How To Be A Plumber? A Complete Guide

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How To Become A Plumber

Plumbers in the US earn an average of $58,000 every year, according to various sources, including the Bureau of Labor Statistics. On average, a plumber can earn a minimum of $28.88 per hour, statistics say. However, a lot of plumbers make much more money by offering specialized skills to their customers.

According to various reports, 12 per cent of the total adult population of the US needed a plumber during the last year- which is from September 2022 to October 2023. They got their work done through plumbers from a local company or those available online through handyperson apps such as Task Rabbit, among others.

Bureau of Labor Statistics says the demand for plumbers will grow in the US will rise by two per cent every year up to 2032. Some 46,000 new jobs for plumbers are expected to be created in the organized industry during this period. An equal number of plumbers will work in the unorganized sector as freelancers, other reports state.

All these figures clearly point out that becoming a plumber can be a very profitable job. If you become a plumber, there are opportunities for jobs with various companies, as well as enough work for freelancers. Considering these facts, here are some things you can do to become a plumber and join this superb profession in the US.

Understanding Plumber Jobs

Basically, plumbers are skilled women and men who work with water and drainage pipes to ensure that a place has clean water and waste is flushed away efficiently. They connect various water supply and drainage systems with pipes, valves, joints and pumps while fixing taps, water coolers, water heaters, cisterns and other stuff at a home or office.

Additionally, plumbers also work on construction sites. They read engineering designs to create a superb plumbing network for the place. In some cases, they also provide valuable advice to engineers and architects on the kind of water supply and drainage network that is ideal for a place, depending on factors such as the height of the building, needs of dwellers and local climate, among others.

The nature of a job as a plumber generally depends on where they work. Those working for specialized plumbing companies have complex jobs while freelancers usually deal with simpler stuff such as stopping leaks or fixing taps, giving new connections and preventing water wastage or drain seepage.

Regardless of how plumbers work, they’re always in demand since their skills are necessary to maintain hygiene.

How To Become A Licensed Plumber?

There are various ways to become a plumber in the US. However, most of these ways will not fetch the plumber’s license that’s necessary for you to work in the field. Hence, I suggest that you read the below content and take the necessary steps to become a plumber in the US. That way, you can get a plumber’s license and work for a company or work as a freelancer and make lots of money.

Before you rush to become a plumber, it’s worth remembering that this job is suitable for persons who are interested in working on technical jobs and are willing to make some effort.

1. Complete Your High School

Yes, completing high school is important if you wish to become a licensed plumber in the US. That’s because passing high school is the minimum qualification necessary to join a trade school or vocational training institute in the US. You can work as an assistant to a plumber while doing high school and get some basic knowledge about the trade.

2. Do a Plumbing Course

There would be some trade schools or vocational training institutes in your area. Check if they have a course for plumbers. Generally, you will require a six-month to one-year course to become a plumber and get the necessary licenses. In some places, you might come across longer courses spanning two years or even three years to become a plumber.

3. Work as an Apprentice

Working as an apprentice or novice is an important part of your course to become a plumber. Generally, your trade school or vocational training institute will provide some leads on where to find a good apprenticeship for their plumbing course. Usually, you will get a stipend as an apprentice. It might not be a lot of money, but as an apprentice, you learn the vital ropes of the plumber trade.

4. Get Plumber’s License

This is the most important step to become a plumber. Apply for a plumber’s license with the concerned authority in your state. Remember, working as a plumber without a license can attract cash fines and other penalties. Also, you wouldn’t be able to get work without a license. Ask the trade school or institute for details.

5. Apply for Jobs

Applying for plumber jobs is the next step once you get the license. This is fairly easy. Create a profile on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, ZipRecruiter and other such job boards to find plumber jobs in the USA. You might find some at local companies. Meanwhile, you can freelance, too, by getting smaller jobs through Task Rabbit and other such apps.

6. Open Own Business

With a proper degree in the plumbing field and a license from concerned authorities, you can open your own business. This will enable you to earn much more money from a job. You can either have a full-time business or part-time, as a side gig, to earn some extra money. Usually, most plumbers work somewhere and, later, open own business.

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Making Money as a Plumber

You can make enough money as a plumber by doing ordinary tasks in your field for customers. Additionally, you can also work for a specialized company and get a good salary as a plumber.

Plumbers also make some money through agreements with housing companies and other such organizations. They earn commissions by preferring certain brands of products over others.

Wrap Up

Becoming a plumber in the US is fairly easy, as I have shown you in this article. It only involves having some aptitude for this trade and the willingness to learn it. Plumbing jobs are like any other in the US.

They come with their own fair share of ups and downs. However, this is a job that’s evergreen all year round.

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