20 Time Management Tips for People Working from Home

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Working from home is not that easy as it seems to be. Here your success totally depends upon how well you manage your time. Sometimes working from home could be very tricky because you could mix your personal life with the professional.

If you are not able to pay an attention to your work at home job then you might lose focus. Therefore, we have jot down list of 20 time management tips for people working from home.

Time Management Tips

1. Partition Your Time for Day and Night

You need to partition your 24 hours days into day time work and night time work. As we all know people working from home, work when they want. They work at day time and even at night.

So always set a time frame for day time slot and night time slot.

2. Create an Office Space in Your Home

It is advised that don’t work on your bed. You could set up an office space well in your home. An office space would create a productive work culture hence you save lot of time from other unnecessary activities.

3. Create a Time-Table or a Priority List

You could always create a time table of your working day. It will help you to break up your job into small working hours. Prioritize your work, finish the most important job first and then move to less important. Scheduling helps you to manage your time effectively.

4. One Work at a Time

This is key to the success. At a time you could choose a particular piece of work. Do not try to make things complicated. In morning you could take up the most difficult part of your work and later you could get relaxed and finish your remaining work.

5. Do NOT Get Lost in Your Email

If you work from home especially on the Internet then you might receive hell lot of emails. Do not waste time in reading and answering all of your emails. You could choose most important emails and skip all others.

Use outlook and other software for reading emails and save your time.

6. Bookmark All the Important Websites in a Folder

If your work involves use of internet then you should know how to browse things up. Otherwise you might get lost and waste your entire day achieving nothing.

Hence, I advise you to bookmark all important websites in a folder of your web browser.

7. Use Excel Spreadsheet to Keep a Track

You could make use of excel spreadsheet to jot down all your day’s work with the time. In one column you can create the list of the work and in next enter the time when it is finished. Check mark the cell when a piece of work is finished.

You save a lot of time.

8. Do NOT Leave Your Work for Late Night

Do not leave your unfinished work for the night time. In night you might feel exhausted and you might skip the job to next morning. So you waste precious time. Therefore, avoid delaying tactics and finish your work in day time only, if possible.

9. Avoid Mixing Your Household Chore with Home Jobs

This is one of the major drawbacks of working from home. People start mixing their job with household work. If you do that then you tend to pile up more and more unfinished job. Later, you find it very difficult to complete all of it.

So avoid mixing two things together.

10. Outsource Your Less Technical Jobs to Others

You could take advantage of websites like Fiverr, Elance etc for outsourcing some of your job. Instead of you wasting time on less important things you could focus on something that is more important.

Thus outsource some of your jobs to others and save your time.

11. Hire Two to Three Employees for Sorting Data

If you could afford then you could hire one or two employees to do things which are very tedious, like sorting the data.

Don’t waste time in sorting information when you could always hire some employees at very low cost.

12. Use 2 to 3 Computers and Divide Your Work

This is one of the best tips to manage your time effectively. If you use computer then use at least 2 to 3 of them. It is because it will help you to divide your work. You could perform a particular work on one computer and a different one on other.

13. Do NOT Leave Your Job for the Next Day

Procrastination is the bad habit. Finish all of your work in one day. Do not leave things for the next day. Manage your time in such a way that you finish all of your work in given time.

14. Use as Many as Web Applications to Cut Your Work Short

Technology has made things easier for you. There are many web applications and software that could easily reduce your working time. For designing, drawing, painting etc you could software templates that are available readymade.

You don’t have to waste time inventing wheel one more time.

15. Take Small Breaks While You Work for Productivity

If you want to be more productive then take small breaks while you work. This is an effective time management tip.

Small breaks like a tea break or even a quick nap could reduce stress and when you come back to work you feel more productive.

You can do a lot of work in small time.

16. Managing Your Employees Effectively Could Save a Lot of Time

If you have more employees then you have to handle them effectively. You must know how to allot a piece of work to an employee.

You should give work to employees according to their skill level so that they could finish work right in time.

17. Use Laptop and Dongle While You Travel

Sometime it happens that you have to travel. In work from home jobs you cannot waste time because time is money.

So you must take your laptop and internet connection with you. You must stay connected to your work even you are not in home.

18. High Speed Internet Connection is Must

If your internet connection is slow then this might waste your time. Because most of the work from home jobs are internet based.

You have to have high speed internet connection. If it is slow then you waste your time daily. So check your internet speed.

19. Multitasking Could Save a Lot of Time

Although, I earlier suggested doing one job at a time but for less important things you could multitask. You can handle more than one piece of work at a time and save your time. Multitasking is the best way to manage your time.

20. Maintaining Discipline and Proper Work Culture

Finally, the most important time management tip is to maintain a discipline and a proper work culture. Follow a particular regimen daily and do not deviate from it.

If you have employees then they must be disciplined for a productive work culture.

So these were top 20 time management tips for people working from home. Some of the tips are general and some applies for people working for home jobs only.

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