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100 Free Magazine Subscriptions by Mail

Reading is a wonderful hobby. It teaches us a lot of things while improving our command over language and adding to our general knowledge. There’re superb magazines that covers almost every topic under the Sun- from politics to movies, religion to money, and travel to food, to name a few instances.

Some of us subscribe to one or more magazines. But what if you could get magazines for free? Yes, I mean absolutely free and the ones that suit your interests too? If you’re among those who would love to get free magazine subscriptions, look no further.

In this article, I will guide you to get 100 free magazine subscriptions by mail.

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Who Gives Free Magazines Subscriptions?

Understandably, you might wonder who gives away free magazine subscriptions. And why? There’re several reasons that companies, media houses, publishers, and other organizations offer free magazine subscriptions.

Here’re some of the main reasons.

Higher Readership

Most publications, including magazines and newspapers, depend on advertising revenues to meet their operational costs and make profits. Any organization will place a paid advertisement in a magazine only if it has a large readership.

By giving away free subscriptions, these magazines try and increase readership, which could translate into higher advertising revenues and greater profits.

Storage Costs

Storing large volumes of back issues of magazines is a logistical nightmare for publishers. Such storage consumes valuable space, which often has to be taken on lease. Then there’s always the fear of rodents and insects feeding on these paper magazines.

Instead, mailing these magazines works out much cheaper than storing them. And giving them free also increases their circulation figures for attracting ads.

Promoting Agenda

Some magazines are political mouthpieces or sponsored by an organization that’s trying to further its agenda and get widespread support. The only way to get popularize their agenda is by offering free subscriptions.

Obviously, there’ll be few or no takers for paid magazines that carry propaganda. But giving them free is an altogether different ballgame. They influence people through articles that subscribers will read.


Free magazine subscriptions serve religious organizations as an excellent resource for proselytizing or spreading their faith and its beliefs among both followers and non-followers. The main purpose of such religious magazines is to attract non-followers to their faith while reinforcing the beliefs of their followers.

Funds for publishing these magazines and mailing them come from donations by wealthy followers and the sale of various items related to the faith.

Finding B2B Customers

Then we have lots of magazines that cater to a specific industry only. They are sent free of cost to persons working in that industry. Though they’re available free of cost, only those people having a company email ID and holding a responsible position can subscribe.

Since these are industry-specific magazines, the content is often technical and relevant only to certain professionals. These magazines usually promote products and services for Business-to-Business or B2B customers.

100 Free Magazine Subscriptions by Mail

The above reasons make it clear why various organizations give free magazine subscriptions. Though they’re offering them free of cost to you and other readers, these organizations stand to gain a lot.

At the same time, you can also benefit as a subscriber. Reading free magazines is a good pastime, and you could learn something new.

If you’d love to receive such free magazine subscriptions, here’re some places that offer free subscriptions either by postal mail or email.

Top 10 Free Magazine Subscriptions

Before writing about other free magazines, I will mention the top 10, which remain my all-time favorite.

Personally, I rank airline inflight magazines as the top 10. Because they’re printed on superior quality paper, have articles written by the best authors and journalists, and provide fascinating insights into various interesting topics.

Most domestic and foreign airlines have inflight magazines that are available for their passengers. You might’ve seen these magazines in the pocket opposite your seat onboard an aircraft. These copies are complimentary, meaning passengers can take them away.

However, some airlines will mail you a copy or more if you request. You’ll have to email these airlines to get such inflight magazines. Here’s a list of my favorite inflight magazines you could try to get.

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1. Discovery

Discovery is an amazing inflight magazine of Hong Kong-based airline Cathay Pacific. This is a magazine you’ll love reading and keeping in your collection. This inflight magazine also unravels the wonders of the Orient.

2. Oryx

Read superb travelogues, interesting articles, and lots of wonderful stuff about Qatar and the Arabian Gulf region on Oryx, the inflight magazine of Qatar Airways. This magazine has content by some of the best writers.

3. iFly

Request KLM Royal Dutch Airlines by email to send you a few copies of their iFly inflight magazine. It is one of the best inflight magazines that comes from a European carrier. You’ll want to read some of their articles again and again.

4. Skylife

You can actually subscribe to this inflight magazine free of charge and get home delivery by mail. Skylife is the inflight magazine of Turk Hava Yollari, also known as Turkish Airlines. The flag carrier of Turkey offers this free magazine subscription to people worldwide.

5. Spirit of Australia

True to its title, Spirit of Australia is full of superbly written articles about the continent down under. You can get a copy or more of Spirit of Australia from Qantas, the country’s flag carrier that operates worldwide.

6. Sawasdee

Sawasdee means welcome in the Thai language. And this fantastic inflight magazine in English is a publication of Thai Airways. Sawasdee contains lots of articles and stories about various places, food, culture, and tradition, as well as shopping. Write to Thai Airways for copies.

7. Serendib

The Island of Serenity and Pearl of the Indian Ocean is aptly represented by Serendib, the inflight magazine of Sri Lankan Airlines. In fact, the magazine now contains a lot of insights into hitherto unknown places of Sri Lanka that are now accessible after the civil war ended in 2009.

8. Lufthansa Magazine

This inflight magazine from Lufthansa, the national carrier of Germany, has record circulation, despite being free for passengers. Lufthansa gives away nearly two million copies of each edition of Lufthansa Magazin. You can also request Lufthansa by email to send you a few copies by mail.

9. Selamta

And if you wish to learn more about the little-known and exotic culture of Ethiopia and the rest of Africa, write to Ethiopian Airlines headquarters in Addis Ababa to ask for a few complimentary copies of Selamta, their inflight magazine. Personally, I love Selamta for some of the rarest pictures and articles of Africa their editions feature.

10. MSafiri

Also from Africa, this inflight magazine is known for pictures of wildlife and descriptions of amazing places in Kenya. Msafiri is the inflight magazine of Kenya Airways and reaches about four million people per edition. Get a few copies by writing to Kenya Airways in Nairobi.

This is a list of 10 free magazine subscriptions is my all-time favorite. Not only do they contain interesting articles, but they’re also superb collector items to build a library of magazines.

Generally, most airlines around the world will mail you copies of their inflight magazines for some time. You can always request more copies later.

Other Ways To Get Free Magazine Subscriptions By Mail

Other than these, there’re 90 more free magazine subscriptions that are available on free magazine subscriptions by mail. Some of them will mail only one or two copies. Others give free subscriptions for three months. And a few for a full year.

However, here’s something important. The frequency of publications of these magazines is different. Only a few have a monthly edition. Others have between four and six editions during an entire calendar year. And a few publish an issue just once every year.

Therefore, it’s not possible to really collect a large heap of these free magazine subscriptions unless you’re planning to subscribe to each publication.

11. Clay Times

This magazine is all about using clay to make pots, idols, and figurines and decorative purposes. You get only one free copy.

12. Lego Life

Official publication of Lego. This magazine is available free of cost to children between five and nine years of age.

13. NCR

NCR, or National Catholic Reporter, is all about Christianity and various developments around the world from Christian perspectives. You can get a sample copy free of cost.

14. Storage Source

A magazine for the logistics and warehousing industry. You can get this magazine free from However, you’ll require an official email ID to get a free magazine subscription.

15. Portland Monthly

Available from, the magazine Portland Monthly is all about various businesses and business opportunities in Portland, Oregon.

16. Allure

Allure is a shopping magazine. Subscribe for a one-year free subscription to Allure from Mercury Magazines by filling out and submitting an online form.

17. Wine Selector

Want to learn more about wine and how to get a free magazine subscription? Subscribe for free copies of the Wine Selector. It is one of the most popular free magazine subscriptions in America.

18. Entrepreneur

For budding as well as experienced businesspersons, there’s a superb free magazine, Entrepreneur. They offer a one-year free subscription when you submit a form online.

19. Veranda

Especially for homemakers and those interested in the interior décor of their homes, Veranda provides superb ideas. Sign up for a free one-year subscription if you wish to decorate your office or home.

20. Whisky Advocate

Whisky lovers can find a lot of info about their favorite drink in this magazine. Whisky Advocate deals with all sorts of news and features about whisky and makes good reading anytime. They give a one-year free subscription.

21. Architectural Digest

If you’re planning on restructuring or giving a facelift to your home, get this one-year free subscription to Architectural Digest magazine. Generally, this magazine is available for an annual subscription of $10, but you can get it free here.

22. Sports Illustrated

This is a fabulous magazine that covers the National Football League, National Basketball League, college tournaments, and other sporting events of your interest with high class photos and articles. They give a free subscription for two years.

23. Cigar Aficionado

Learn about how to live a high life, dressing styles, business, personal etiquette, and lots more from Cigar Aficionado, a free magazine you can subscribe to for one year. They also carry articles on how to enjoy cigars, appreciate wine and prepare cocktails, among others.

24. Family Handyman

Do-It-Yourself techniques that come in handy at home, tips and tweaks on how to repair stuff at your house, maintenance and saving on motley tasks as well as making some money by offering such services are all available in Family Handyman. They give one free copy per year.

25. Bike Digital

For bike lovers, this is a superb magazine from the UK. However, Bike Digital contains news about bikes and biking sports from all over the world. You can read their monthly issue online or get a few back issues free of cost by sending an email.

26. Keep the Faith

You can get on a free copy of Keep The Faith magazine when you take a paid annual subscription. This is a magazine that deals with real-life stories and the Holy Bible teachings. Keep the Faith publishes from the UK and is also available in the US.

27. Finger Lakes Wine Country

This magazine is all about Finger Lakes, one of the topmost vacation and wine-producing regions of America. You can download free copies of this magazine and learn more about how to enjoy a superb holiday at the destination. They also provide a free guide to wine recipes.

28. Code

Code is a magazine that covers digital technology. It is mainly available on a paid subscription basis only. However, they mail a sample copy free of cost, or you can download and read a back issue.

29. Ranger Rick

This is a free magazine subscription for kids. Ranger Rick Digital is a magazine you can download for free from their website. This is a perfect magazine for children and contains lots of adventure stories for young minds.

30. Ranger Rick Junior

For younger children, this is another fabulous magazine that’s also useful for learning and entertainment. You can subscribe free for the digital copies of this magazine. They will arrive in your email or download them from the official website.

31. Ranger Rick Cub

Another good magazine for children, Ranger Rick Cub, is also a digital magazine available for free. Simply fill out their online form to download copies of the latest magazine or receive them in your email.

32. Ranger Rick Zoobooks

As the name suggests, this magazine has everything to do with wild animals that’re normally seen only on TV or, at best, in a zoo. These are lovely magazines for children to learn about various kinds of wild animals and related stuff.

33. Ranger Rick Zoodinos

If you want to teach kids about dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals that once roamed the Earth, subscribe for digital copies of Ranger Rick Zoondinos. They issue new copies regularly that speak about one specific prehistoric animal and its characteristics found by researchers.

34. Ranger Rick Zootles

Butterflies, dragonflies, and other insects and reptiles that we see every day have lots of characteristics that we don’t even know. And children, as well as adults, can learn more about these insects and reptiles from Ranger Rick Zootles. Sign up online to download or get free magazine subscription in your email box.

35. Ranger Rick Zoobies

There’re lots of lovable wildlife creatures, such as pandas, Koalas, and others. This free magazine speaks about these animals and their habitat, food habits, and lots more. Zoobies is also available free of cost for merely signing up.

36. St. Anthony Messenger

A Catholic magazine that comes from Franciscan Media, you can get a free copy of St. Anthony Messenger as a sample. Sign up here to get your complimentary copy with no obligation to subscribe.

37. Tomorrow’s World

Interested in learning more about the Christian faith? This magazine- Tomorrow’s Faith, offers insights into various teachings of the Holy Bible. You can get a free subscription by signing up on their website. They also offer free Bible study courses.

38. Premier Guitar

Guitar players and music lovers can subscribe for a free five month subscription to Premier Guitar magazine. Additionally, they give a free app for US subscribers only, plus some other freebies when taking a paid subscription.

39. Bow Hunting World

A magazine for bow hunting professionals, Bow Hunting World offers two free copies of free magazine subscriptions by mail every year. This magazine is available in the US and Canada only. It carries ads and articles about bow hunting as a hobby.

40. Predator Extreme

There’re countless predators in the jungles of America. Predator Extreme documents them and teaches them how to hunt unless these predators come in endangered species. It also contains superb wildlife pictures taken by professionals. Two free copies per year of free magazine subscriptions by mail are available upon signing up.

41. Whitetail Journal

Deer hunting techniques with tutorials on guns and bullets that can help bag these animals for meat and skin are all available in Whitetail Journal. They give two free copies on signing up. This magazine also contains information on hunting for animals that are legally permitted under American laws.

42. World Literature Today

If reading is your hobby and you love literature, subscribe for a free copy of World Literature Today. This magazine deals with the latest book releases, reviews, author bios, and much more. It’s also a superb magazine for literature students.

43. School Arts Today

School Arts Today has been around since 1901 and ranks as a favorite resource among art teachers. They give one free copy as a trial magazine for signing up on their official website. This is a great magazine for art teachers and students.

44. DuJour

DuJour is a fashion and lifestyle magazine that deals with celebrities, parties, and the high life. They give one-year free subscription when you sign up. You can also opt for insider updates and sneak peeks while subscribing.

45. Cambria News

Cambria Fashions offers free magazine subscriptions that speak about its products. Their media section provides one copy of a free magazine on request. However, this magazine is mainly of trade interest and doesn’t have any articles of interest to common people.

46. No Greater Joy

No Greater Joy is a Christian ministry that publishes an eponymous magazine. They willingly give away free subscriptions for their magazine for one year. You can extend the free subscription without paying.

47. Shabbat Sentinel

Shabbat Sentinel is a free Christian magazine that encourages readers to observe the Jewish religious tradition of Shabbat from Friday evening to Saturday evening. They aim to encourage people to observe Shabbat through their free magazine subscriptions.

48. Subaru Drive

As the name suggests, Subaru Drive is a free magazine that’s all about the Japanese vehicle brand Subaru. It contains real-life stories from Subaru owners, the latest news from the company, and lots of interesting articles about outdoor life and driving.

49. Beyond Today

Yet another magazine that promotes the Christian way of living, Beyond Today, is available free of cost. All you need to do is fill up and submit their online form to get free magazine copies. They also have special editions during Christian festivals and occasions.

50. Baltimore Style

Coming from one of the biggest cities in Maryland, this magazine deals with fashion, lifestyle, food and drink, arts, and lots of other interesting things. Baltimore Style offers a free, three-year subscription merely for signing up on their website to get copies.

51. Sarasota

Sarasota is a lifestyle magazine that’s all about the eponymous city in the state of Florida. It contains interesting articles for the entire family. You can get a free subscription to their print editions by signing up here. They offer four copies every year free.

52. Lioness

Lioness is a digital magazine for women. It deals with various issues that women across America face nowadays. They email a copy every month. To get Lioness digital, you can sign-up on their website. This is available free to subscribers around the world.

53. Seattle Met

Seattle Met is a comprehensive guide to the Seattle metropolitan area in Washington. It is available free of cost every month to subscribers. This is also a superb magazine for businesspersons looking for deals and ventures in that city.

54. Ski Utah

For avid skiers, the free magazine Ski Utah serves as an insider guide to the best resorts in the state. It also features real-life experiences, skiing tips, and ads from skiing equipment dealers at these resorts. You get one free copy upon signing up.

55. C California

Lifestyle magazine for women and men that publishes in California. Though C California doesn’t give its latest editions free of cost and each one costs about $7. However, they mail a free copy of a single back issue upon request.

56. Houstonia Hope

Trade magazine that’s everything to do about businesses and especially real estate in Houston, Texas. They give one free copy on subscription. This is a business magazine mainly for entrepreneurs looking at doing business in Houston and nearby areas.

57. Premier Christianity

This magazine works on donations from followers. And they don’t really offer free subscriptions. However, it’s possible to get a couple of copies free upon request. This magazine, as the name says, is everything about the Christian faith.

58. Hello Giggles

Hello, Giggles is a magazine for women. It has news about celebrities and healthcare for female readers. They provide free copies by email only upon subscription. You will love this magazine regardless of where you live.

59. Teen Vogue

This is a really wonderful magazine for all teenage women. Teen Vogue contains celebrity news, healthcare tips, fashion trends, and lots more stuff that’s interesting for every female who’s a teenager. Available free of cost upon subscription, they main their copy to your email only.

60. InStyle

For female readers, this is a lifestyle magazine that has all sorts of news that makes it interesting to read. You can read the latest news reviews, healthcare articles, celebrity news, and lots more. Free digital copies are sent to your email upon subscription only.

61. Mind Body Green

A magazine for women that deals with traditional and unconventional fashion and beauty tips, health issues, and lots more. You can get free magazine copies of Mind Body Green in your email box upon subscription. This is a superb free online magazine for all women.

62. Time-The Brief

Time-The Brief is a free version of the reputed magazine Time. It is a digital version of the magazine and is available free on subscription. You won’t get the full Time magazine in your email box. Instead, you’ll get only one of the topmost stories in your email box.

63. Conde Nast Spotlight

The free digital version of the world-famous magazine Conde Nast Traveler, it is available on subscription. This magazine is all about travel and tourism and features lots of other interesting news articles too. Subscribe online to get free magazine copies in your email box.

64. Health Beat

Health Beat is a free online magazine from Harvard Medical School. They send a digital copy of the magazine to your email with news and reports of the latest medical treatments, medical research, and ways to prevent various diseases. An excellent free magazine subscription for the health conscious. Subscribe online for free copies in your email box.

65. Her Campus

Her Campus is a free digital magazine that targets female students at colleges. They have wonderful articles on everything from study courses to student jobs, safety and security for women, dating tips and health as well as celebrity news. Fill out their online form to get a free copy in your email box.

66. Digital Journal

Digital Journal advocates media freedom around the world. This is a free magazine subscription that you can get by email upon subscription. It contains the latest articles about press freedom in various countries, harassment and killing of journalists while performing their legit duties, and petitions to world leaders.

67. Weekly Torah

The Weekly Torah is a project of It is a free weekly magazine and newsletter that will arrive in your email box upon subscription. The magazine contains weekly portions of the Torah that’re read during Shabbat and other days of the week.

68. Outdoor Photographer

Outdoor Photographer features amazing pictures taken by photographers in the US and elsewhere as well as the latest news and reviews about various cameras, lenses, and other photographic equipment. It also features destinations where you can do amazing outdoor photography. They send four copies free a year.

69. Digital Photo Pro

Mainly for photographers and people working in the photography industry, this magazine is available free for one year. It contains the latest tips and tweaks on digital photography from some of the topmost photographers. You’ll also get information on storing pictures and other interesting articles on photography.

70. Rider

If you own a motorbike and love riding one or are fond of motorbike racing, Rider is just for you. They have a one-year free subscription that anyone can request. Rider also contains information and articles on the latest bike models, races, and other events, interviews with riders, and lots more.

More Free & Interesting Magazines

In addition to the 10 topmost magazines and 60 other interesting ones, here’s a list of 30 more free magazine subscriptions that you could get for free. Some are digital versions, while others provide printed copies by mail.

71. Travel + Leisure

Free travel and tourism magazines are available digitally in your email box. Subscribe here to get free magazine copies.

72. Watch

The official magazine of CBS, one of the largest broadcasters in America, you can get one year subscription free to read celebrity and entertainment news.

73. Inc.

Latest Hollywood news, interviews with rising stars, celebrity gossip, and more is available from this free magazine- Inc.

74. Esquire

One of the most reputed news magazines, you can request a trial magazine subscription of the Esquire free of cost for a limited period.

75. Town & Country

Travel and lifestyle magazine for the entire family. You’ll get a limited free subscription for Town & Country if you’re living in America.

76. Time for Health

A free digital magazine from none other than Time, this is a wonderful publication that deals with health and fitness issues.

77. Garden & Gun

You can get free magazine back issues of Garden & Gun by submitting an online form. This is a digital magazine, too.

78. G&G Jr.

G&G Jr is a free magazine for children. It’s all about holidays by the beach and related attractions for during holidays.

79. Men’s Health

Health and fitness-related magazine for men of all ages. Sign up here to get printed copies in your mailbox.

80. Arthritis Today

For all victims of Arthritis and those who wish to prevent this chronic medical condition, the free magazine Arthritis Today provides vital information.

81. Hearing Health

This free magazine subscriptions and newsletter comes from Hearing Health Foundation. It is all about ear problems and related medical treatments.

82. Elle Décor

Superb publication for interior designers and homemakers, Elle Décor is available free upon submitting an online request.

83. Traditional Home

Get a two-year free subscription to Traditional Home. Articles are all about home décor and antiques, as well as vintage furnishings.

84. Homes & Lands

Homes & Lands is primarily about the real estate market. But anyone can subscribe for one year for free.

85. Supply House Times

Primarily for the plumbing and high-capacity air conditioning industry, they offer a free annual subscription upon request. This is for industry professionals only.

86. This Old House

This is a free magazine subscription for everyone who wants to make the best of their old houses. It contains tips and suggestions for repairs and facelifts.

87. Weight Watchers

For overweight and fitness-conscious people, this free magazine provides healthcare and dietary information and tips.

88. Rachel Ray Everyday

One of the best magazines for people that love cooking. This free magazine subscription contains recipes for 30-minute meals and nutrition guidelines.

89. Money

All about money, this free magazine subscription provides info on the best ways to earn extra income on the side as well as savings and investment tips.

90. Fast Company

Contains real-life stories about the top business leaders and upcoming ones. Get a free annual subscription from this link.

91. Fortune Investor’s Guide

Find out the best ways to invest and make your money grow from articles in this free magazine, Fortune Investor’s Guide. This comes from the famous magazine Fortune.

92. Time

Time doesn’t really give away free magazine subscriptions since it ranks among the topmost in the news and current affairs genre. However, you can get a free sample subscription here.

93. Wired

Reviews about the latest gadgets and upcoming technologies feature on a free magazine subscription, Wired. Subscribe for Wired here.

94. CNET

Everyone knows that CNET is one of the best resources to learn about the latest Internet technologies. Now CNET offers a free digital version of their magazine for all subscribers.

95. SCMP Global Impact

South China Morning Post, a respected newspaper from Hong Kong, provides a free digital news magazine known as SCMP Global Impact. It contains weekly news reviews and current affairs, as well as news analysis and editorials.

96. Take 5

Take 5 is a free online magazine available free on a subscription basis only. It’s a publication from The Japan Times, one of the oldest newspapers in the world. This magazine has news in brief. But to read the full version of the news, you’ll have to subscribe to The Japan Times.

97. 3ABN World

Three Angels Broadcasting Network, or 3ABN, is located in America and offers a free digital magazine, 3ABN World. It’s a free monthly magazine on the Christian faith and is available for free magazine subscriptions by mail too.

98. Dental Economics

Dental Economics is for dentistry professionals only. This free magazine subscription provides news and info on the latest, cost-saving dental treatments in the world.

99. LEDs

LEDs is a free magazine subscription on the latest development and uses of LED technologies in various fields. You can get a free subscription here.

100. Cosmopolitan

Actually, Cosmopolitan is a world-famous magazine available on a paid subscription basis. However, you can get a sample subscription for free here.

In Conclusion

The above list of 100 free magazine subscriptions from the US and elsewhere in the world amply proves that just about anyone can develop and enjoy the wonderful hobby of reading. However, do not subscribe to free magazines merely because you don’t have to pay anything.

Because free editions are limited and you might end up depriving some professionals of a copy they require for work. And there’s no point in collecting countless paper magazines at home or office or getting your email box flooded with digital magazines. Therefore, choose your free subscriptions wisely.


How to get free magazines by mail?

There are a few ways to get free magazines by mail. One of the easiest ways is to sign up for free trial subscriptions. Many magazines offer a limited-time free trial subscription to new customers. After the trial period ends, the subscriber will be billed for the subscription unless they cancel it.

What are the best free magazines?

There are many free magazines available online, covering a wide range of topics. Some popular options include Discovery, Oryx, iFly, Skylife, Spirit of Australia, and many others. It's important to note that while these magazines are free to read online, they may still require you to provide your contact information, such as an email address, to access their content. Additionally, some of the magazines listed may only be available in specific regions or countries.

How long do the free subscriptions last?

Free magazine subscriptions can range from a few weeks to permanent, with limited access or sponsored content. Some are offered as promotions with specific end dates. Check the terms and conditions for subscription details.

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