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Get Paid To Click Ad

Do you know you can make real money by clicking & reading the ads online?

Yes, you can really earn good extra income clicking and reading ads. And Paid to Click or PTC is the easiest way to make money on internet.

If this is not your first encounter with online income, chances are you have heard about this concept & you have even registered with number of PTC sites.

Few of you might have earned some cash from some of the sites but most of the people won’t make any money from these paid to click sites.

So why does this happen?

There are 2 big problems in case have not earned money with any of the PTC site.

  1. You did not get proper guidelines
  2. You have registered with fake or useless sites.

If you search Google for PTC sites, you may find hundreds of websites that claims to make you good extra income. But most of these sites are fake and never pay their members.

There are hardly 10-15 legit PTC sites which are regularly paying their members.

We at MoneyConnexion do a lot of research about all such websites & after getting fully satisfied with their payment method, ask our members to join these sites.

So don't worry, you will get the solution of both the problems because we not only provide you the list of the best PTC sites but also guide you about working smartly on these sites so that you can eanr more.

What are PTC sites?

You can make money by clicking and reading the ads on PTC sites. Not only that, you can find number of other ways to make money from PTC sites.

Once you signup with some PTC sites, you have to login daily to these sites. You will find “view ads” link once you login. You can see 10-20 ads daily in that ads section.

Just click on each ad & wait for 15-30 seconds before your accounts get credited automatically. Apart from clicking ads, there are number of ways on different sites that can make you more income.

Review of PTC Sites. Scam Exposed.paid-to-click-read-sites

Scam happens only when there is opportunity exists. Scam is the shortcut of long term genuine opportunities. People bring scam concept only after seeing that there are people believing in some concepts and then try to spam that concept.

Same is there with PTC sites. Initially the concept was created to benefit small businesses to give them exposure in the online world.

There were many websites who could not afford the high marketing budgets to advertise on popular sites or in search engine’s pay per click system so such websites used to do marketing with PTC sites.

Many of the sites who brought the concept where flourishing and that was the reason, many of the webmasters started spamming this concept. You will find more scam PTC sites then genuine one.

The reason was very simple, they needed database and people who register on PTC sites are 100% opt-in database. Then they can make lots of money out of this. They can either sell the database, or use them in selling number of affiliate or cheap products.

It was very simple for someone to create a scam paid to click or paid to read sites. People were joining such sites, working there, referring people to such sites and when they found that there are not able to withdraw the money, they quit. Now, because majority of such sites were scam, people started to avoid PTC sites.

So Can I Earn from Paid to Click Sites?

Yes, absolutely. Still there are good sites where you can make good money from these PTC sites. We have registered on hundreds of sites, tried to differentiate scam and genuine sites from through number of factors, enquired number of people on various forums and filtered these paid to click and paid to read sites.

We have found some handful of sites which are still doing the good work and paying their members from the very long time. Although there are very few sites and you will not make good money but still working 10-15 minutes daily and making $100 to $200 per month is a good return.

How Can I Register on PTC sites?

We have found around more then 10 most legit PTC sites where you can register and start making money. After you register on these PTC sites, just login to these sites, click on ads link and stay there for 20 to 30 seconds until the page says, your account is credited.

Sometime, you will get the same ad link in your email so click on the link from the email and stay for 20-30 seconds on the page.

That’s it. Its very simple to work on paid to click ad and paid to read email sites. We will send you the list of these top 10 paid to click (ptc sites) in your email. So just signup with your email here. Its FREE for this week.

We will also send you some of the other online jobs like paid online survey and earn from mobile once you signup with us. Its absolutely FREE.

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