Top 10 Fastest-Growing MLM Companies in 2022

Multilevel Marketing or MLM is one of the fastest ways to make money quickly either full-time or as side gig. However, to succeed with MLM companies and make money, you need to tie up with a legit company that offers unique and innovative products that people are willing to buy.

Excellent social contacts and an ability to convince people or rather exemplary interpersonal skills are all you require to become a superb Multilevel Marketer.

And of course, an excellent, fastest growing MLM company in 2022 that offers superb products.

Why Become MLM Associate?

You’ll be amazed at the amount of money that MLM associates make every month. Millions of people are fulfilling their life goals and dreams through MLM.

According to available statistics, direct sales through MLM associates worldwide crossed the $192 billion mark in 2018. Therefore, in 2019, we can safely assume this figure was more than $200 billion.

Usually, MLM associates or Multilevel Marketers get to retain an average of 25 percent of the sales amount as commissions or profits. This means MLM associates worldwide made at least $50 billion among themselves.

Of course, this figure is at best ambiguous since MLM is a worldwide business. Hence, there’re no exact estimates about how many people are engaged in this business and the exact amount of money that exchanges hands.

At the same time, different MLM companies have various commission figures for their associates.

However, to become successful and rich, you’ll need to find an excellent MLM company. To help you achieve your goals, I’m providing this list of the top 10 fastest growing best MLM companies in 2022, which you can work with.

Top 10 Fastest Growing MLM Companies to Watch in 2022

This is a list of the top 10 fastest growing best MLM companies to watch in 2022. There’re several others of course. However, this list is based on various parameters such as product acceptance and profit margins.

1. NHT Global

US-based MLM company NHT Global produces beauty, wellness, lifestyle, herbal and skincare products that are immensely popular among users worldwide.

They have an excellent compensation policy for their MLM associates. NHT Global is making a mark across the US and other parts of the world for their select and excellent range of products.

2. Youngevity

As the name suggests, Youngevity has everything that helps you feel fit and younger. They have an extensive range of herbal and natural products such as nutritional supplements, dietary supplements, immunity boosters, and lots more than any person in their 20s and above would desire.

Youngevity is a growing MLM company and holds a lot of promise for aspiring MLM associates.

3. Seacret

Before I talk of Seacret let me tell you a secret. This company is offering free samples of its products for you to try in 2022 before becoming an MLM associate. What makes Seacret so special to figure on this list?

They’re into creating very innovative beauty and wellness products from seaweeds and other similar stuff that grows in oceans across the world. Seacret products are indeed unique and have a large following worldwide.

4. Captain Tortue

Do you love fashion and have a flair for helping people select excellent dresses? Then Captain Tortue is the right MLM company for you in 2022. Captain Tortue is a UK-based firm that specializes in casual and formal clothing for people of all ages.

You’ll be known as a ‘Fashion Consultant’ when you join the Captain Tortue team and advice people about various dresses they sell. And they have unique styles and fashions that aren’t available everywhere.

5. Stampin’ Up!

Home décor, paper cards, memory keepers, and lots of similar stuff you won’t find at other stores can be bought through MLM associates of Stampin’ Up!

Again, this is a unique MLM opportunity for everyone since their products are rather unique and made to fit every need and budget. You can also host a Sale-A-Bration or an event to sell products of this MLM company or create brand awareness.

6. Neolife

Neolife operates in several countries around the world. It is a legit MLM company that specializes in nutritional supplements and herbal medicines that are said to help prevent various common ailments.

Neolife offers very handsome commissions to its MLM associates worldwide. And joining Neolife isn’t very difficult either. All you need to do is submit an online form and await acceptance of your application to start working as their MLM associate.

7. Thirty-One

Thirty-One is a dream come true for every woman that wishes to enter the MLM business. Indeed, their entire range of products is geared for women only. These include dress accessories, purses and handbags and lots more.

Thirty-One charges a nominal fee of $1 only per month from its MLM associates. And you also have the option to have your own branded website to sell the Thirty-One range of products.

8. Party Lite

Scented candles, fragrant oils, and lamps are some of the fabulous stuff you can sell as MLM associate of Party Lite. These are very niche products and hence you’ll find excellent clientele for their range quite easily.

These candles and fragrant oils aren’t similar to the ordinary, commercial ones you can buy online or off the racks from supermarkets. Party Lite stuff is indeed exquisite and reasonably priced.

9. Park Lane Jewelry

For women entrepreneurs that wish to start an MLM business, Park Lane Jewelry is an excellent option. They have a superb range of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and lots more that would attract every woman you know.

And they have a range of men’s jewelry too. Park Lane has a very amazing range that would tempt you to become their MLM associate in 2022.

And their products are in high demand for their superb styling and designs. You become a Park Lane ‘Stylist’ when you join their MLM network.

10. Pampered Chef

Help people lead a healthy life and enjoy the time they spend in the kitchen cooking excellent recipes by becoming a consultant with Pampered Chef.

This American company specializes in food products and foodstuffs, kitchen equipment and other essentials that are unique to churn up mouthwatering dishes. Pampered Chef also allows you to host a party to popularize its range of products.

Legit MLM v/s Ponzi Schemes

The above is my curated list of fastest-growing MLM companies in 2022. These are legit companies and have wonderful products. Additionally, they also enable you to make a lot of money.

If you notice, I always use the term legit when speaking about MLM. Why’s that? Because you need to know the difference between an excellent and legit MLM company and a fraud Pyramid or Ponzi scheme.

Usually, legit MLM companies have a strong track record and don’t charge any undue fees for joining. Nor do they charge for training, except in special cases. And legit companies usually sell products.

On the other hand, Ponzi schemes also work on MLM principles but don’t sell products. Instead, they offer financial services and get-rich-soon ideas. These are illegal companies. Hence, beware of these, though they may present really convincing success stories.

Wrap Up

You too can join any of these fastest-growing MLM companies in 2022 and make your fortune. As you’ve seen, these are the best MLM companies that offer unique products and have an excellent market reputation.

Therefore, you too can make a lot of money through your own social network. And help others join too.

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