RummyCircle Review – Is this Scam or Legit?

Can you really make money with RummyCircle? Is Rummy Circle a legit or a scam?

I know there are many questions cropping up in your mind regarding

Therefore we are writing this article to answer your concerns pertaining to this gambling site.

What is RummyCircle?

Rummy Circle is India’s largest web portal for playing cards online with over 3.2 million registered users across the country.


With a two deck of cards, 13 cards are distributed to each player and you play with 2 to 6 players at a given time.

Basically you make right sequence and sets.

You can play rummy for fun and also for real cash where you can make money with it.

To make it simple, if you want to earn cash then you also have to put money on the table. So it is just like gambling.

How Do You Join Rummy Circle?

Well joining RummyCircle is very easy and it is free of cost.

You just have to give your username, password and email account to join the site. You don’t need any credit card for joining.

You can join the site and start playing free games to get hold of playing cards online. You can practice and learn tricks playing free games and then move on to playing for cash where you invest money.

You can register RummyCircle here.

But Wait!! Don’t register on the website before you read this complete review otherwise you may lose your money.

Different Games You Play at Rummy Circle to Make Money

There are different games you play to make money.

13 Card Points Rummy

Here you play with 2 to 6 players with 2 or more pack of 53 cards. You have to set/sequence the cards and click the declare button first. You win the game.

You play for points that have a rupee value. The value of each point is set by the players you are playing with.

For example one point could be of value Rs 5/-.

You have to put some money on the table. Everyone in the group puts money and the winner wins all the cash in the end.

Winning Amount = (Sum of all the points of opponents) X (Rupee Value of Points) – Rummy Circle Fees.

The rummy circle fee is 1% to 2% cut in the winning amount.

Check to know more about 13 Card Points

Pool Rummy

Here you play the game with fixed entry fee that forms the prize pool.

Players get eliminated as their score reaches the maximum limit of points they submitted on the table.

Whoever finishes sequencing first wins the game.

Winning Amount = (Entry Fee) X (Number of Players) – Rummy Circle Fees

For example 6 players joined the games with a fixed entry fee of Rs 100/- each then the winner get Rs 100/- X 6 = Rs 600/-


Deals Rummy

Here also there is an entry fee at the beginning of the deal. Chips are allocated at the beginning of the deal and the winner who wins all the chips takes away the money.

Arrange the cards and be the winner.

Winning Amount = Sum of Points of All opponents – Rummy Circle Fees

For example there are 5 players and each one loses with 20, 30, 40 and 50 points respectively then winner gets 20+30+40+50=140 chips.

For More Click Here

So these were 3 popular games you can play to earn real cash.

Rummy Circle Tournaments

You can join tournaments to make money. There are promotional tournaments like Mega Tournaments, Club Tournaments and recently added Jumbo Tournaments.

You join tournaments either by redeeming your reward points or paying an entry fee like Rs 25/-.

Find the details about tournaments here.

Rummy Circle Promotions

Promotions are recurring contests where you get bonus in the form of cash backs. You got supreme bonus, club bonus, Sunday Masters etc.

For More Click Here

Deposit Amount, Tickets and the Cash Prize

You have to keep in mind that if you want to make money then you have to put some money on the table.

There is nothing free here.

To join a game for playing you must deposit an amount. After you deposit you get a ticket so you are eligible for playing.

The minimum deposit can be Rs 25/- and maximum can go up to Rs 10,000/-.

Before you start playing games that pays you real money you need to add cash in your account.

You can add cash through net banking, debit/credit card, Paytm, Mobikwik etc. It also allows you to deposit amount through COD.

You order the scratch card worth Rs 250/- to Rs 10,000 and pay cash once you receive it.

You can have to withdraw a minimum amount of Rs 100/- and after certain limit you also pay a processing fee.

For More Click Here

How Much Money Can You Make or Lose Playing RummyCircle Games

As a beginner you might be thinking how do I get started?

You can start with joining Rummy tournament as a beginner. You deposit the minimum amount (which is Rs 25/-) and buy tickets (Tickets are your entry fee) and start playing the game with others.

Check Here

Right now tournament starts at 8 pm and for 7 tickets the total prize is Rs 9000/- and first prize is Rs 1000/-.

Price of one ticket could be Rs 50 to Rs 100/- or more it depends.

Here is the table with deposit amount and the total prize of a given tournament you will be participating.

Deposit Amount Total Prize Guaranteed Amount First Prize
Rs 100 Rs 50,000/- Rs 10/- Rs 4000/-
Rs 1000/- Rs 100,000/- Rs 100/- Rs 9500/-
Rs 500/- Rs 100,00/- Rs 50/- Rs 9000/-
Rs 300/- Rs 1,25,000/- Rs 30/- Rs 8500/-
Rs 50/- Rs 50,000/- Rs 5/- Rs 3500/-

You make or lose money depending upon how well you play a game. The above table will give you an idea how much you have to deposit for a game.

An Honest Review of RummyCircle

Now I shall give you a neutral review of the Rummy Circle!rummycircle_review

What I Liked About the Rummy Circle?

What I liked about the Rummy Circle is that you play with other real human beings and not computer.

You get to play with others just like you. Moreover the site is transparent and everything is explained in complete details.

But many people claims that robots are also being used by rummy circle to play with the real members.

If you want to play for fun and RummyCircle is a great site.

Problems with Rummy Circle

Although everything seems legit but there are hundreds of complaints from different RummyCircle members.

Many say RummyCircle is a scam!

I will recommend you to read all these complaints from the link below before you deposit even a single penny on their website-

Another main problem is money is not great. It is not as good as it is shown there.

You don’t make that much money as shown there. Only few people are able to win cash prize of worth Rs 25,000/- or above.

You have to give full time if you want to win games and make a living playing games. Most of people can’t win even a single game.

Moreover there are issues with management of your account.

You deposit money but it does not show in your account. Sometimes they don’t pay you for your win.

There are cheating issues also. Gamers complain that the cards are not distributed properly.

The loading time is very high and user interface is also not very friendly.

Finally there is no live chat or phone support if you need to enquire something important.

In short I will say keep it real and don’t expect anything much from RummyCircle. Take this site just for fun and not a serious money making opportunity.


  1. Hi I also lost good money in rummy circle around 5 lack . The card distortion is not fair . I feel it’s all computer setting . Cheating people . We have to make awareness and help people not to play in this .I am registering a consumer complaint how many of you want to join with me please reply

  2. Online rummy is good way to earn money. You can try rummy circle. Many of the real player posted their Rummy circle reviews that Rummycircle is really genuine.

  3. So many people have reported about the poor services offers by the customer support team. And I am one of them too. Just yesterday I called them to enquire about receiving my cash winnings of Rs 4400 they tell me when was the payment due, I said a month ago, then they tell me, so wait for a month more and cut the call. Is that even professional? I called back again and they tell me to stop calling and wasting their time as it’s their tea time.

    I am really fed up of this attitude seriously this ought to be changed. Learn something from KhelPlay Rummy. They always have their site updated and if you call the customer support team there they will actually help you out with your queries no matter how big or small. I am an old who doesn’t not understand technology very well, so I have many queries. But they have always been extremely patient with me.

    I strongly urge Rummy Circle to address to this issue otherwise they will have to shut shop in the near future.

  4. Rummy Circle is a scam. I have wasted 5 months of my life, energy, and money on this website. After 5 months, I managed to win Rs. 1300 and requested for a cash transaction, immediately my account got blocked. When I talked to the customer care staff, they tell me I have violated some company rules and cannot access my account. On recommendation from my friend Reena, I joined KhelPlay Rummy. I won Rs. 550 on the very first day in a tournament and request for a payout. The amount was credited in my account within 2 days. KhelPlay Rummy is a superb website for its amazing tournament cash prizes and smooth, transparent cash transactions.

  5. The blog posting is good but mentioning the links of complaintsboard and grahakseva which shows total negative picture is not good. have 5 million players and it is rummy, someone will win and someone will loose and the links you have posted of complaints site is full of those few players who loose and as they have just joined the platform to win money in short time, they have taken out their frustration in complaints site. Some players know that they are trying to trick with multiple accounts and stuff to get more bonus to play and when they are blocked, they complain that rummycircle is fake. Please just remove other 3rd party links which is not the right picture of the brand.

  6. I was in my early twenties when I started getting keen on playing rummy. It isn’t something I had learned before, so my friend suggested me to get online. Generally, online rummy websites have dedicated pages that help understand how to play rummy and the various tricks involved.

    After reading several reviews on various forums, I chose to play on KhelPlay Rummy. All the reviews praised the website for their easy to understand interface, great customer care team, and easy and quick withdrawals. So, I went online to experience it myself. I am surprised that all the things people have said about KhelPlay Rummy are indeed true. I received my cash winnings in less than 24 hours.

    Since I had read many negative reviews of Rummy Circle, out of curiosity, I decided to give this website a try too. The website kept lagging and the game went so slow, I finally just quit midway. When I asked for a withdrawal, I was informed it will take 8 days. However, its 10th day today and I am still awaiting the cash rewards. I have tried to contact with the customer care staff and do not seem very helpful.

    I am yet to try other rummy websites like Adda52 and Ace2three. However, in conclusion, I would recommend KhelPlay Rummy over other websites and would suggest you to not waste your time at playing rummy on Rummy Circle.

  7. Hi,

    I have personally earned lot in rummy and especially through rummy circle. My personal suggestion is you can download app using link and then play the game since it saves your idle time.
    When compared to other sites rummy circle is mobile friendly. They are also giving 100% cashback on 1st deposit. So I suggest to play it now

  8. I think people playing online rummy with less skills and loosing, is posting negative reviews and you have replicated the same review links in the blog which doesn’t tell what you really think..
    For me, it is a legit site, because I am playing from last 2 years and have lost and won at times as well and it looks like entertaining platform to me. Actually, it is also how you look forward the platform, people see it as money earning scheme and therefore they get disappointed by not reaching to their expectations..

  9. They are to many complaints on this site, The reason behind i feel is baseless promotions of 10lacs, 20 lacs tournaments i felt.


  10. i have lost 8000rs money in rummy circle,this is very embarrassing me. dears don’t join in rummy circle. really i’am habituated .

  11. rummy circle is fully Bogus website which always their own players and th ey will not allow you to win they will only win and take your money …..Do not add money as you will be in loss….my id is KDname141 and i have lost nearly 8oooo Rs……pls do not add money… manager Mr.nikhil Will call and give good impressions in order to make you not withdrawing yourMoney….its totally a SCAM

  12. Guys,

    Please do not add any money in any of the site, this is purely algorithm and this will make you addicted.

  13. A great review!!!

    Your Neutral review saves many peoples life’s and there valuable time, money and emotions

    Now the decision is up to the person who wanted to play for FUN / MONEY

    May God Bless you and give you all the best things needed to you in your life

    Thank you Bro !!!

  14. According to me, if you are a rummy game fan then nothing can be better then Website gaming platform is very user friendly.

  15. Hello Pritam, Thanks for sharing these reviews, as i am new to rummycircle and have gone through many sites and get confused as there are lots of reviews, but i have got final review here.

  16. I thought it would be tricky to understand the game of Rummy. But to my surprise it is actually quite simple. It’s one of the most entertaining card games that you can play online. The Rummy tournaments on portals like RummyCircle are just amazing

  17. Your thinking toward the respective issue is awesome also the idea behind the blog is very interesting which would bring a new evolution in respective field. Keep update more information.

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