Six Small Business Apps You Should Not Live Without

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Small Businesses Apps

Starting a small business is fairly easy nowadays. Thanks to the Internet, it’s now possible to launch an online business within a few days. Provided, you have a great idea at hand and are willing to realize that dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Undoubtedly, starting a small business is exciting and can prove profitable as well. Yet, we can’t deny the fact that every small business comes with its own fair share of unexpected problems and sometimes, lots of hard work.

Therefore, if you’re planning on starting or already own a small business, here’s our list of six amazing apps that you wouldn’t dare live without.

But Why Apps?

We can understand owners of most small businesses wondering why use apps in the first place? The answer is simple. These apps would help you save a lot of time and resources on various processes of your small business.

As a small business, you might not have a lot of staff or even some skill that’s important to succeed.

In such instances, these six small business apps can prove very useful. They make it a lot easier to handle the business and save your time on processes that you’d otherwise have to do manually or hire someone.

These small business apps come free or at a reasonable subscription fee. Upon using them for some time, you’ll wonder how you could live without them.

Top 6 Small Businesses Apps

Small Businesses Apps

In fact, these six best apps for small businesses that we’re listing are very easy to use. You needn’t be a techie or a computer wizard to use these apps. And as I mentioned earlier, they’ll surely save a lot of hassles.

1. Evernote

Evernote is a best apps for small business owners to sync and store their notes on meetings, to-do lists and lots more.

You can sign-in using a Google account and organize and compile your notes for your reference or share them with local and remote employees, if necessary. It provides 2GB spare for each employee.

Furthermore, Evernote also manages your deals while providing vital business tips which can prove rather useful for a small business owner.

2. Asana

Asana is very useful for small businesses that take various projects. It is primarily a task management resource that is Cloud based and can help organize various projects and their related work efficiently.

Asana enables as best apps for small business owners to assign tasks to their team leaders as well as individual employees. It’s possible to provide notes, auxiliary work and allot deadlines where necessary to all employees.

The chat and messaging feature allows for effective communications with your team. For workforce of 30 of less, you could use the free business apps version of Asana. And for staff ranging between 31 and 50 members, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription of $300 only.

3. Meeting Mapper

This app works on iPad and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. True to its name, this app is the best apps for small business owners as it allows them to map their meetings for future references. It has a feature that works somewhat like transcriptions.

Meaning, it will record the minutes of a meeting and allow you to store the important points that were said by employees and you. You can use these notes to send to staff for execution of tasks when necessary.

It is also possible to share tasks and notes from the meeting with a team or individual employees when necessary. Another main function of Meeting Mapper is scheduling one-on-one or even group meetings online to ensure seamless workflow.

4. Dropbox Business

There’re two versions of Dropbox that’re available online: the free business apps version and Dropbox Business. This is the best apps for small business owners, so we recommend Dropbox Business.

It allows for sharing of large files privately or to a team. Furthermore, team members can also share confidential information without the risk of leaking information through Dropbox Business.

It allows for sharing of spreadsheets, engineering plans and designs, all kinds of text documents, maps and graphs as well as pictures. This is a very useful resource if you’re having a team of more than 10 persons.

Dropbox Business is also available as an app for computer and smartphones. This means, it’s possible to share documents round the clock. It has a feature to send automatic alerts to user whenever a new file is uploaded.

5. PayPal

Surely you’ve heard about PayPal. We term PayPal as an indispensable app for every small business. As the name suggests strongly, PayPal is all about payments and money for which you’re running a business.

In fact, PayPal is the world’s single largest online payment system and gateway which works both as a website and app for Android based and Apple smartphones. It is also a very secure and safe way to send and receive money both within the country and from abroad.

You could use it for paying suppliers, employees and ordering goods. At the same time, it’s also the swiftest way to receive money from customers who might not have a credit or debit card to pay online.

PayPal integrates well with the bank account of every business. It provides a detailed statement whenever necessary. Though PayPal charges for money transfers, it offers a seamless and fast way to send and receive money.

6. Mailchimp

Without any doubt we can testify that Mailchimp is the best email and contact management app in the world. It allows you to keep employees, stakeholders, suppliers and others informed about the latest developments with the small business.

Millions of small businesses around the world use Mailchimp for sending product updates, special offers and promotions as well as notes to teams worldwide. It integrates very well with the website of any small business as well as a blog.

Mailchimp works as both an app and website. You can try Mailchimp email marketing tool for free for up top 2000 contacts.. Mailchimp is a free business app to use if you have up to 2,000 contacts. But you’ll pay for sending emails to people that aren’t on the contact list.

The paid version is available for different levels of use and number of emails you would send per month.

In Conclusion

Over the last five years, several new small business apps have come up and are available free business apps or for a nominal subscription.

That’s because about 80 percent of all ecommerce or online buying and selling now occurs through smartphones and apps.

Obviously, no small business can afford to neglect the potential of tapping customers that prefer using smartphones over computers to shop online or conduct other financial transactions.

Using these six small business apps could simplify a lot of your business processes and help you tap into the growing online market.

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