Want to Make Money on Amazon? I show you 20 Different Ways

Pritam Nagrale

make money on amazon

Surely, you’ve spent some money on buying stuff from Amazon. Most of us have and continue doing so. And as online shopping set to grow exponentially, we’re all set to spend more buying stuff from Amazon.

But are you aware that you can make money on Amazon in as many as 20 different ways? And in fact, anyone of legal working age can earn money on Amazon.

If this sounds amazing and interesting, here’re my list of top 20 ways on how to make money on Amazon.

20 Ways to Make Money on Amazon

make money on amazon

Regardless you’re a student, stay-at-home mom or even a top executive or businessperson, Amazon helps everyone make money. Amazon’s money making programs are very simple to join and the company offers generous pay too.

1. Make money with Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is the most popular affiliate marketing program in the world. It’s open to anyone that has a social media page, blog or website. Joining is free. Once you join, Amazon provides a free dashboard where you can create excellent ads and affiliate links for your social media, blog or website.

Whenever anyone clicks on your affiliate link to buy something, you get a small commission, Amazon pays between two and 20 percent of the cost of the product (minus taxes and freight) for your efforts.

In fact, a lot of bloggers are earning loads of money through Amazon Associates. They write excellent and honest reviews of products that attracts people to buy the stuff.

2. Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is the simplest way to make money on Amazon. Anyone with a valid driving license and a vehicle can join Amazon Flex.

They pay varies from $12 per hour to $30 per hour. The pay varies according to nature of delivery and the goods. Sometimes, you can get tips from happy customers too.

The first step to making money on Amazon Flex is downloading their app and filling in personal details for Amazon to review. Sometimes, there can be a waiting list to become member of Amazon Flex depending on your area.

Once your online application and type of vehicle is accepted, you’ll do deliveries for Amazon. There’re various kinds of Amazon deliveries, as you would know. Amazon Prime, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Pantry, Amazon Local and so on. You get paid twice every week- on Wednesday and Saturday.

3. Self-Publish on Amazon

If you’re an author or poet or even a professional that can teach some vital skills, it’s possible to make money from Amazon through its self-publish program.

In fact, Amazon gives you as much as 80 percent royalty on every print book or electronic book you publish using the self-publish program. Furthermore, you can also make audio books for sale through Amazon.

There’re several free resources that Amazon provides for authors of all sorts. You could use them at will to create an amazing book.

Furthermore, your print, audio and e-books get free publicity on Amazon. Your book will also display whenever anyone searches for books from a specific genre. And alongside, there’ll be a short summary or synopsis of the book.

4. Sell on Amazon

Anyone from a Multinational Company (MNC) to startups, small retailers to brand owners can become a seller on Amazon.

If you have a startup, home based business and would like to grow your customers, Amazon provides an ideal platform. In fact, Amazon states that more than half the products it sells are from other companies.

Giant companies have special teams that work on uploading excellent images of their products and write attractive descriptions. Small businesses also can engage in such promotional activities. Selling on Amazon is fairly simple: you list the product, process the order and deliver through Amazon.

Refer: A complete guide to sell on Amazon

5. Sell on Amazon Business

Amazon Business is a very special platform that encourages Business-to-Business (B2B) sales and purchases.  This service is particularly helpful if you have a business that serves other companies.

These could be stuff like machinery, industrial applications, chemicals and lots more. Amazon also provides an economical B2B advertising facility to promote your products and services.

Selling on Amazon Business is helping a lot of foreign companies get products from America and elsewhere they were unable to procure earlier.

Understandably, since Amazon Business is a responsible system, companies can only sell items that are legit and permitted for exports or imports under laws of the land. However, a lot of startups and small business owners are finding Sell on Amazon Business an ideal platform for growth.

6. Sell Apps on Amazon

Software developers can make money on Amazon by developing apps for Amazon Fire Stick TV and other Android-based devices sold by the company.

To do so, you’ll need an Amazon Developer account, which is free to open. Amazon allows you to run tests for your app free of cost and later, publish the same for sale on Amazon App Store.

7. Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon is a service that helps you make money on Amazon. Actually, this is a way that creative people can make money on Amazon. You can upload your artwork on Amazon for free.

And whenever anyone buys that, you get the money. Merch is an exclusive service for discerning clients.

You can create artwork on shirts, garments and other stuff and stock with Amazon. The company will ship the stuff upon order as a ‘Prime’ consignment so you get money faster.

8. Sell Your Services on Amazon

Amazon also helps you sell your professional services to large and small companies through its Services on Amazon section.

You can provide any service- from housekeeping to moving, repairs to annual maintenance or even highly professional skills such as consulting. Selling services on Amazon is an ideal feature for professionals in various fields.

9. Advertise Your Products on Amazon

Amazon also offers digital marketing services by allowing you to advertise your products on its own website as well as others. However, the sale will always be through Amazon or your company.

This service is available for skilled digital marketers. It involves creating excellent ads and providing other digital ads for various suppliers and associates of Amazon.

10. Work for Amazon Fulfillment

Festival and shopping seasons brings about countless orders from people across America and foreign countries to Amazon. This automatically translates as heavy work at Amazon Fulfillment Centers that operate around the country.

During such peak shopping seasons, Amazon enlists the help of people like you and I to fetch the order from their shelf, packaging, labeling and dispatching, as usual. Pay depends on the nature of your work. And this isn’t a regular employment.

11. Earn Money with mTurk

Amazon Mechanical Turk or mTurk is a very popular way to make money on Amazon. However, it isn’t available round the year. Amazon announces its mTurk program in advance through announcements on its website.

As Amazon mTurk member, you have to perform micro tasks. These include detecting and deleting wrong images of products, proofreading product descriptions, removing duplicate listings and so on.

12. Amazon Influencer

Are you popular on social media such as Facebook? Become an Amazon Influencer and start making money by attracting people to buy various kinds of products from Amazon. You will actually be using the product and speaking of its pros and cons that attract people to buy from Amazon.

13. Amazon Delivery Service Partner

For obvious reasons, Amazon cannot own a fleet of thousands of vehicles of assorted shapes and sizes. Therefore, Amazon has a program known as Amazon Delivery Service Partner. And this is open to owners of small to large fleet of vehicles.

As Amazon Delivery Service Partner, you’ll carry a truckload of orders from the nearest Amazon Fulfillment Centre to a local delivery station.

14. Amazon Handmade

Every craftsperson can sell their handmade stuff such as embroidered goods, paintings, sculptures and handicrafts through the Amazon Handmade platform and make money.

It’s worth remembering that Amazon Handmade is strictly for craftsperson. Therefore, never try to sell anything that isn’t unique on Amazon Handmade.

15. Amazon Prime Direct

Stream your favorite videos worldwide to subscribers of Amazon Prime Videos and its affiliate partners. You will be paid for these efforts. Amazon gets lost of request top videos of movies, soap opera and lots more.

Obviously, Amazon cannot maintain a library of videos and top music. When you telecast as part of their Amazon Prime, you can earn money using Amazon.

16. Amazon Games

Love computer games? Amazon allows you to make money while playing online games with others or allowing them to watch the battles as spectator. There’s a wide selection of popular games that any aficionado will find interesting.

All you need to do is live stream your game to an audience. And Amazon pays you because they collect revenue from advertising during your game.

17. Amazon Reviews

There’s a special reason I’m mentioning Amazon Reviews as the last way to make money on Amazon. There’re several companies that will offer freebies or very high discounts for buying their products through Amazon and leave an excellent review.

This system continues to flourish despite certain lawsuits that have come up before the Federal Trade Commission from unhappy customers.

These customers bought the stuff after reading excellent reviews. However, they were soon disappointed and complained to the FTC.

Therefore, I would not recommend this way to make money on Amazon. Instead, Amazon has its own reviewer program. This is voluntary and you don’t get any money to leave an excellent review.

18. Teach Alexa Skills

Teaching and creating skills for Amazon Alexa, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) based personal assistant Alexa and selling digital products through Alexa isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

However, if you have excellent AI skills and wish to sell digital products for Alexa, you can make enough money with Amazon.

19. Amazon Web Service Marketplace

Amazon Web Services or AWS is a service from Amazon that helps you sell date, software and other IT based applications to companies and retail users.

AWS helps you upload the date, software and applications on their Cloud system. Buyers need to pay and download your data or software.  You get a large chunk- almost 80 percent- of the software you sell.

20. Manufacture for Amazon

Yes, I’m right. Amazon also has a few of its own branded products. These include batteries, garments and almost every other thing that can be sold via Amazon.

However, the product will bear the Amazon name. If you’re not worried about the branding, manufacture goods under the Amazon brand and make money.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, there’re 20 different ways to make money on Amazon. Obviously, some would require special skills while others can be done by almost anyone. Depending upon your skills and likes, you can also make money on Amazon with fair ease.

In fact, a lot of people around the world are earning their livelihood and leading excellent lifestyles by making money on Amazon using one or more of these ways. You too can select one and start making money on Amazon.

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