10 Best Jobs For People Who Hate Working

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10 Best Jobs For People Who Hate Working

Some people in the world are workaholics. Meaning, they simply love working and are addicted to their job. However, there are several other people who simply hate working for whatever reasons.

This might come as a surprise: there are times when even a hardcore workaholic hates working.

As a matter of fact, most of us hate working. However, we continue to slog because working is the only way to earn a living, build a career and sometimes retain sanity in our lives. A job or business helps us achieve goals such as buying our own homes. Working on a job or business also brings us some social status.

Therefore, the obvious question is: why do some people hate working, despite so many benefits to take a job or do business?

There are many reasons why some people hate work and others like us might not enjoy working. We will explore some of the main reasons why people hate work.

Reasons to Hate Working

There are several reasons why people hate working. Some of these are purely psychological, while others could be physiological. Meaning, that some reasons exist due to our thoughts while others are because of health or medical conditions.

Here are some of the main reasons why people hate working. I can easily identify myself with at least two of these.

Lack of Enjoyment

Lack of Enjoyment

The greatest reason for hating work is that typical lack of enjoyment. Confucius, the ancient Chinese philosopher, once said: “If you enjoy your work, you will never work in your life.” By these words, Confucius meant that when work is enjoyable, working is easy and we don’t actually feel the stress.

Most of us take a job happily for any reason. Unfortunately, when the work becomes monotonous and mundane, we begin losing interest. This lack of interest in our work can be very dangerous. It can cause us to neglect work or even lead to stress and depression. In some cases, the lack of enjoyment can lead to addictions.

Limited or No Skills

No Skills

The second biggest reason people hate working is because they have very limited or no skills to work on a specific job or even own a business.  That’s because we don’t know how to do a certain thing or deal with a specific situation that arises at work. In such situations, we tend to panic and work with fear instead of enjoying and doing our best.

Such type of hatred towards work is common among middle-aged professionals that are often switching jobs, in the hope of a better position or more pay. Lots of fresher workers also feel they lack skills and, hence, lose their initiative to work. Some actually end up hating work. This is a simple problem and can be resolved by acquiring the skills necessary for the job or by simply switching your career.

Stress and Mental Fatigue

Stress and Mental Fatigue at job

If you’ve been doing the same job over and again for the past several years, it’s obvious that you will feel a lot of stress and suffer mental fatigue. This happens even when you have the necessary skills and are exerting extra effort to deliver the best services to your employer or even clients. Stress and mental fatigue make us hate the job and we look for getaways to escape monotony.

The signs of stress and mental fatigue are lack of initiative to work or even do personal things such as shaving or having a shower, lack of appetite, neglecting meals and working mechanically rather than with full attention and zest. Mental fatigue, as well as stress, are extremely dangerous. Left untreated for long, they can lead to depression and addictions. They also cause poor health over a span of time.

Absence of Appreciation

Absence of Appreciation

Lack or absence of appreciation from the employer ranks as the second most common reason for staff attrition in the US. Incidentally, the first reason for attrition is money. Obviously, when employees or even businesspersons don’t get the due appreciation from an employer, family members and even customers, demoralization sets in rapidly.

The lack of appreciation makes us ask ourselves: “Why am I doing this job?” The absence of timely appreciation also leads to diminishing self-confidence, lower initiative and reduced self-worth. Nowadays, every management expert harps about the importance of appreciating employees. Whenever a worker feels unappreciated, they will hate working and, eventually, leave the job in favour of another and perhaps better employer.

Money Matters

Money Matters

Money matters also cause people to hate working. The first culprit is poor wages. If you’re working hard and exerting extra efforts to deliver the best results, clearly, you will expect a salary or wage increase over a period of time. When that doesn’t occur, we feel we’re wasting our time on a specific job and lose interest in the work. We actually begin hating work. This is most common among the lower-income group or people below the poverty line.

Then, there’s another scenario. We’re getting paid well but the largest chunk of our income goes towards paying debts and bills. As a result, very little money is left for enjoying life or spending on things we want. Remember, that other than the three basic needs, food, clothing and shelter, we also have some basic wants such as mobile phones, entertainment and vehicles for transportation. If these wants aren’t met, we hate our work.


Victims of addictions of various types also hate working. That’s because they tend to live in an imaginary, Utopic world where everything is perfect. Hence, they can’t tolerate imperfections of the real world and their mind rejects anything that contradicts their Utopia. Incidentally, this is most common among social media addicts and movie addicts. They show an “ideal” life with their social media posts or imagine that things will occur as they do in movies.

Interestingly, alcohol and drug addicts tend to be workaholics. Hence, they don’t hate work but end up overworking, leading to stress, mental fatigue and, finally, binge abuse of alcohol or drugs. However, such addicts are overambitious and, hence, look for higher positions and better pay all the time. This can cause them to lose interest in their present job and hate working for a small pay or lower position.

How to Overcome Hatred Towards Work?

There are several ways to overcome your hatred towards work. These ways are simple and easy to follow. Of course, working on these steps requires some effort from you as well.

Here are some things that you could try if you hate working.

  • Search for a suitable career before you begin working.
  • Get the necessary skills needed for any work.
  • Find jobs where you could work with flexible hours.
  • Take jobs that correspond with your hobbies and passions.
  • Ensure that your job pays well and enough to meet household needs.
  • Look for employers where you can get proper appreciation and rewards for your work.
  • Search for jobs where you can relax as much as possible and hence avoid stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Stay away from addiction and, where necessary, get professional help.
  • Maintain good physical and mental health because these make it possible to enjoy working.
  • Change jobs or careers and find one that suits you best.

These are some of the simplest solutions that can help you overcome the problem of hating work. These might require some minor adjustments in your life, too.

If you hate working, here are some jobs and careers that you might find interesting.

10 Best Jobs For People Who Hate Working

This list of jobs could help most people who hate working. In some cases, you might have to relocate to get such a job. However, all these jobs are interesting and hence, you wouldn’t generally feel tired, stressed or bored with any of these.

At the same time, these jobs pay fairly well. This means you needn’t worry about money or how to make a living. The pay would meet your expectations and you can get salary hikes too.

1. Onboard Courier

Onboard Courier

An onboard courier’s job involves flying within the US or even to foreign countries. This means, you get to see new places in distant lands for free and also earn money. Onboard couriers are employed by large and small courier companies.

Your task is to carry a package of precious or lifesaving stuff to another destination and deliver it personally. The employer pays for the flight, accommodation and food, while on duty. Additionally, you’ll be on the regular payroll of the employer, too.

2. Cruise Expedition Leader

Cruise Expedition Leader

Cruise expedition leaders are responsible for taking a group of passengers to visit a destination when the cruise liner docks at some port, guiding them about various places and helping them enjoy. You will also be responsible for planning the expedition and making all the necessary arrangements for these passengers, in collaboration with other crew members.

As a cruise expedition leader, you can relax a lot on a luxury cruise liner and enjoy visits to exotic islands and countries where the ship calls for a few hours, as part of the itinerary.

3. Airline Cabin Crew

Airline Cabin Crew

Another interesting job in the US and anywhere in the world is that of an airline cabin crew. Yes, I mean, working as a flight steward or flight stewardess. The US is home to several large and small airlines that operate to countless domestic and foreign destinations. You can easily find a job as a cabin crew, provided you have the necessary skills and meet their specs.

As you would know, stewards and stewardesses are responsible for making passengers comfortable during the flight. This includes serving drinks and meals if that’s included in the fare. Airline cabin crew travel to interesting destinations in the US and abroad. They also get lots of ‘layovers’ or days off at the destination, under international aviation rules, to avoid fatigue. This is one of the highest paying jobs.

4. Weatherperson

Weatherperson or meteorologists

Who’s exactly a weatherperson? Or, a weatherman or weatherwoman? Actually, this term stands for meteorologists- people who read maps, charts and satellite images to track and predict the weather. This is a stress free job that you would surely enjoy. Nowadays, most of the weather forecasting and readings are done through satellite imagery and computer software.

In fact, this job can also help you make regular appearances on TV. Most TV channels especially larger ones in the US, have a presentation on weather forecasts after every news telecast.

Here, weatherpersons speak about the weather in various parts of the US and the world. Working as a weatherperson is enjoyable and the least stressful. This job pays a lot of money since everyone wants to know the weather- from airlines to farmers, ordinary citizens to military.

5. Drone Pilot

Drone Pilot

Not all of us are qualified to become an airline, air force or aircraft pilot. Nowadays, the entry of highly sophisticated drones makes it possible for everyone to become a drone pilot.  There are no specific educational qualifications you require to become a drone pilot.

In the US, flying drones is also a pastime and hobby. If you’re interested, you can turn drone flying into a profitable profession by getting a drone pilot’s license. This means you will fly highly sophisticated drones for taking photos and videos, surveillance of areas and various other purposes. Who knows? You might come across some unusual photos and videos as most drone pilots and hobbyists find.

6. 911 Dispatcher

911 dispatcher

All of us are aware that 911 is a very important telephone number in the US. People call 911 when they have emergencies. The number is used mainly by police as well as other services such as Emergency Medical Services and, in some cases, the fire departments of the city or town. This makes the job of 911 dispatchers very interesting.

As a 911 dispatcher, your tasks are to attend to calls from people. You’ll be the first responder and send assistance to persons in distress, such as a police officer or an ambulance or even a fire truck.

This job requires intense alertness and you can work on shifts, if necessary. A 911 dispatcher is one of the most respected professions in the US, too. Sometimes, you might get prank calls, such as some drunken caller reporting a UFO in their area.

7. Rural Carrier Associate

This term, rural carrier associate, sounds very confusing. Maybe this is the first time that you’re hearing about this job, too. Therefore, I will explain who is a rural carrier associate and what they do. This is also a very interesting job and pays very well. In fact, it’s a Federal job, meaning you’ll get all the benefits of a US government employee. If this sounds attractive, apply for the job through the USPS portal online.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) hires rural carrier associates. As the term signifies, your work will be in rural areas where USPS has a limited presence but is mandated by American laws to provide postal services. A rural carrier associate collects and delivers mail in rural areas and in some cases, also sells postal stuff such as postage stamps.

8. CIA Agent

CIA Agent

The work of a CIA agent isn’t easy by any chance, and nor is it easy to get such a job. However, it can prove to be one of the best jobs that’s free of boredom and keeps you busy with interesting tasks. In fact, you can work like the legendary James Bond for the USA and protect the interests of the country and its people.

CIA, as you would most likely know, stands for Central Intelligence Agency. This is a Federal organization and one of the prime agencies that directly and indirectly defend the US against its foes of all sorts worldwide.

However, not all CIA agents sneak into foreign lands and perform tasks. A lot of CIA agents work on various tasks, such as listening and interpreting radio communications, translating documents, encrypting messages, and keeping track of enemy activity through satellite imagery and logistics.

9. Bartender


Women and men can work as bartenders. However, it’s commonly believed that such a job is more suitable for men. Working as a bartender doesn’t depend on your educational qualifications, age or gender.

Instead, the work depends on your ability to churn out amazing cocktails that people would love. This involves creativity in mixing alcohol with various other mixers such as fruit juices and other stuff. A good bartender also uses creative ways to present a drink or cocktail.

There are two types of bartender jobs that you can choose from. One is a regular bartender at a nearby bar restaurant or plush hotel. This job would generally be during evening hours.

That means you’re free to relax during the day and work only for four hours in the evening. The other job is of a private bartender who serves drinks during events and parties. However, you need to be swift at work since people don’t like to wait to be served a drink, either at a bar or at a party.

10. Historian


For those who love reading and research, the job of a historian will serve the purpose. In fact, it’s one of the best jobs that persons who hate working can easily find. This is also a superb job for introverts who wish to avoid mingling with many people. As a historian, you will research various historical events and find remains or traces of ancient occurrences such as wars. You will also be documenting any such events for future reference.

A lot of historians also join excavation expeditions in the US and around the world. They try and find buried and forgotten ancient cities and civilizations and their artefacts. Some historians also try to decrypt ancient languages such as hieroglyphs and stone carvings or paintings. In fact, a lot of historians are also trying to trace whether some of the ancient civilizations had contact with aliens from other planets.

Wrap Up

These are the ten topmost professions for people who hate working. You can easily find any of these jobs simply by looking around on the right websites and places. These jobs are interesting and hence, there’s little scope for boredom. As you will have seen, some of these jobs require bare minimum educational qualifications and depend mainly on your skills. Others require some special degrees or qualifications, which can be easily obtained from online courses.

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