10 Fun Hobbies That Make Money in 2024

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Hobbies that make money

Everyone has some hobby or the other. But not many people on this planet are aware they can turn their hobbies into excellent money-spinning side-gigs. In this article, I will write about ten such hobbies that can earn you real money in 2024.

Using Hobbies That Make Money for 2024

While you can use these 10 hobbies that make money anytime, there’s a special reason for emphasizing the year 2024. We’re all aware of the havoc the Covid-19 pandemic wrought on our personal finances. Countless people worldwide lost jobs and dug into their hard-earned savings.

Others without money are facing a rather bleak future as employment prospects aren’t likely to get better in 2024.

Those with adequate academic qualifications, skills, and experience are now part of the large freelance workforce. Others are finding small jobs nearer home that are helping them eke some existence even as they compromise on their pre-2020 lifestyle.

At the same time, many of us have hobbies we’re no longer pursuing. In 2024, we can resume these hobbies since social distancing and other norms make it impossible to socialize or spend longer time outdoors for safety reasons.

Top 10 Hobbies That Make Money for 2024

Should you find the above facts interesting and would love to make some real money with your hobbies, continue reading. Before I proceed, here’s something important to remember.

Money-making hobbies depend entirely on your skills and experience. It doesn’t require any experience or educational qualifications. And often, money-making hobbies can be a slow process.

But don’t be discouraged, as you could be successful if you go about it correctly. There are already countless people who are using their hobbies to make money. You, too, can join that club.

1. Crocheting


Crocheting is a hobby mainly among women. And it can prove to be a wonderful money-spinner if you’ve excellent skills with crochet. You can begin by designing crochet items such as mittens, scarves, jackets, and dress accessories that are in demand during any specific season. And sell these online.

It’s also possible to take orders from clients and make crochet items according to their likes and specifications.

To make money from crocheting, start with some pieces you’ve crafted. You can register as a seller on Amazon Handmade, which is exclusively for artisans. Or open your own marketplace on Shopify and Etsy, among others. Learn a bit about pricing crocheted items so that you make them adequate profitable hobbies.

2. Photography


Everyone knows that professional photographers earn a lot of money. But what about amateur photographers or people like you and me who love clicking pictures with ordinary cameras or smartphones? Actually, hobby photographers can also make a lot of money.

The first way is to take superb pictures that sell as stock photos online. The second and most obvious step is to register as a seller on websites that sell stock photos. There are several ways to get paid by selling pictures you post online for prospective customers to view and buy.

Rare pictures of natural phenomena, Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), accidents and tragedies and celebrities that you might get lucky enough to click also sell for a lot of money. News channels and newspapers pay for exclusive rights to use your pictures.

3. Reading


Reading is a fabulous hobby. Unfortunately, most of us are losing this hobby in the Internet and smartphone age. However, if you’re an avid reader and would love to read books for free, here are some ways to make money from this hobby.

There’re several organizations that pay a lot of money to read and review books. You can also choose the genre of books you love to read, such as fiction, horror, fantasy, romance, and others. Your reviews often help authors sell their books. Libraries and bookstores read reviews before stocking on their shelves.

It’s also possible to start your own blog and write book reviews. Though starting a blog isn’t expensive or difficult, you might have to spend a considerable amount of money to buy books for review. If you also collect books, you could consider this option.

4. Social Media

Social Media

Honestly speaking, I’m hooked to social media and post at least a couple of dozen times on my Facebook page. Plus, I read a lot of tweets and tweeted my own opinion.

Though social media remains my hobby, I’ve come across a lot of people that use their passion for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest among other platforms, to make a lot of money.

The best way to make money from social media is to work freelance or part-time as a social media assistant or social media executive. There are lots of individuals, bloggers and companies that require people who are superb at handling Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels.

Before you decide to turn your love for social media into a money-spinner, read the job role of social media executive very carefully. Because it’s an important role, and any mistakes can damage the reputation of an individual or company.

5. Playing Video Games

Playing Video Games

Who doesn’t love playing video games? It’s not merely teenagers and younger folk that play video games. In fact, lots of adults also love to spar with computers or remote players online through video games.

Thanks to online paid survey websites, you can make some money or get rewards that amount to real money by simply playing video games.

These video games are trial versions that their developers launch. They want to test these games before the commercial launch. Hence, they offer members of online paid survey communities some compensation to play and write reviews.

Some online paid survey websites will compensate for your efforts to play video games and write small reviews in cash. Others will offer free shopping vouchers and gift cards for buying stuff from Amazon, Walmart and other famous stores.

Obviously, you won’t make a fortune playing free online video games on such websites. But they would definitely help slice off a few dollars from your monthly expenses on groceries and household stuff.

6. Writing


I’m unable to confirm this independently: several sources claim that authors selling e-books on Amazon’s Kindle Desktop Publishing platform make up to $500,000 per year. However, such claims could be true since Amazon provides a superb platform for budding writers.

For those whose hobby is writing, I would recommend writing books and publishing them through Amazon. The platform is free to use for writers.

However, Amazon charges a fee for every e-book you sell. Of course, you’re also entitled to royalties and other profits, which work up to a pretty large sum if your book becomes famous.

You can upload your own book and start selling it within a few hours through KDP. However, you’ll have to promote the book through your social media channels and blogs, among other platforms.

7. Gardening


There are at least 12 different avenues to make money from gardening. Most people who engage in gardening as a hobby are aware of its health benefits, especially stress relief. And if gardening is your hobby too, consider these four ways to make money.

The first and best way to make money from gardening is by growing organic vegetables, which fetch a high price in the local market. The second is by selling fresh flowers from your garden to florists and individual customers or even supplying to wholesalers if you’re growing large quantities.

The third is to open a gardening blog and teach people your tips and tweaks about the hobby. And the fourth is offering gardening services to people in your neighbourhood.

All these are superb ways to earn money from gardening as a side gig or even a main source of income, depending on the time you spend and the size of the garden.

8. Singing


Surely, you’ve heard about Justin Bieber. This famous singer didn’t shoot to fame overnight. Instead, he became famous through his video channel on YouTube.

Several songs that Justin Bieber wrote and sung became an instant hit among teenagers worldwide. This helped him rise as one of the topmost singers in the world, who even holds live shows in distant countries.

If you’re a singer, you can showcase your talent by opening a free channel on YouTube. And you could become more famous by writing your own songs rather than rendering numbers sung by other famous singers.

At least a dozen young singers made it big by starting off humbly on YouTube. The right blend of talent and hard work made them rich and famous.

9. Tailoring


Understandably, everyone can’t become Coco Chanel, the legendary French designer and founder of the eponymous brand of haute couture. However, with some superb tailoring skills, you can find money-making hobbies from home.

If tailoring is your hobby, try creating dresses that meet the latest trends and older styles that are now in demand. You’ll undoubtedly find considerable buyers if you showcase your dresses online.

You can launch your business through Amazon Handmade by registering as a seller or on Etsy, which specializes in handcrafted and unique items to get craft hobbies that make money.

And if you’re just a tailoring enthusiast who would love to make money on the side, start by offering garment alterations and repairs. This is an evergreen business if you have the right set of skills.

10. Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

This might sound unbelievable: lots of companies will actually pay you money to taste their wines and promote them to your friends and colleagues.

This is one superb way to make money if tasting wines and appreciating them is your hobby. At the same time, here’s a word of caution: this side-gig isn’t for heavy drinkers or those prone to alcoholism, since it could have serious health consequences.

Nowadays, quite a few companies sell exclusive wines only through Multilevel Marketing (MLM) or direct selling. They willingly accept applications from wine aficionados to work as their MLM associates.

Returns are pretty high, too, since their wines are usually in high demand since they aren’t commonly available.

That’s because they produce these unique wines in smaller quantities compared to commercial wineries. And they wish to maintain that exquisite brand image for their wines. To qualify, you should have a good sense of tasting wines and appreciating them as your hobby.

Other Hobbies That Make Money for 2024

Then we’ve some other hobbies that will make money in 2024. Here, I’ll list the top five.

  • Blogging: We’ve written a lot about how to make money from blogging as your hobby. Hence, I’ve not gone into much detail or included in the above list.
  • Painting: You can offer painting pictures and portraits as an artist on Amazon and other websites.
  • Shopping: If shopping is your hobby, try working as a mystery shopper. You can also make some money by shopping for groceries and other household needs for the elderly or busy people.
  • Cooking: Teach cooking, blog about your recipes, or write a book to make money from your hobby. However, you’ll have to craft your own workable recipes that help prepare delicious food. Copycat recipes never work.
  • Fitness: The obvious way to make money from your love for fitness is to work as an online or offline fitness coach. These are very profitable hobbies.

In Conclusion

Try using any of these best hobbies to make money and recover from any losses you’ve suffered during 2023. The year 2024 also holds uncertainties. But with these hobbies, it’s possible to have one more source of money. There are several advantages of using your hobbies that make money.

Firstly, you’ll not get bored during all that extra time. Hobbies also work to relieve stress, especially that caused by the pandemic.

And you can work on your hobbies only when you have the spare time to ensure it doesn’t interfere with your routine work or profession. And finally, you’re free to fix your own prices for your products or services.

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