Why GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting is Best for Blogging

Its more than 6 years I am into full time blogging & making a 6 figure income from blogging.

I have used almost all the top hosting sites that bloggers prefer to create their blog but even after 6 years I feel GoDaddy Managed WordPress hosting is the best for new as well as well as high traffic blogs.

GoDaddy launched Managed WordPress hosting 3 years back and before that I was using the normal hosting by installing WordPress manually but after I moved to Managed WordPress hosting from GoDaddy, I can say its the best.

So why the hell I am recommend this hosting?

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Review

Before I will ask you to go for GoDaddy WordPress hosting, I will tell you every single benefit you can get with this hosting. And I am sure you will not get these benefits on any other hosting.

1. Most Affordable WordPress Managed Hosting

There are dozens of popular companies that provides Managed WordPress hosting but if you check the plans of many of these companies like WP EngineSynthesis, Kinsta etc, you will find their minimum plans starts from $30 per month and goes up to $500 per month.

But at GoDaddy, you can find similar plans at very affordable price. If you are from India, you can get it for as low as Rs.99 per month & if you are from USA, UK or other countries, you can get it for $3.99 per month.

You can also get a free domain worth $12 if you buy 1 year hosting.

Check all the WordPress Hosting Plans from GoDaddy.

godaddy managed wordpress hosting

2. Three Features You Won’t Get Anywhere

One of the main reason, I liked GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting the most is these 3 features you will not find with other hosting companies. These are-

1. Easy & Fast WordPress Migration: If you are using another hosting for your WordPress blog and want to migrate to GoDaddy hosting then GoDaddy make it very easy & fast migration for you.

migrate wordpress site

You just need to provide your WordPress admin details & ftp details & with in 30 minutes, your WordPress blog will be migrated to a temporary domain.

You can check that everything looks same on your old & new blog with temporary URL & when you are 100% sure, you can change the nameserver with your domain registrar & change the temporary domain to your actual domain at GoDaddy.

Within 1 hour, you can migrate your entire website on GoDaddy.

2. Restore Files & Database: This is another useful feature that attracts me a lot. Although GoDaddy provides great security to your WordPress sites but if unfortunately your site is attacked by hackers then you don’t need to worry at all.

You just go to the GoDaddy Restore feature provided in the settings & restore your website to the point when it was working fine.

Another instance – suppose you are editing any system file or adding a plugin & suddenly your website goes down & you don’t have any idea what went wrong.

In that case also you can use this Restore feature. Refer the image below-

restore files database

You can select to restore either files, database or both. GoDaddy offers you 30 day’s worth of backups.

3. One-click staging site: If you want to experiment with your website by adding new themes, plugins or changing CSS or PHP files without modifying the content your visitors see then this feature can help you.

godaddy staging site

In staging environment, you can create a copy of your website with a temporary domain. You can experiment with your website & once your satisfied, you can push the content to the original website & all your changes will go live.

3. No downtime even after millions of traffic

If you are not using GoDaddy for the reason that your website will be down with high traffic then you are wrong.

I have number of high traffic WordPress sites on different hosting but GoDaddy Managed WordPress hosting is the only hosting that gave me the best uptime.

My blog MoneyConnexion is using GoDaddy WP hosting &  receives close to 1 million page views a month. UptimeRobot shows my blog was 99.97% up in last 30 days.

GoDaddy hosting uptime

You can get the basic hosting plan if you are just starting a new blog. But if you have an existing high traffic website then you can choose a different plan as per your need. You can check all hosting plans from GoDaddy here.

4. High security

Trust me that your sites is more secured on GoDaddy Managed WordPress hosting than any other expensive hosting.

I use to get security problems on some of my sites on different hosting but on GoDaddy its a rare case.

To help make Managed WordPress accounts as hack-proof as possible, GoDaddy impose strict, security-oriented limitations on which files are editable.

And even if your website is compromised for any reason, you can anytime use the Restore option provided by GoDaddy as explained above.

GoDaddy also keeps checking if any of the plugins in WordPress repository can damage your website & make it blacklisted so that it won’t harm you.

5. Customer support is great

Even with great features, a company is not a good company if its customer support is poor & you don’t get proper response for your problem.

GoDaddy provides 24×7 customer support for all your problem & they try to solve it as fast as possible.

I have called up their Indian office in Hyderabad many times & I am never disappointed with their support.

I have used even their customer care phone line in USA & they provide great support for all your queries.

Online chat is more better way to solve your queries. Online chat option is available only in USA but you can use it from any country.

Just visit GoDaddy website, change country to United States & then click on Help option & check the online chat option at the bottom of the page.

6. Discounts even for renewal

You must have seen so many lucrative discounts and offers for WordPress hosting. But many companies provide discount for first year only.

But in case of GoDaddy, you will get discount every year. Recently when my hosting was about to expire, I got a call from GoDaddy for my hosting renewal.

I thought I need to pay the full amount for the renewal but they gave me 30% discount & made me happy.

So this is my experience with GoDaddy Managed WordPress hosting & I am sure you have the same opinion if you are using this hosting.

And if you are not using this hosting, just get a great discount from here. I am sure you will enjoy this.

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