Recession Proof Business Ideas in USA in 2024

Ashwin Honawar

recession proof business ideas

The scariest scenario for most Americans would most likely be an economic recession. That’s because a financial recession or economic recession causes job losses and increases unemployment rates.

As a cascading effect, consumer confidence spirals downwards and spending decreases, forcing businesses to down shutters temporarily or sometimes, permanently.

You might recall the last such economic recession. It hit the US and the word at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Aftershocks of this economic recession are felt in the US and other parts of the world till date.

Before I speak about the best recession proof businesses in the US, I suggest that you read this article very carefully and note all the points. I will also discuss the impacts of the past recessions, reasons and other related issues in this article so that it serves you as a complete guide for starting a business.

Here’s an overview of how the economic recession that hit the US in mid-2020 impacted the country and its people.

Impact of 2020 Economic Recession in USA

The COVID-19 recession had a severe impact on the US economy, with job losses, business closures, and a decline in GDP. While there has been economic recovery, the effects of the pandemic continued to be felt in certain sectors and for certain demographics even in 2024.

Immediate Impact

  • Job losses: The pandemic caused a significant spike in unemployment. The US economy lost a staggering 23 million jobs at the beginning of the pandemic, leading to the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression.
  • GDP decline: Gross Domestic Product (GDP), a measure of the total value of goods and services produced, contracted by 3.5% in 2020. This was the biggest contraction since 1946.
  • Business shutdowns: Many businesses, especially in sectors reliant on in-person interaction (travel, leisure, hospitality) faced closures and revenue losses. Small businesses were particularly impacted

Long-term effects

  • Uneven recovery: While the US economy has rebounded since the initial recession, the recovery hasn't been even across all sectors. Some industries are still struggling, and job growth hasn't fully recovered to pre-pandemic levels.
  • Supply chain disruptions: The pandemic caused disruptions in global supply chains, leading to shortages of goods and materials. These disruptions continued to impact some industries in 2024.
  • Increased inequality: The pandemic worsened wealth and racial inequality. Studies suggest millions of Americans were pushed into poverty due to the pandemic.

If we look at this impact, it becomes clear that the lives of common US citizens as well as migrants and foreign students across the US were affected. While the US has largely recovered from the impact of the 2020 economic recession, there are no guarantees that another won’t strike the country.

Therefore, it’s important to know why economic recessions strike America. That could help you better plan for launching a recession-proof business in the US in 2024.

Reasons for Economic Recession in the USA

Recessions in the US can be triggered by a number of factors, broadly falling into three categories: economic imbalances, financial problems, and external shocks. Here's a breakdown of some common causes:

Economic Imbalances:

  • Asset bubbles and busts: When asset prices (like housing) inflate rapidly and then crash, it can cause a ripple effect throughout the economy, leading businesses and consumers to cut back spending.
  • Sudden changes in oil prices: Sharp increases in oil prices can raise costs across the economy, reducing consumer spending and business investment.

Financial Problems:

  • Debt crises: High levels of debt, either by businesses, households, or the government, can lead to financial strain and a decrease in economic activity if borrowers struggle to repay their debts.
  • Financial market meltdowns: A sudden loss of confidence in financial markets can freeze lending and investment, leading to a recession. The 2008 financial crisis is a prime example.

External Shocks:

  • Global economic slowdown: If major trading partners experience recessions, it can decrease demand for US exports and hurt the US economy.
  • Natural disasters or pandemics: Events like the COVID-19 pandemic can disrupt supply chains, cause business closures, and lead to a decline in economic activity.

It's important to note that recessions are often caused by a combination of these factors, rather than just one. Additionally, government policies like raising interest rates to fight inflation can also indirectly lead to recessions.

Starting a recession proof business in USA in 2024 could help you buffer their negative impact on your personal and household finances and lifestyle. I will now list some of the main reasons to launch a recession proof business in the US at the earliest.

Reasons to Start a Recession Proof Business

Generally, recession hurts everyone, regardless whether they’re poor or rich. This has been seen during all economic recessions, from the Great Depression that began in 1929 and lasted till 1939 as well as the most recent one during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Starting a recession proof business could ensure that you have enough income during recession and hence, continue life as usual.

There are several compelling reasons to consider launching a recession-proof business in the USA:

  • Stability and Security: A recession-proof business offers greater stability during economic downturns. With consistent customer demand, you're more likely to weather financial storms and avoid closures. This translates to security for you and your employees.
  • Potential for Growth: Even during recessions, some businesses can experience growth. People might prioritize essential goods and services you provide, leading to increased sales. This can be a great opportunity to expand your market share and solidify your position.
  • Reduced Competition: Economic downturns can force some businesses to close, reducing competition in your industry. This can be a strategic advantage, allowing you to attract more customers without facing as much pressure from competitors.
  • Favorable Borrowing Conditions: During recessions, interest rates often tend to fall. This can make it easier and cheaper to secure loans for starting or expanding your business.
  • Cost Advantages: During economic downturns, there might be opportunities to negotiate better deals with suppliers due to lower demand. Additionally, commercial rents might become more affordable.
  • Building Customer Loyalty: By providing essential services or reliable products during tough times, you can build strong customer loyalty. This loyalty can translate into repeat business long after the recession ends.

Points to Consider

Before launching a recession proof business in the US this year or even later, consider the below points. That way, you can ensure that the business isn’t affected by any economic recessions. And in case it is, the impact on your business would be minimal.

  • Identify Needs, Not Wants: Recession-proof businesses typically cater to essential needs, not discretionary wants. People will still need these goods and services even when cutting back on spending.
  • Focus on Value: During recessions, consumers are often more price-conscious. Offering competitive pricing and emphasizing the value proposition of your product or service can be crucial.
  • Be Adaptable: Economic downturns can create new challenges and opportunities. A recession-proof business should be adaptable and able to adjust its strategies as needed.

By carefully planning and choosing a business model that caters to essential needs during economic hardship, you can increase your chances of success in the USA, even during a recession.

Best Recession Proof Businesses

Now let’s take a look at the top 10 recession proof businesses in the US that you could launch now. Similar to most businesses, some would need lower investments while in others, you might need more money for starting up. However, these best 10 recession proof businesses could flourish even during recessions.

1. Home Improvement and Maintenance

recession proof business- Home Improvement and Maintenance

From plumbing and electrical work to handyman services and painting, couples can leverage their combined skills to offer essential home maintenance services. This caters to a constant need, and recessions might even lead to more DIY projects as people postpone larger renovations

2. Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

recession proof business- pet sitting and dog walking

Pet ownership remains high in the US, and pet care needs persist during economic downturns. Couples can offer pet sitting, dog walking, or even pet grooming services, providing a valuable service for busy pet owners.

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3. Freelance Writing and Editing

recession proof business- freelance writing and editing

Individuals with strong writing and editing skills can find consistent work as freelance writers or editors. This offers flexibility and can cater to various industries, making it recession-proof.

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4. Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

recession proof business- accounting and bookkeeping services

Small businesses always need help with accounting and bookkeeping. Individuals with expertise in this area can offer freelance services or start a small accounting firm, providing a vital service in any economic climate.

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5. Social Media Management

recession proof business- social media management

Businesses need a strong social media presence even during recessions. Couples can offer social media management services, handling content creation, scheduling, and engagement for clients.

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6. Online Tutoring

recession proof business- online tutoring

The demand for tutoring remains high, and online platforms offer flexibility for both tutors and students. Individuals with subject-matter expertise can find consistent work tutoring online.

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7. Tax Preparation Services

recession proof business- tax prevention services

Tax filing is a necessity, and even during recessions, people and small businesses need help navigating tax complexities. Offering tax preparation services can be a stable business option for an individual with the necessary qualifications.

8. Virtual Assistant Services

recession proof business- virtual assistant

Many businesses, especially startups and solopreneurs, rely on virtual assistants for administrative, technical, or creative tasks. Individuals with strong organizational and communication skills can offer virtual assistant services remotely.

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9. Appliance Repair

recession proof business- appliance repair

Appliances break down regardless of the economy, and people look for repair services instead of replacing them during recessions. Individuals with technical skills can offer appliance repair services, catering to a constant need.

10. Elderly Companion Services

recession proof business- elderly companion services

Social interaction and companionship are crucial for seniors. Couples with compassionate personalities can offer companionship services, providing emotional support and social interaction for elderly individuals.

You could consider one or more of these business ideas to launch a recession proof business in the US. As you can see, some of these businesses wouldn’t require much investment. You can start them with your own savings or opt for a business loan or crowdfunding to finance your business.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this article would serve you as a guide for launching own recession proof business in the US. Hence, I suggest that you read each point carefully. Recession can ruin lives as we have seen in the past. A recession proof business can help you effectively counter any such negative fallouts and help maintain your lifestyle too.

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