10 Items That are Just Status Symbols

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Items That are Just Status Symbols

The status symbol is nothing new. Whether it is the 21st century or Bronze Age, people living in a given society flaunted their wealth.

Even today it is true. You want to flaunt your wealth and you will buy anything in order to do that.

So in this article, we decide to write 10 kinds of stuff or items you need for the status symbols.

These items are a must if you are living in high society. So let us look at them one by one.

Items That are Just Status Symbols

10 Items That are Just Status Symbols

1. Watches


Watches are like magic but they can be of total waste of your hard-earned money. However, you like it because they greet you whenever you start your smartphone. You love watches even when they are expensive like these.

Why do men wear watches? If you ask them they will tell because they are easy to wear however this is not true. They wear it for a style statement or status symbol.

Now you can know the time from a mobile phone so why do you need a watch. Well, the answer is simple, it is for a status symbol.

People love wearing watches even though they have smartphones in their pockets.

2. Wine

Wine a status symbol

After watches now it is time for wine. There is a direct correlation between the quality of a wine bottle and its price. People are willing to spend anything on expensive wines. One bottle could even cost more than $100,000.

Yes, I am not joking it is true just one bottle could be worth your year’s salary.

The price of an average wine bottle in your local restaurant is over $100 but if you go for pricey wines then it could easily be $10,000 or more.

People in this world love to spend on their wine rather than on their food. It is because wine is the status symbol.

3. High-End Kitchenware

High-End Kitchenware

Whether you know cooking or not, it really doesn’t matter because it is all about the status symbol. A knife block and set of pans are enough for preparing a savoury meal but people are willing to spend more for their high-end kitchenware.

We can’t cook anything as we all order our food from outside but people still have money to spend thousands of dollars on their Italian kitchens.

It is better that you focus on your culinary skills rather than spending money on fancy stuff, however, people still do.

4. Club Membership

Club Membership

You want to dance with Paris Hilton or get entry into a VIP room at any cost. There are people who are willing to spend anything for meeting celebrities, sportsmen, politicians etc.

A golf course is a place where all conversation starts; you want entry to the rich’s private clubs. So you are willing to spend any amount on getting a membership.

Whether they know to play golf or they don’t but still, everyone wants membership in the private club because it is a matter of status symbol.

5. Leather Interior

Leather Interior

I can tell you a million ways to waste your money and one of them is on leather interiors. You can always update your car interiors with something new.

You can easily spend thousands of dollars when it comes to upgrading your automobile. It also makes your driving experience very memorable.

Instead of a standard durable seat, you want the upholstery that shows your status or in other words how much you have spent on upgrading your car’s interiors.

6. Fancy Pens

pen as status symbol

Whether you can write or not but you must have fancy pens in your pocket. Do you know that there are pens that can cost even a million dollar? Yes, they are that expensive.

You don’t even have to use that diamond-encrusted pen but you still have it because of the status symbol.

If you want to impress someone then you can always take out your gold-plated pen and flaunt your status and how rich you are.

Not just pen but your stationery can be encrusted in gold or diamond too.

7. Jewelry


As you know diamonds are forever. Definitely, there is anger for engagement rings in recent years but still, people love diamond-encrusted rings.

Take an example of engagement. You don’t have any ordinary ring you want a diamond or a ruby ring because it is all about the status symbol. You are willing to go any length to buy that ring and impress your girl.

Although jewellery could be very wasteful but still people adore buying jewellery.

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8. Cufflinks


Dudes always love their cufflinks. It is a man thing.

Jewellery is preferred by females but cufflinks are the darling of men. You can find them in men’s warehouses where they want to buy a pair of cufflinks.

It does not matter what the price is, or how expensive they are but they are ready to buy because what matters to them is a status symbol.

9. Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool, you might be surprised why this is even on our list. Because swimming pools are just a basic amenity & it is not a luxury. However, still having a swimming pool in your backyard is a luxury.

If you are a wealthy guy and not married then a pool party is the best thing that can happen to you. You can always organize parties and have fun. So swimming pool is a great way to flaunt your status symbol.

10. Exclusive Gym Membership

Gym Membership

Gym membership is also now a status symbol. You don’t go to the gym for a workout session but you do go for showing your status.

When you enter then people will notice that you have a VIP membership in this gym. You don’t want to stay fit but you do want to project an image of being rich.

In conclusion:

Status symbols are a part of our culture and will continue to be. The items listed in this article are the most common examples of how people showcase their wealth and image. While these items may not be necessary, they do represent one’s personal sense of style, success, or identity. However, it is important to remember that having lots of money does not make you better than anyone else. There are other ways to measure personal growth and success that have nothing to do with material possessions.


What is a status symbol?

A status symbol is a physical or intangible item that represents someone's wealth, prestige or social standing. It is used to display success and differentiate from others, and its meaning can vary depending on cultural and individual context.

What are examples of status symbols?

Status symbols are objects or items that represent a person's perceived success and are used to communicate their social status, wealth, and power. Examples include luxury vehicles, jewellery, high-end fashion, private jets and yachts, prestigious schools and universities, exclusive club memberships, vacation homes, and art and antiques. The significance of these symbols can vary based on culture and social groups.

What cars are status symbols?

Cars considered as status symbols include Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and BMW. These luxury and high-performance brands are known for their exquisite design, exceptional performance, and exclusivity. They are popular among people who want to make a statement about their wealth and success. These cars embody luxury, and sophistication and are symbols of personal achievement.

Are watches a status symbol?

Yes, watches can be considered a status symbol in many cultures. Luxury brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Cartier, along with the materials used to make the watch, such as gold, platinum, and diamonds, contribute to the perceived value and prestige of the timepiece. Wearing a luxury watch can be seen as a sign of success and wealth.

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