Where to Buy Kerosene Near Me? 15 Gas Stations that Sell Kerosene

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Why would anyone want to know where to buy kerosene? in our times, when we have enough electricity, batteries, power banks, gasoline, and other kinds of fuel? This is a question that you might ask after reading the title of this article.

Actually, millions of people across the USA actually use kerosene even now. That’s because kerosene has various uses at home and even outdoors.

Normally, most people buy a liter of kerosene for $10 at hardware stores and sometimes, also at dollar shops that can sell the liquid fuel. However, you can get a liter of kerosene for only $5, or half the price, if you know where to buy kerosene?

In this article, I will discuss the 15 best places- namely gas stations that sell kerosene. You could easily find one such as a gas station nearby and buy kerosene to save a lot of money.

Let’s start by understanding why kerosene is important and the reason that these prices actually could matter.

Importance of Kerosene

Similar to other hydrocarbon fuels, kerosene is also highly inflammable. That’s why it finds its uses in several things. You might be using kerosene for any of these purposes:

  • Lighting lamps and lanterns
  • Cleaning clothes with stains and fungus
  • Solvent for polishes and varnishes
  • As fuel for cigarette lighters
  • Kerosene fueled heaters

Additionally, kerosene is also useful as fuel in certain kinds of water pumps, electricity generators, and other machinery. A few vehicles for entertainment purposes also work on kerosene.

Therefore, if you’re among the high consumers of kerosene for all or any of these purposes, it’s possible to save a lot of money every year by buying this fuel at gas stations near you.

15 Gas Stations to Buy Kerosene

You can definitely buy kerosene at these fuel gas stations. However, it’s worth remembering that not every gas station of that brand might necessarily offer kerosene. Therefore, a good idea would be to search on Google Maps or Google Nearby and find out by calling, if the gas station indeed sells kerosene.

1. Sunoco

It is one of the gas stations to buy kerosene. Sunoco has over 5,000 gas stations across the USA. Though all of them don’t sell kerosene, you can find out whether it is available at their outlet near your place. They sell kerosene at $4 per liter.

Find a Gas station Near you here: Sunoco

2. Texaco

Texaco has close to 2,000 gas stations in America. It’s quite possible that the nearest Texaco station nearby sells kerosene. Enquire with Texaco the next time you’re around that place.

Find a Gas station Near you here: Texaco

3. Meijer

Meijer Gas operates at some 200 locations in Midwest USA. They also operate a few stores in that part of the country. You might be able to find kerosene at these gas stations.

Find a Gas station Near you here: Meijer

4. Lukoil

Lukoil has some 1,000 gas stations in the country. Though not all of them sell kerosene. If you’re a Lukoil customer, find out from their nearby gas station about kerosene.

Find a Gas station Near you here: Lukoil

5. Citgo

As you might know, Citgo is yet another major chain of gas stations in the USA. They have more than 5,000 gas stations in the country. Though all these gas stations don’t sell kerosene, you could get lucky by asking and finding your nearest one.

Find a Gas station Near you here: Citgo


With over 1,200 gas stations in the USA, you can find kerosene at any ARCO outlet nearby. However, it’s best to be sure and find out if the nearest place sells kerosene, by using Google Maps, Google Nearby or simply calling them.

Find a Gas station Near you here: ARCO

7. 76 Gas

Another possible place to get kerosene is 76 Gas. They have more than 1,500 gas stations in the USA and you might be able to find one on your route that sells kerosene. They sell a liter of kerosene at $5 only.

Find a Gas station Near you here: 76 Gas

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8. Shell

Shell has the highest number of gas stations in the USA. Therefore, it’s quite possible that some of them nearby sell kerosene. Obviously, not all of them would offer kerosene. However, they would sell it at gas stations near residential or industrial areas.

Find a Gas station Near you here: Shell

9. Speedway

Some 4,000 gas stations in the USA make Speedway one of the most likely places to buy kerosene. Always inquire whether the nearest Speedway gas station has kerosene on offer because sometimes, they might not be selling it from that particular outlet.

Find a Gas station Near you here: Speedway

10. Texaco

Texaco has about 1,200 fuel stations in the country. They also sell kerosene from some of these outlets, where the fuel is in high demand. You can enquire with them online or on phone to find out before visiting the Texaco gas station.

Find a Gas station Near you here: Texaco

11. Family Express

If you’re a resident of Indiana, it’s possible to find kerosene at Family Express gas stations. In fact, Family Express operates some 200 gas stations across Indiana and since some of them do sell kerosene, you can find one near you.

Find a Gas station Near you here: Family Express

12. Buc-ee’s

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Texas have a few gas stations run by a local chain known as Buc-ee’s. They have nearly 200 gas stations spread across some major locations in these states where you could buy kerosene.

Find a Gas station Near you here: Buc-ee's

13. Go Mart

Go Mart operates about 100 gas stations in Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio. Though not every Go Mart outlet in these states sell kerosene, some actually do offer the fuel and you can buy there.

Find a Gas station Near you here: Go Mart

14. Terrible Herbst

Terrible Herbst has 200 gas stations in Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and California. Some of these gas stations sell kerosene too. Check at the nearest Terrible Herbst gas station for this fuel.

Find a Gas station Near you here: Terrible Herbst

15. Weigel’s

Weigel’s gas stations are available mainly in eastern Tennessee. This company has 70 gas stations under the brand name and most of them actually sell kerosene. You can enquire before going to the gas station.

Find a Gas station Near you here: Weigel's

Wrap Up

Buying kerosene is not as difficult or expensive, as some people might believe. As a matter of fact, it’s easily available in most parts of the USA, from gas stations, convenience stores, and hardware stores, among other places.

The only difference in buying at gas stations is that you can get kerosene at half or less than half the prices charged by other stores. However, if you’re a small user of kerosene, I would suggest you buy at a store since the cost of driving to and from a gas station might be expensive compared to the savings.

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