6 Small Business Apps You Should Not Live Without

Running a business can be a challenging affair and it requires lot of effort. But you can make your life easy if you use some small business apps. These small business apps are quite useful as these are developed with utmost care and are designed to make life easier.

Although there are many apps you can use for your business but I am going to tell you 6 best apps which if you use can’t live without. Here is a look at 6 small business apps you shouldn’t live without.

small business apps


If you want to Sync your notes together at one place then Evernote can prove to be the best bet for you. This application is extremely beneficial for small business houses as it helps them to compile, organize and keep track of notes.

Moreover you can also take care of your deals and projects and it also offers small tips for users that are highly recommended. If you want to share notebooks with your employees you can do that as well. With Evernote you can use 2 GB of memory space per employee and you can also use this much space to upload data and organize your notes.


If you are into project making business then Asana can prove to be the best business app for your business. It is a task management based tool that is cloud based. With the help of Asana you can assign tasks to different individuals. Moreover the task that you assign can be upgraded with notes, subtasks and deadlines if any.

If you want to upload more documents or want to chat with employees you can do that also. If your group is less than 30 people then this app is completely free and you have to spend $300 per month in case the group is more than 30 people but less than 50 people.


The Meeting Mapper is an iPad based app and can be downloaded from iTunes store. If you want to map out your meetings then Meeting Mapper is the best solution for you. The best thing about this software is that it keeps a strong check on every meeting and opinion and helps you in creating tasks and schedules for new meetings.


Dropbox Business is another business app that allows you to share and view different files in a secure manner. The best part about this application is that it can be shared across the world with authentication. The trail pack is free of cost and the if the number of user is more than you need to pay a dedicated amount.


This application is one of the best business app for the small business houses. This application can be used with the help of a smart phone or mobile phone. In order to make the report making process more easy Expensify can be used. If you have made any purchases with the help of your credit card or debit card you can track them with the help of Expensify.

It is one of the great bill processing and invoicing application. This is one of the great small business app and if you are an individual user then it won’t cost you anything and for a team of corporate users it can cost around $5 to $10 per account.


Crushpath is another such business app that can help you reach out to customers with the help of email and social media web pages. You can even load pictures and interact directly with your customers through various chat modules that can prove to be really beneficial for your business growth.

Apart from the above said six small business apps there are many more business apps that can help you grow your business such as Appointment plus, BillGuard, Venmo and many more. For more information about such business apps one can search internet and can accumulate pretty good information about all such apps.

In order to make full use of all such business apps one needs to study all the pros and cons of such apps. There are many term and conditions also that one needs to study. It is good if we read all the instructions that are given with these business apps in order to make full use of such business apps for better performance and results.


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