16 International Shopping Sites for Worldwide Online Shopping

Online shopping with International shopping sites including Amazon, AliExpress, and 15 others. Best and cheap online stores for men, women & kids.

Often, there’re stuff we wish to buy. Unfortunately, it’s either not available locally or can prove very expensive. But that’s nothing to worry about nowadays. There’re 15 international shopping sites and apps that are shipping worldwide.

However, before you buy anything from an international shopping website, it’s best to know various rules and regulations related to imports. That’s because every country has different set of laws about what kind of stuff they’ll allow and what they won’t.

General Rules for Shopping on International Websites

International Shopping Sites

Unless you know these rules, it’s quite likely you might end up buying something pricey from abroad without actually getting it.

Not because you bought from a fake or scam website. But due to import restrictions about that item in your country.

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Therefore, here’re some general guidelines.

  • Most countries limit the types of medicines that can be imported from online pharmacies or directly from manufacturers.
  • Seeds, agricultural produce from foreign countries might not be allowed to maintain ecosystem of the country.
  • Trade in animals and their organs is restricted under Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Flora & Fauna (CITES) and other laws.
  • Some countries do not permit import of remote control operated toys as countermeasures against terrorism. Or because the radio frequency of the remote control is prohibited for use in that country.
  • Meat and meat products also face stiff restrictions, if they’re coming from a foreign land and made by a manufacturer that doesn’t comply with food safety norms of your country.
  • The Customs of your country can charge an import fee on countless goods, regardless whether it’s for personal or commercial use.
  • You may require prior clearances from government organizations before ordering something from an international shopping website.
  • There’re no known ways to get back money if you fall prey to some online shopping scam on an international website that claims to shop worldwide.
  • Foreign currency exchange rates will be applicable when you order something from an international website that ships worldwide. Hence, the stuff you’re ordering might cost you more.
  • Customs authorities in your country have the right to deny entry to any item they may find violates the local law. This can also include books and newspapers, movies and music or software.

Usually, trustworthy international websites will not accept your order and payment in the first place. And other excellent websites will give you a clear idea of what it would cost you after covering import duties, shipping and other expenses.

However, if there’s something you really require and wish to buy from an international site that ships worldwide, here’s my list of 15 topmost such online stores and portals that ship internationally.

16 International Shopping Sites that Ships Worldwide

Once you consider all the above factors, it becomes easier to buy things on international websites that ship worldwide. If you have any more doubts, it’s best to email or chat with customer care of these websites.

1. Amazon International

The world’s single largest online store, Amazon.com ships worldwide. For ordering on Amazon.com, you may have to submit identity proof in some cases.

Payment is usually by international credit cards and debit cards. However, Amazon allows payments in your local currency and also charges any import duties in advance.

2. eBay

eBay is an amazing website for anyone that’s looking for buying something from a foreign country. However, not all suppliers on eBay shipping worldwide.

Instead, it depends upon the item and the seller. An advantage with eBay is that sellers are verified. Hence, the chances of falling prey to a scam are lower. eBay also has a Returns and Refunds policy.

3. Ali Express

Ali Express is the topmost international shopping site in China that would ship worldwide. However, the Covid-19 pandemic seems to have put Ali Express under the weather.

That’s because lots of countries are tightening their rules for imports from mainland China. Though Ali Express is shipping worldwide, it’s better to check prevailing rules and regulations in your country before placing an order.

4. Indiamart.com

Another superb international online shopping site that ships internationally. Actually, this is a dropshipping website. People around the world can order all kinds of stuff from India and sell by dropshipping.

Or order for personal use too. Indiamart doesn’t sell anything directly. Instead, it lists countless products from countless manufacturers. However, most of these manufacturers will ship worldwide.

5. KrisShop

KrisShop is a fabulous international shopping site that is shipping worldwide. It’s actually a Duty Free shopping operator from Singapore.

KrisShop began its business by selling all kinds of Duty Free stuff on board Singapore Airlines flights.

Now they also operate an online store from where you can order excellent goods without paying local duties of various countries. KrisShop offers two options: doorstep delivery to international addresses or pick-up at Changi Airport, Singapore.

6. Laphroaig

Laphroaig ranks among the topmost Scotch whiskies of the world. They also have international shopping site where you can buy finest whiskies made by Laphroaig.

And they have a wide range of branded clothing, bar requirements and souvenirs too. You need to be above 18 years age to enter the website.

Importing whisky is possible in US and Europe, if you meet certain basic requirements. However, for other countries, various restrictions might apply.

7. Maven POS

And if you’re looking for imported cigarettes, exclusive fragrances, cheaper alcohol and other supplies, check Maven POS. This is a UK-based online store that helps you buy stuff cheap from various Duty Free outlets around the world.

They also have a tie-up with Dubai Duty Free, which is famous for its lowest prices. However, imports of certain goods such as cigarettes and tobacco products or alcohol may attract local taxes in certain countries.

8. Nike

Nike.com comes from the eponymous brand of bestselling sports goods and sportswear. It’s possible to buy almost every type of sports requirement online from Nike.com. They also have an excellent Returns & Refund policy.

Additionally, they operate in most countries. This means, you can buy Nike products from foreign countries easily and pay the equivalent in local currency. They also offer the option to pick-up your order from a Nike branded store.


The world famous furniture and furnishings brand IKEA also has an international shopping site that ships worldwide. However, IKEA limits its shipping only to countries where they have a physical store.

That’s because you may require help in installing certain furniture or repairs. IKEA offers excellent discounts and holds at least four seasonal sale during a calendar year.

10. Coleman

For camping and outdoor living fans, Coleman.com offers everything you need. And if you’re going for that first camping experience, check out Coleman too.

They have practically everything you’ll require for a wonderful experience- from tent beds to camping bags, ice-boxes to thermal packages. They accept international orders and ship worldwide too.

11. USA.gov

This might come as surprise for several people. Yes, the Federal government also sells a lot of stuff online. These include souvenirs and collectibles, stamps, coins, books and a variety of other things.

Some unique offerings on USA.gov are collectibles from Kennedy Space Center and unique coins and notes from US Mint. And they ship internationally too through US Postal Service (USPS).

12. Discovery Store

As the name suggests, this international shopping site is owned and operated by the world-famous Discovery Channel. However, the only exception is shipping to member countries of the European Union (EU) due to taxation laws.

People from elsewhere in the world can order from Discovery Store because they delivery worldwide. Discovery Store has a vast collection of educational toys, clothing, books, stickers, posters, gift items and souvenirs.

13. Shop Disney

Want to buy original branded stuff of your favorite cartoon character or gift it to someone? Order from Shop Disney. This is the official store of Walt Disney group.

They accept orders from all countries and ship worldwide. You can also shop for stuff from Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic from Shop Disney.

14. Royal Mail

For stamp and souvenir collectors, the UK’s postal service Royal Mail operates an international shopping site where you can buy some amazing collectibles.

Royal Mail also delivers worldwide. They feature special collection of stamps based on romantic English poetry, fictional British spy James Bond and other interesting stuff.

15. Rakuten Global Express

Japan’s favorite online store Rakuten also offers an international shopping site that ships worldwide. Known as Rakuten Global Express, all you require is an international credit card or debit card to pay for your purchases.

Like most other websites, they charge you a little extra money for international orders.

16. Sephora

Based in US and Canada, Sephora is one of the premium and exclusive brand for skincare, makeup, fragrance and many other products. You can check this international shipping link that will help you to find the exact URL that can ship product to your country.

You need to find the calculate shipping charges and other expenses before ordering the product.

More about International Shopping

Large logistics providers such as DHL, FedEx and UPS among others offer a service where you can order stuff from a foreign supplier.

This service is available upon request only and can prove expensive in some cases, due to complex logistics involved. However, if you need something from a foreign shopping site, you can consider these options.

In Conclusion

The 16 international shopping sites that ship worldwide usually accept payments by credit cards and debit cards only. Some also accept PayPal while a few allow you to pay with online banking. Try any of these 15 stores for your shopping.