9 Ways to Get Free Diapers & Wipes Near You

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Caring for a baby is not an easy task, as any mom will testify. It involves lots of careful handling with love and affection. Since babies can’t speak, moms and caregivers always have to be alert to their needs.

Anyone that has raised babies or knows how to take care of a newborn will surely say that diapers and wipes are the essential requirements. That’s because babies tend to wet their diapers very fast. And wipes are essential to ensure that the sensitive skin of the baby is protected against any germs.

Why Free Diapers?

Since diapers and wipes are essential, surely, every parent would be willing to spend on these for their baby. However, that’s not the case. And hence, this simple article on nine ways to get free diapers and wipes near you.

Unfortunately, one out of every three Americans- or some 33.33 per cent of the total population of the USA- cannot afford diapers and wipes for their babies, according to a report on Parents.com. While there’re plans to provide free or even very affordable and cheap diapers for babies, there’s still a long way to go.

Hence, such parents can get free diapers and wipes from various sources. Understandably, it’s not easy to get free diapers and wipes, but these nine ways to get them could help.

The cheapest diapers cost around $0.15, while the pricier ones can cost about $0.75 each. The difference is in their absorbency and quality. It is estimated that an American family spends about $1,200 per year on the first year of the baby, on diapers and another $300 on wipes. This makes it a whopping $1,500, at least.

Meaning, on average, a family with a baby could spend more than $120 per month only on diapers and wipes. In such a case, some families have to depend on free diapers or even cheap ones. If that’s your case, here’re the nine best places to get free diapers.

Nine Best Places for Free Diapers and Wipes

The best way to start looking for free diapers and wipes is when you’re expecting a baby. That way, you’re well prepared when the baby finally arrives. Here’re some of the ways that you could get free diapers and wipes for your newborn.

1. National Diaper Bank Network

National Diaper Bank Network

The surest place to get free diapers is the National Diaper Bank Network or NDBN. This is a New Haven, Connecticut-based initiative. They have some 225-member diaper banks across the country. Under the initiative, these banks provide up to a maximum of 12 diapers for changes daily and some wipes, where available.

Check the NDBN website for more info and find if there’s a diaper bank in your area to get free supplies. This initiative is sponsored by Huggies, the major diaper brand in the USA.

2. Amazon Baby Registry

Amazon Baby Registry

Some Amazon Prime members claim that creating a baby registry on Amazon is one of the ways to get free diapers. However, I cannot verify this claim independently.

According to these members, you can create a free baby registry using your Amazon Prime account and start listing stuff that you require for the baby. Include diapers on the list. Amazon usually provides a few free diapers when you shop with them for the baby, members claim.

3. Target Baby Registry

Target Baby Registry

If you’re a regular shopper on Target, both offline and online, it’s possible to create a baby registry on their website. Include diapers and other stuff, such as wipes, that you would require for the baby. When you shop for baby needs at Target, they usually make a few special offers and provide diapers and wipes free of cost to parents.

However, to qualify, you need to buy the items that you list on the baby registry. Again, I am unable to verify these claims independently. I suggest that you contact the nearest Target superstore in your area and find out if they offer such a program.

4. Product Testing Websites

There’re some 20 legit and reputed product testing websites that operate in the US. Basically, these websites look for reviewers to test various products such as diapers and wipes to wine and cheese and write about their experiences with the products. Signup at one or more of these product testing websites.

Select the diapers, wipes and baby products category at the time of signup. Provide your name, postal address and other necessary details at the time of signing up. When there’re diapers and wipes for testing, you will get an email alert. Request for free samples of these diapers, wipes and other stuff for the baby.

5. Online Paid Surveys

Online Paid Surveys

There’re several online paid survey websites such as Swagbucks and Nielsen, InboxDollars.com and more. They offer free shopping vouchers for Amazon, Target, Walmart and other major stores when you complete a specific number of surveys and qualify for a payout.

While expecting a baby, signup for these websites and complete as many paid online surveys as possible to collect the maximum number of reward points. You can use these reward points to pay for the diapers and wipes when the baby arrives.

6. Maternity Hospitals and Clinics

Maternity Hospitals and Clinics

Maternity hospitals and clinics often have a lot of diapers they provide to patients. And sometimes, they’re kind enough to give away a few diapers if you request or are in need.

This is not a rule, and sometimes you might be disappointed. However, the maternity hospital or clinic where your baby is born might give you a few free diapers as a gift.

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7. Dollar Diaper Club

Dollar Diaper Club gives two bundles of diapers and wipes free when you buy baby kits from them. This offer could depend on your location. Therefore, I suggest that you check their website or Facebook page before going to the nearest Dollar Diaper Club location. The club is a paid subscription service.

8. Huggies Rewards

Huggies Rewards

A popular brand of diapers and wipes, Huggies, has a superb loyalty program known as Huggies Rewards. You can register as their loyalty club member and get some free diapers as part of their program rewards.

Read their terms and conditions carefully before you register. By any standards, this is one of the best loyalty programs in the USA.

9. Pampers Gifts to Grow

Pampers Gifts to Grow

Another superb loyalty program that you could join and get a few free diapers for your newborn is Pampers Gifts to Grow. Register online after reading their terms and conditions. As you might know, Pampers is also a top brand of diapers in the US and elsewhere in the world.

Therefore, they offer quite a lot of diapers for free to qualifying parents. Download their app and win lots of other gifts for babies from Pampers.

In Conclusion

According to reports from various sources, one out of every four babies is born to persons or households living below the poverty line or on minimum income in the USA. Therefore, the cost of diapers can be too much for such persons, including single moms struggling to make a living.

In such situations, initiatives and programs to provide free diapers and ensure the wellness of a baby are very important and necessary. Therefore, if you’re expecting a baby soon, I suggest that you join any of these programs or initiatives to look for free diapers.

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