How Can Housewives Start Work from Home Jobs

Many websites in India & around the world target idle sitting housewives to provide them with different types of opportunities for work from home jobs. Many of the women who stay at home with their kids like the idea of working from home so that they can help their husband to increase the family earnings.

Advantages of work from home jobs for housewives

There are multiple benefits for women if they work on work from home jobs from home. Some of them are given here.

  1. They can make extra income
  2. They can save money which they spend on child care.
  3. They can take better care of their kids

work from home job housewife

Whether its a man or woman, you will not see any difference the way any online job is completed. Women can really work on any type of work from home jobs that can be done by men. Any type of online opportunity is something that housewives will love to do in their part time.

Types of work from home jobs for women

So which are the best jobs housewives can do from home. Here are some of the best example they can do from home.

  1. Any type of online jobs
  2. Any consultancy business
  3. Teaching group of kids at home
  4. Candle making business
  5. Making snacks at home & sell in the market
  6. Any other job like sewing, knitting, writing etc.

You can also work as a mystery shoppers or open a ticket booking (train, flight, bus) business etc. You can find numerous opportunities that you can do from home.

You can even find many opportunities online. You can start a blog that writes about women’s problem or fashion accessories or cooking recipes etc. You can even sell some gift items or kids clothing online. People who purchase online never bother about who is the owner of the website. They love buying, what they like.

I have seen many freelancer women who dominate many of the categories in big freelancing sites like Elance, Fiverr etc.

Initial investment for home based job

A work from home job is entirely different than starting a small business in a commercial location. One of the main things that differentiate this is the cost factor. Housewives can start home based jobs in minimal investment.

Housewives has complete freedom in choosing their work from home jobs. You need to consider many things like your interest level, daily time it takes, whether you have to visit the client site etc. before choosing your home based job.

I would like to advise to try online jobs first as it involves zero cost & time is very flexible.

Ultimately, any work from home jobs for housewives come down to the particularized. What exactly she enjoys in working? What she is looking for in her work from home jobs?


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  2. says

    Any type of online jobs can be a good choice for women. It is very flexible and can be done at anytime in accordance with the schedule they can make it themshelves. But it needs skill too and forces them to keep reading and getting actual information. Thank you for sharing a good post.

  3. leel chinnam says

    My Dear

    I am working women and I have done my BCOM LLB AND MBA in finance I have child who is doing her 11th stand, got extra time to do the one line job I was searching several site and I lost money by paying one line I would like to know how to start the work as you are mentioning that to create a blog and so on
    please guide me how to start

  4. says

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  5. Faisal says

    Dear Sir
    I am looking for a trusted and safe online part time job which I can do easily and hassle free. I am an MBA in sales & marketing and appointed as a sales manager. Please give me details.




    Hi dis is paramjeet… today i have read about your online job suggestion for house wifes..and i am happy for knowing this and i am totally agree wid your ease earning suggestions…

  8. Sushanta Chowdhury says

    Sorry for the mistake in the earlier posting.Thank you for your information.But I can not believe it to be so easy.Please give me the detail.

    • GURURAJ says

      For educated homemakers doing recruitment related task is easy and remunerative too with good growth for expansion. Try it out thro website More KPO, LPO opportunities and CLOUD computing also coming fast for outsourcing to home segment in India. Regards. RAJ

  9. Fatema. S.Rangwala says

    I want to work frm home I m an house wife I
    Have done data entry job for 4 yrs pls send me details. I have waisted so much of money on paid surveys but didn’t work

  10. kriti says

    I am interested in work form home. I have good typing skill, analytical skill and communication skill. Please suggest me a legitimate work from home opportunity.

  11. sajida says

    Sorry for the mistake in the earlier posting.Thank you for your information.But I can not believe it to be so easy.Please give me the detail.

  12. hemavathi says

    Please send me details.. I had completed bsc in computer science.. I’m in some problem I need as soon as job… it’s my request

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