40 Ways to Get Direct Referrals for PTC & GPT Sites

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How To Get More Referrals for PTC & GPT Sites

PTC & GPT sites could be the easiest way to make money online. You have to click the ads & complete other tasks to get paid here.

But if you want to make big money from these sites then there are 2 important factors that play a big role in your earnings.

The first factor is to choose the sites that are really trusted & paying their members regularly. And another important factor is you must have 100+ referrals.

You don’t worry about any of these factors because I have done research on hundreds of sites & after working for months, I have listed some best sites given below-

And for another factor, I am going to show you 40 ways in this post that will help you to get direct referrals.

How To Get More Referrals for PTC & GPT Sites

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How To Get More Referrals for PTC & GPT Sites?

All the 40 ways explained here are unique & even if you get 5 referrals from a single method, you can have 200 referrals.

And I am sure, you can make more than $500 (Rs.30,000) if you have 200+ referrals.

So here are 40 ways to get more referrals to PTC sites.

1. Ask your friends & relatives through Email, SMS, Whatsapp etc.

The first step to promote your referral link is by asking your friends & relatives by sending an email, SMS or through Whatsapp.

Every person has at least 500 contacts in their phone directory. So start sending your referral link today by all the methods possible. I am sure, you will get at least a 10% conversion.

2. Post on Social Media sites

social media sites

This is my favourite method & I have got around more than 200 referrals by promoting my referral links on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Start this by sharing in your Facebook profiles & posting on your friend's walls. You can also join hundreds of active pages & groups on Facebook related to PTC, make money, work from home & similar topics & post your link everywhere.

You can also promote on other sites like Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram etc.

3. Comments on blogs & YouTube Videos

Comments to get direct referrals

This method also works great if you can write good comments on blogs. There are millions of blogs on the internet & one of the features of these blogs is you can write comments on the articles on these blogs.

The readers of these blogs can see your comment & if you have left your referral link in the comment then they can directly visit the PTC sites & join it.

You have to search the blogs related to the topics like making money, working from home, online jobs, PTC, GPT, online surveys etc. & then write some good comments related to the post otherwise the blog owner will reject your comment.

Similarly, you can also comment on the most viewed YouTube videos so that people can see your referral link & click to join.

4. Distribute Pamphlets and Flyers

You can print pamphlets and flyers with all the information about the site and the referral links & distribute them through newspapers OR directly at bus stops, schools, theatres, hospitals and other public places.

The money that you have to spend is not very much and you would be able to afford the cost. But the response is much better.

5. Advertise on PTC and GPT sites

Again advertising on PTC and GPT sites would ensure your referrals coming on to your site are in great numbers. You can also invest a little amount & advertise your best PTC sites.

OR most of the sites offer you points for advertising on their website or you can use your earning balance to advertise for your other PTC sites.

6. Traffic Exchanges Free and Paid Both

You exchange traffic with others just like you, who are also in a need to get more referrals. You can do these free of cost as well as paying money.

Freeways have limitations but if you go for paid ones then you get more referrals.

There are certain sites that let you exchange traffic with others who are also looking for people like you. However, most referral exchange sites charge a fee for letting you exchange traffic.

7. Create a blog

create a blog

Creating a website & promoting your PTC & GPT  sites through your blog is one of the best methods. You can write reviews of PTC sites or use direct banners in your blog posts or sidebars with your referral link.

Creating a blog is very simple today. It takes very little investment. I have written a very useful post here that can help you to create a website.

8. Ad Swap

Ad swapping could be a great way to get more referrals. Moreover, it is absolutely free of cost.

If you have a list of subscribers then you can swap your list with other marketers on the internet.

You just have to send an email to their list and they will reciprocate you in return.

9. Run a PPC Campaign with Google Adwords

You can signup with Google AdWords & pay money to run a PPC campaign with Google Adwords. You can get instant & targeted traffic from Google.

You can redirect all the traffic to your website & from your website to your PTC sites. The traffic you get is genuine but the cost of running a campaign could be high because of competition.

This is the best method if you have some investment. You can check the sites like BlogAds & BuySellAds for some of the best blogs with cheap offers where you can advertise.

Your banners will appear on the sidebar of these blogs & you can get good traffic to your PTC sites from these blogs.

11. Create Sign Up Offers

You can create sign-up offers and get visitors to click your PTC links.

You let visitors coming to your website click your PTC links first and only then do you allow them to sign up for an offer you just created.

This is also a free way to get referrals.

If you have a database of emails and you are sending emails to people on daily basis then you can add your PTC link to your email signature.

This would be a great way to promote your links for free. Moreover, it is easy to do and less time-consuming.

13. Chat Rooms and Forums

Chat rooms and forums are really great for new marketers who want to get more referrals.

You can join various chat rooms, forums, discussion boards etc and engage people there and bring them to click your referral links.

This technique is absolutely free of cost. The traffic that you get is quite targeted. New marketers must try this method.

14. Submitting Blog Posts or Articles to Article Directories

You can submit blog posts and articles to various article directories with your referral link at the bottom of every article you wrote.

Although submitting to article directories is obsolete but you can give it a try especially if you are a newcomer.

It is because this is free and easy to get started.

15. Downline Builder Tool

Now, this is a serious way you can get more referrals. The downline builder tool is one of the smartest ways to generate referrals.

It is actually a website where you can advertise multiple PTC sites, Traffic Exchanges and other affiliate programs at one given place.

Downline Builder tool is really great for people who don’t have a website and you also get direct viral traffic.

16. Guest Posting

Do not underestimate the power of guest blogging. It is still effective when it comes to getting more referrals.

You write guest posts for popular sites with high Alexa ranking and give a referral link at the bottom of your post.

You will get great exposure if wrote a guest post for a popular site.

17. Safelists

Safelists is better than Traffic Exchanges when it comes to getting more referrals. Safelists have a time limit before you spend your next email again.

However, you can also use software for safelists to save time because they run on autopilot programs.

Safelist is revolutionizing the PTC world.

18. Twitter Feeds or Micro Blogging

The following tips are all about managing social media platforms.

The first one is Twitter a great micro-blogging platform. If you are able to build an army of followers then you can use them to get more referrals.

Every time you tweet you can add a link to your tweet. However, do remember that your tweets must be genuine and it should not be a bot.

19. Uploading Videos on YouTube

Creating a video is not that difficult. Millions of videos are uploaded daily on YouTube & not all the people who upload the videos are experts.

You can create a video, either with your smartphone, web camera or screen recording software like Camtesia.

You can upload videos on make-money tips, extra income opportunities or other topics. Put your referral link at the end of the video & even in descriptions.

If the video is great & liked by people, you can get hundreds of referrals from each & every video you upload.

Also read: How to Create & Start a YouTube Channel 

Ezine article is basically an article directory where you publish articles. It was popular a few years back but now it has become quite obsolete.

However, still you can submit articles related to your topic to this site and add a referral link in the bio section.

Still, you can get traffic from ezine articles.

21. Create Free Ads on Classified Sites

Classified sites are also great ways to promote what you are doing. You need to create ads and let people know what you are promoting.

This is really great for new marketers who can’t spend money. You create ads on these websites and refer people to click your link.

Refer:- 25 Most Popular Classified Sites

You can write eBooks and give them away for free with referral links at the bottom of every page in the book.

However, writing an eBook could be a daunting task. But you can do it because you have to write only 8 to 10 pages.

Then you can give for free and people love free stuff. You get to promote your referral link.

23. Go to schools, colleges & malls & ask people

You can personally visit the people in schools, colleges, malls or other public places & explain to the students & other people about these sites & benefits of working on these sites.

You can easily get a number of referrals because school kids & students need extra pocket money.

24. Instant Messenger

Instant Messenger is another trick to get more referrals.

You can add your blog or referral link to your instant messenger status and add as many as new members to foster new relationships.

There are instant managers of various companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, MSN, Skype etc. Use them and promote your brand.

25. SEO Tricks for Getting More Traffic

You must learn SEO techniques so that you can use those techniques to rank your site with some of the best keywords like ‘make money online’, ‘data entry jobs’, ‘PTC sites’, ‘extra income’ etc.

Once your website ranks with any or all of the keywords, you will get real targeted traffic who are ready to join your recommended websites.

Testimonials still remain the most powerful tool of marketing. Testimonials can do wonders.

If you have genuine testimonials then attach your referral link to the images and publish them on your blog or website.

People would definitely like to visit your link because testimonials have an emotional appeal.

Although it could be spam and unethical but still an effective way to get more referrals to your site.

You can get a bot or macro to post your referral links anywhere anytime. You can get this on any server you are hosting your website on.

28. Offline Advertising in Local and National Newspaper

Now following few tips have to be done offline. You have to manage them when you are offline.

The first thing you can do is advertise your website in the local newspaper. Later you can advertise in mainstream national newspapers.

Yes, you have to pay money but the traffic you get is genuine.

29. Advertise on Mainstream News Channel

Now from the print medium, you can move on to the electronic medium.

Yes, it could cost you an arm and a leg. The cost is very high for advertising on a mainstream news channel.

But you can run infomercials on some of the cable channels.

This is very extreme but if you are serious about referral links then you can pay this cost.

30. Door-to-Door Marketing

If you cannot afford advertising in a newspaper or a news channel then you can go for door-to-door marketing.

Door-to-door marketing can be done by anybody even a newcomer like you. You can go door to door and advertise your website that has referral links. It is free.

31. Advertise on Billboards

Advertising on billboards can get you much-targeted traffic. The cost could be high because advertising on billboards is highly competitive.

However, it is still very effective. You have to create an advertisement with your referral link.

This will work definitely if you want to give it a shot.

Similarly, you can print business cards with your links on them. It is the cheapest way of spreading the word about your website.

You can give your card to everyone you meet on daily basis. You don’t get much traffic but still, you can try.

33. Car’s Bumper Sticker

Bumper stickers are the easiest way to promote your referral link.

Although the traffic that you will receive is very less and not targeted but still it is the easiest way of promoting your website for more traffic.

So these were a few silly ways for promoting your referral links.

34. Give Seminars with Hundreds of Followers

If you are an experienced marketer then give seminars on a regular basis.

While giving seminars you can spread the word about your referral link or the website you are promoting.

You can also organize workshops and get more people to visit your website.

35. Advertise on Local Radio Station

Advertising on local radio stations is also a great way to get your word out to the public.

It is an extension of advertising on mainstream media like print and electronic media. Local radio stations are very effective because you get targeted local traffic.

This is a funny way to promote but a very interesting marketing tool. Marketing via custom-made shirts or t-shirts with links and other images or calligraphy is nothing new.

You can do this with referral links also. There are many online sites where you can order t-shirts with your text or images printed on this.

Tattoos could be too wild but you can give it a shot. Yes, you are not going to get enough traffic with this trick but still, it is worth giving a shot.

If you like then you can get a tattoo with the referral link.

Finally, this is a serious way of promoting your referral link. You can’t ignore it. It is very effective and marketers are already using it.

You can send bulk SMS with your referral links to people with mobile phones.

This is something funny but it can work great because hundreds of people who will walk on the street will read your link & message & join the site.

The charges that you incur are low but you still get some traffic coming to your website.

Here you have to set up a link exchange directory website for PTC and GPT owners around the internet.

This is the place where you will get more like-minded marketers who are willing to exchange traffic with you.

You can also place banner ads on your site in order to get more like-minded marketers.


Getting more referrals for PTC & GPT sites is not always easy, but with the right strategy and effort, it can be done. So these are the 40 tips covering all aspects of marketing for promoting your referral link for PTC sites. Wish you a great luck in getting hundreds of referrals through all these methods.


What PTC site means?

PTC stands for “Pay to Click” which is a type of website where users are paid a small amount for clicking on ads. Advertisers pay the website to display their ads, and users are paid a portion of that revenue for viewing and clicking on the ads. It's important to note that many PTC sites have a reputation for being scams.

What is the GPT survey?

GPT can refer to two things: Generative Pretrained Transformer (a type of language model in AI) or General Purpose Technology (a concept in economics). A “GPT survey” could refer to a study of the performance or applications of the AI model or the impact of technology on economic growth and productivity. The exact meaning would depend on the context.

Are GPT sites legit?

The legitimacy of GPT (Get Paid To) sites can vary. Some are legitimate and pay users for completing tasks, but many are scams. To avoid wasting time and money, it is important to research a site before using it, including checking user reviews and evidence of payment. Be cautious of sites that require upfront payment or offer unrealistic payment promises. Always be cautious when considering ways to earn money online.

How do GPT sites work?

GPT (Get Paid To) sites pay users small amounts for completing tasks such as filling out surveys, watching videos, and visiting websites. Advertisers pay the GPT site for displaying their ads, and a portion of that revenue is paid to users for completing the tasks. Users create an account and start earning money by completing tasks. Referral programs may also offer additional earnings. However, GPT sites should not be considered a reliable source of income as the payouts are small and the tasks can be time-consuming. It is best to consider them as a way to earn extra pocket money.

How to get a free referral?

Getting free referrals for a GPT site means finding people to join the site through your referral link and earning a commission on their earnings. This can be done through personal networks, social media, creating a website or blog, and online advertising. However, it is important to avoid unethical practices and only use genuine methods to get referrals.

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