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romantic bed and breakfast near me

All of us look for a romantic getaway sometimes. Obviously, most of us might already be doing that on Valentine’s Day. However, Valentine’s Day isn’t the only occasion to add some romance to life. I say that every day of our life can become joyful when there is enough and healthy romance.

This means we sometimes need to leave the comfort of our homes or dorms for a day or two or even a weekend.

Sometimes, we need to find a romantic bed and breakfast place in a jiffy. This can become a sort of problem unless we know where to find one quickly. 

However, that needn’t be a problem anymore. In this article, I will tell you about the best places to get a romantic bed and breakfast near you.

Identifying Romantic Locations

If you’re feeling romantic and your partner feels the same way, actually, every place is fine. However, most couples look for certain elements that they identify as a symbol of romance.

  • Mountainsides.
  • Lake, river or seaside.
  • Places away from crowded localities.
  • Accommodations that could be haunted or have paranormal activity reported by others.
  • Places where they can stay without running into someone they know.
  • Generally, a place cut off from the rest of the civilization.
  • Mysterious places with obscure history
  • Locations where stargazing is possible.
  • Places where a couple can BBQ in privacy

There’s no end to the terms and conditions of people when it comes to looking for a romantic bed and breakfast location.

In my humble opinion, the best bed and breakfast places for any couple are the ones that give both some unique and pleasant experiences. That’s because an experience can’t be replicated or repeated another time with someone else.

If you’re seriously considering going to a romantic bed and breakfast nearby, here’re some options you should consider.

Best Romantic Bed And Breakfast Near Me

If you’re going to select the place, always keep it a secret from your partner. That adds to the romance. At the same time, ensure they’re not averse to staying in spooky places or isolated hotels and motels miles away from any town or city.

Once you’ve decided on the type of experience that you would love your beloved to enjoy, finding a romantic bed and breakfast near you becomes easier.

1. Airbnb

airbnb romantic bed and breakfast near me

The brand Airbnb was born as Air Bed-n-Breakfast. This is the surest place to find a superb romantic bed and breakfast near you. For those who don’t know yet, Airbnb isn’t just a website to book hotels and accommodations. As a matter of fact, Airbnb specializes in providing home stays and experiences. Most of their homestays or rentals offer total privacy. This means you can enjoy a romantic time with your partner at some of their amazing properties, with or without some exclusive experience.

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2. Dunton Experiences

Dunton Experiences

Dunton Experiences is based in Dunton, a small town in Colorado that was incorporated in 1885. They have plenty of experiences for a romantic getaway that includes bed and breakfast stays. If you’re in Colorado or would be visiting this beautiful state, look for some of their exclusive bed and breakfast packages. 

3. Visit Novato

Visit Novato

As the name suggests, you can get some superb romantic bed and breakfast options in Novato in northern California from this website. They also offer trips such as wine tasting and visits to craft breweries in that region. If you’re looking for something more private, go through their user-friendly website, where you will find bed and breakfast options at very affordable prices. 


Regardless of whether you’re looking for a romantic bed and breakfast in your city or at some distant foreign destination, has it all. In fact, their wide selection of bed and breakfast options would amaze you. You can book a romantic weekend or even a single night at by finding a place that suits your budget.

They have a superb loyalty and rewards program known as ‘Genius’.  The reward is simple: The number of hotel night you book decide the freebies you will get. For example, the Genius level-2 enables you to get free breakfast at most properties where you book a stay.

5. Universal Resorts

Universal Resorts

Maybe you guessed this one right. Universal Resorts is from Universal Studios. Here, you can have a truly amazing weekend with characters and sets of movies from Universal Studios. But that’s not all. Universal Resorts in Orlando, Florida, is also near to other theme parks such as the Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando and Warner Brothers and several more.

These resorts can be slightly pricey, but they’re worth every single Dollar for the romantic experience that you’ll enjoy. 

6. Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line

What to take your romance to another level? Check Norwegian Cruise Line. They have cruises for a night or even a weekend, with prices starting from less than $300. They have special romantic cruises, too, including some for honeymoons. Going on a cruise with your partner is a wonderful experience that you can’t afford to miss. Check the website of Norwegian Cruise Line for more details.

7. The Roxbury Experience

The Roxbury Experience promises you a romantic getaway in and around New York City that’s quite unique. The company is very secretive about what they offer as part of their romantic getaway packages, but that’s fine since it adds to the thrill and mystery. You can check their website and book a Roxbury experience at any of their two properties in New York. 

8. The Liberty Hotel

The Liberty Hotel

The Liberty Hotel in Boston is very famous all around the world. They have a superb romantic package at the hotel. However, the Love at the Liberty Package doesn’t really come cheap. If you wish to give your partner something very romantic and the experiences they will cherish lifelong, book the Love at the Liberty Package. Remember, they provide these packages on advance booking only.

9. The Crescent Hotel

The Crescent Hotel

This hotel, located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, is something a couple should enjoy. The hotel has been featured in movies such as Ghostbusters, Ghost Hunters and other paranormal shows on TV.

There’re claims hat the Crescent Hotel is haunted by spooks. And they also have different activities related to ghost watching and ghost hunting, to name a few. This is a fantastic romantic place for a couple but definitely not for couples with weak hearts or vivid imaginations.

10. Old West Temecula

Old West Temecula

If you’re a couple that’s committed to going through thin and thick with one another, try a romantic getaway at the Old West Temecula Hotel. This hotel is located in a small town, Temecula in California. Here, you can play the role of a sheriff or a prisoner. However, all couples will sleep in rooms that’re modeled on the lines of a prison. Meaning, you and your partner will be locked for life, unless the staff at Old West Temecula decides to release you.


Personally, I believe that anyone can create their own romantic weekend or even a night together away from the maddening crowd. All it requires is some outside-the-box imagination and romance. Understandably, staying at the places that I mentioned on this list does help since they have all the activities lined up and included in their costs. This means you don’t need to cough up more money to create a romantic getaway.

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