it could take over an year to get some cash

So after reading above points you might think then why the title of article is making money while sleeping. Well! The title is true and indeed in this article I have told you making money while you are asleep.

However, before you start making money while sleeping, you have to work day and night to build that system. Basically, you have to build a system that will help you generating a revenue stream day and night.

So what those 10 ways are I have mentioned below. You could broadly divide these ways in two categories. One is online and other one is offline.

Let us begin those 10 ways.

Offline Ways

First four are offline ways from which you can make money while you are sleeping. Offline make money sleeping ways are for anyone because you don’t have to have knowledge of computers or internet.

It means you could be a lay person with a financial sound background. Whether you are a man or woman anyone could apply this technique to make some money.

So here are some offline ways to make money while you are sleeping.

1. Buy and Sell Stocks for Long Term Trading

Stock trading is one of the best way to make money while you are sleeping. It is very simple and not risky because long term trading is not like day trading which is very risky.

You can buy a stock and sell it whenever you want. You could wait for the right moment when the value of the stock of a company is going up and then you can sell at that very moment.

Suppose you bought a stock of a company for Rs 100,000/- then you could wait for a year and sell it for Rs 150,000/- or Rs 200,000/-  when you see the increased price of the shares. Hence you make a profit of Rs 50,000/- to Rs 100,000/- doing nothing.

3. Give Money to Someone on Loan and Charge Interest Rate on Return

As I said earlier all these methods are well known and it is no secret. Likewise, giving money to someone on loan and then charging interest on return is not a new idea.

But it is also a great way to make money while you are sleeping. If someone comes to you begging for a loan of say Rs 50,000/- then you could give him the money and you would charge at least 10% to 15% interest rate on return.

So you get Rs 15,000/- extra and if you are loaning to 10 to 15 people then you could easily make Rs 150,000/- just sleeping.

You can also deposit your money in banks and open a fixed deposit where you can get an interest rate between 7% to 10% depending on the bank, period of your FD and other factors.

4. Buy Lottery Tickets Daily and Look for Your Lucky Number

I am not trying to make you a gambler. However, lottery tickets are also a great way to make money without doing any hard work.

But the only problem is your luck. If you are lucky enough then you could play in Crores or else you might lose small amount of money.

Always buy tickets from state government sponsored lottery. You can buy a ticket ranging from Rs 100/- to Rs 500/- . They will display your number on the board from where you bought the ticket.

4. Rent or Lease Your Home or Shop to Someone

This is very basic and you can do this without any problem. Yes, not everyone can rent their home because you have to have an extra house or a shop to rent.

Renting or leasing your home is the easiest way to make money while you are asleep. You could rent someone who is in need of a home or shop and collect rent every month.

If you live in a big city like Mumbai or New Delhi where prices are very high then you could ask a real estate agent to get a renter who could afford your house.

So you make money without doing any hard work.

If you win then you can make a lot of money or else better luck next time. But keep on trying.

Online Ways

So above mentioned ways to make money while sleeping were offline. Now we shall look at some online ways.

Remember, online ways to make money is more popular and easier than offline. Because here you can easily create a software or a program that could run on autopilot and you print money while you are sleeping.

However online ways require more brain than offline because here you have to have knowledge of internet and how does it works.

So here are some of the online ways to make money.

5. Create a Blog and Sell Affiliate Products

The first online way to make money would be creating a blog and selling affiliate products online. Here you do not have to do much because you have to create a blog and guide people to buy a product.

You can create a blog on any topic that you like, for example on music, one health and fitness, on technology etc. Then start selling affiliate products related to the topic of your blog.

Once you have created a blog with good content then people would come to your blog and buy that product repeatedly. Hence, you make money day and night while you are sleeping or partying.

Promoting affiliate product is not the only way to make money from blog. Check this article to know more ways to earn through your blog.

6. Write an eBook Once and Sell Several Copies Online Daily

If you are passionate about something then you could write a book on that topic. You do not have to worry about a publisher because your book would not be a hard copy but an eBook.

You can write an eBook with at least 200 to 300 pages in it and you can start selling it on website like Clickbank. You can sell your entire eBook for just $10 to $20 dollar.

If you have an affiliate selling on your behalf then you have to give them 50% commission. If people like your eBook then they might be interested in buying it and you make a lot of money.

Hence, you create one and sell repeatedly while you are sleeping.

7. Install an AutoResponder, Collect Email list automatically and Sell Products

In above paragraphs I mentioned about creating a blog or a website. If you have a blog or website with great traffic coming on to it then you could install a piece of software called AutoResponder.

Auto Responder is a well know software among bloggers and internet marketers. However, auto responders are not free and you have to pay monthly for subscription.

But the money that you pay for subscription is well worth because the profit that you get in return. You collect name and email address of people coming to your blog.

The list could grow well over 500,000 and later you could sell them products by emailing them. So you make money doing nothing.

8. Create Any Web Application or a Software and then Ask Fees for Monthly Subscription

If you have in depth knowledge about Internet then you could create a web application or a piece of software that offers some sort of solution to online users.

If your software or application is good and able to solve the problem that general people or internet marketer are facing then you could be rich instantly.

You could sell that application for a right price and make thousands of dollars every month. Hence, you make money while you are sleeping.

9. Create a Website, Get Some Traffic and then Sell

In earlier paragraphs I told you about creating a website or blog and getting some traffic on to it. If your blog is really successful and you have being able to draw traffic to it, say thousands of visitors daily then the value of your site increases.

Website flipping is a profitable business and you could make thousands of dollars in weeks. If someone likes your website then they might be willing to buy it. A website could be sold to a company for $100,000 to $1000,000 depending upon its value and traffic.

10. Placing Advertisements on Right Websites and Getting Paid

You could also place advertisements on these blogs where you receive huge traffic daily. You could take ads from Google Adsense and other ad networks.

You could get paid when someone clicks on your ad. For every click you receive few cents or even a dollar. If you get more clicks then you make more money.

You also get paid for impressions depending upon number of people have seen ads on your blog.

So you make money while you are sleeping.

These were few ways to make money while you are sleeping.

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