Paidverts Review – How to Earn $10 Daily with Paidverts

At last, there is some revolution in PTC world. Paidverts has brought a very unique concept of earning by viewing the ads.

Can you imagine, you can earn $5, $10 or even $20 per day from a PTC site just by doing some simple work & that too without referring anyone!

Yes, it’s possible at Paidverts!!

But before you jump to signup at Paidverts & start working in Paidverts, you need to know some tips & tricks for working in Paidverts otherwise it will be difficult to earn good income from Paidverts.

Paidverts Review, tips & tricks

Paidverts is a website where you can earn from $0.005 up to $200 for checking 30 seconds of ad!. But if this is your first time you’ve heard about PTC program then refer these articles-

Here are some key points about Paidverts:-

  1. Its absolutely free to join. You can signup here.
  2. Paidverts is a very stable platform and is a part of MyTrafficValue so you don’t need to worry.
  3. Paidverts is a revolution in PTC industry & people with high dream can earn very high income from this single website.
  4. Initially you will earn small income but if you are working hard continuously then you can earn big money in few months.
  5. You will receive your income by PayPal, Bitcoin, Payza etc. which is one of the best way to receive online payment.
  6. Check this real screenshot of Paidverts account & see the value of 30 seconds ads. You can achieve this with in 1-2 months of working hard.


So if you are good to go & looking forward to work with Paidverts then you need to understand & follow these 6 steps.

Without understanding Paidverts, you won’t be able to earn much.

Step 1: Join Paidverts

You can join Paidverts from this special link. You need to check your email & confirm your registration to make your account active.

Step 2: Accumulate BAP (Bonus Ad Points)

This is the highlight point in Paidverts & you need to understand BAP system clearly in order to earn good income from this site. BAP is the currency or point system in Paidverts.

You don’t get the paid ads directly in your account. You will get the paid ads as per your BAP amount. More BAP you have, more higher value ads you will receive. So you need to collect more & more BAPs.

Once you login to your account, you need to check “Paid” link in the right side under “YOUR NAVIGATION”.

Before viewing the paid ad$, you need the type the text in the 3 images provided there. You can simply click on ‘copy paste’ icon provided in-front of the text box.

You will find 16 activation ads daily. It starts with 22BAP and then 25 BAP for each ad.  So checking all 16 activation ads will give you 400 BAP. You have 18 hours to view the 16 ads otherwise the ads will expire.

First day, you will not earn real cash but only 400 BAP if you view all 16 activation ads.

Step 3: Earn cash from your BAP

Each BAP will give you $0.0005 worth of ad. So Next Day, you will receive 400  x 0.0005=$0.2 worth of ads + 16 activation ads.

You need to check your account at least twice in a day otherwise you can miss your paid ads. Next day, after viewing all the paid ads + activation ads, you will receive $0.2 & 400 BAPs.

Step 4: Buy $0.5 Upgrade to view Recycled ads

This is another trick to earn more income. If you have 2500 BAPs then you can buy a $0.05 upgrade to view recycled ads .

Recycled ads are those ads which are not seen by other members. So if you buy a $0.05 upgrade, you will receive recycled ads worth more than $1 in addition to your paid ads and activation ads.

So you will be in $0.95 ($1-$0.05) profit from this upgrade. Once your upgrade expires, you can again buy this $0.05 upgrade.

Step 5: Buy an ad pack

This is another most important tip for working with Paidverts. If you buy a $1 ad pack then you will get number of benefits.

First, you will receive +2400 BAPs which will deliver $1.55 value of ads. Second, you will receive 50 visits of 30 seconds each on your website & third you will receive 50 impression on your banner ad.

Note: You can create a free website & promote your business or other PTC sites to get referral

Try to accumulate more & more BAPs because you will receive higher value of ads only if you have high BAP.

You can get $1, $2 or even $50 value ads depending upon your BAP.

Step 6: Refer & Earn 10% lifelong from your referral earnings

This is the most important part in any PTC website. If you refer someone, you will earn 10% of earnings he/she receive by viewing his/her ads. You can find your referral link in your member’s area & promote it through Facebook, Whatsapp, email or many other ways explained here.

If you are a paidverts member or paidverts membership holder you will earn 2$ for every recycled ads. Other ways to earn BAP is by Click Grid, cash Offer and Playing Games.

So what are you waiting for? Join Paidverts here & start earning some good extra income.


  1. I just joined paidverts. It seems unique and different from what I had seen before. good PTC site 🙂

  2. I am new to this but surely do some research and join this programme to get some good referral income , thanks sir for giving us this wonderful earning online tips

  3. All the activation ads only give 12 BAP so i can only get 216 BAP per day and they take away 100 BAP per day. So even if i complete all the activation ads, i get only 116 BAP per day. So i don’t think i can get high paying ads like yours in just one or two months or do i do thinks in wrong way? Anyway please help me.

  4. Pritam Sir,
    I Ravindra Ingle joined yesterday 31 July 2018 to paidverts through d link given by you above. But whenver I logged in paidverts, after log in, when I click on view ads or any other thing, I automatically get back to Home (index) page again. sometimes it shows BAP ads but again it get back to Home. I don’t understand hat is happening, I dont kno what to do…Pls. help me in this regard, pls. give me the solution, I want to work with paidverts and with u also.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Ravindra Ingle
    email- ravindra13money @

  5. Hi I joined paidverts just a day ago. yesterday i earned 420 baps and today I watched about 28 paid adds and all o see are 278 baps in BAP GROUP ADDS . I am so really confuse where can I see my total earned baps? I am also confuse about activation adds as all o see in navigation bar is paid add so where are activation adds u mentioned please help me out ?

  6. Daily whatever BAPs i earned in the next day i lost all my BAPs ,it become 0, from there again i have to earn BAPs in the next day again it become 0,how to save my BAPs without losing,also i want to know how to earn more in this paidverts, suggest me to earn more and regularly,

  7. plz update this article because paidverts change his BAP policy. Now you will get 12 and 15 BAP to view activation ad instead of 22 and 25 BAP

  8. No use by Paidverts i think simply conveniencing to buy ads package to increase bap, my friend has 1,25,000 bap but receiving 0.3 $ dollar ads (2-3) daily but advertising like you can earn $5 to 10 daily …. Waste of time net balance.

  9. Hi guys i have registered Paidverts and now i have 3100 bap but i get only 0.0001 to 0.0005 ads when i will get $ 1 ads and cash ads are two only.

  10. I dont think paidverts is a genuine website. Its parent company mytrafficvalue. com is a scam like company making money only with cheating people thru colourful games (gambling). So there is no sense of working in paidverts. But for advertisers its ok but dont play any games since they are scammers and earning lot only through colourful gambling games and their profession itself is cheating only thru games.

  11. Thank you for helping me, I am looking for this help, finally found a helpful guide on this topic, keep sharing and keep helping people

  12. Hi this is Basha,

    Recently I registered in paidverts and I have 1100 BAPs last 2 days but I didn’t get any paid adds, just tell me when I would get paid adds.

    Thanking u

    • Hie basha, usually we dont get paid ads on saturday and sunday.
      If still you are not getting in between monday to friday you can DM me.

    • In the 1st day my bap is only 200 but it’s give me paid ads…but only 0.0005
      So I think …u should wait nd earn more baps.thank you

  13. I had worked at SwagBucks for 2 months , when I request my money (afer many attempts) I had had DEACTIVATED ACC OUNT . the best app for real money from your mobile is GrabPoints . try it ‘ this is my code ICZVNS


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