Top 15 Online Grocery Stores (Websites + Apps) in India

It does not matter what state the economy is in, people would buy their grocery. They may not catch a movie but buying groceries is a daily necessity.

However, now you do not have to go to a mall or bazaar for errands. You can do it online.

Today there are many online grocery stores in India where you can go and shop all your daily need from the comfort of your sofa.

online grocery stores

Although there are many online grocery stores but we have listed here 15 of the best stores. Out of these 15 stores, 12 are websites & remaining are Smartphone.

You can go there and shop whatever you like.

Some of the advantages of online grocery stores are

  1. You can shop whatever you like at one place. There are many products you can find in the local market. Mostly all items are fresh.
  2. Daily you can find 5% to 15% discounts on one of the store.
  3. The online store will deliver the groceries to your home.
  4. There is also free delivery if the order is more than certain amount.
  5. You can order on COD or pay online.

Top Online Grocery Stores

Here is a list of top 12 online grocery stores in India.

1. Big Basket

Big Basket is the number one online grocery store in India. It has over 14,000 products and 1000 brands in its catalogue. bigbasket

You can shop any grocery item that you would like to at from its website. They have delivery slots where they deliver goods at your doorsteps. You can pay via credit card.

However it is in only 7 cities Bangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Delhi.

Above order of Rs 1000/- delivery is free. Find out more at their website.

2. Local Banya

Second in our countdown list is Local Banya. They operate in cities Mumbai (including Thane & Navi Mumbai), Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad & Gurgaon only.

Just you need to register and start ordering items. Any order below Rs 500/- will be charged with an Rs 49/- delivery fee. localbaniya

They offer you 3 subscription plans.

  • Time – 3 Months, Cost – Rs 1999/-
  • Time – 6 Months, Cost – Rs 3999/-
  • Time – 12 Months, Cost – Rs 7999/-

In my previous post on Local Banya, I have mentioned why the above subscription plans can’t save you good money.

They accept net banking as well as credit cards. No COD.

3. ZopNow

ZopNow is also a great online grocery store for shopping. The best part of ZopNow is it allows cash on delivery options for its customers. zopnow

Moreover all its deliveries are free because there are no shipment charges as such.

They deliver items in 5 time slots just within 3 hours of order.

They also offer loyalty program where they give you benefits if your order is worth Rs 500 and above. For more visit their website.

4. Nature Basket

Nature Basket is an online grocery store run by Godrej. It has over 15000 products in its catalogue. nature_basket

They give free shipping if order is above Rs 1000/- otherwise they charge you Rs 30/-

They also accept cash and credit cards. They have 5 delivery slots and deliver within 3 hours for locals.

Nature Basket delivers all over India however delivery timing depends.

5. Reliance Fresh Direct

Reliance Fresh Direct has all kinds of products. For order below Rs 750/- they charge you Rs 25/- There are four delivery slots all together. Reliance_Fresh_Direct

They accept COD, Net Banking, and credit as well as debit cards for making payments.

However Reliance is limited to only people living in Mumbai.

6. Green Cart

Green Cart is also for customers living in Mumbai only just like Reliance Fresh Direct.

The delivery is free for order worth Rs 399/-, they do not accept order below this amount. They have only 2 delivery time slots. green_cart

Along with COD and net banking they also accept credits cards, Paytm as mode of payment.

7. Aaram Shop

Aaram Shop is also a popular online grocery store in India. Although they sell all kinds of grocery however they don’t sell fresh vegetables. Aaram_Shop

Only mode of payment they accept is COD so it is really good for you.

  • Alexa Rank in India: 9627
  • Website:

8. Eemli

Eemli grocery shop is really great for fresh vegetables and organic food items.

They accept only cash on delivery (COD) as a mode of payment. They do not accept COD above Rs 50,000/- . They have some exotic fruits. Eemli

However Eemli could be costly because the minimum order is Rs 2000.

They deliver to main cities in the country.

9. Day to Day Fresh

Day to Day Fresh is based in NCR only. For orders below Rs 1000/- you have to pay Rs 30 as delivery charge. day_to_day_fresh

CoD is mode of payment. Their product is mainly dry items.

  • Alexa Rank in India: NIL
  • Website:

10. Naturally Yours

Naturally Yours is an organic superstore. They have over 1500+ products and 50+ brands on the catalogue. naturally_yours

In Mumbai they deliver you in 48 hours and outside it takes 4 to 5 days.

They accept COD, net banking and credit cards as mode of payment.

The delivery is free only if order is worth Rs 699/-. However, they do charge Rs 50 for delivery charges.

11. Dilli Grocery

Dilli Grocery is mainly about dry items not fresh vegetables. They offer free delivery of goods.

However they are located only in Delhi and area nearing the city. They accept only Cash on Delivery as mode of payment. dilligrocery

12. Kiranawalla

Kirana walla is the last online grocery shop in our top 12 list. It is for people living in Bangalore only. Kiranawalla

They accept Cash on Delivery only as mode of payment.

So these were 12 online groceries stores in India. However there are some great apps also for online grocery shopping.

Here are some of the best online grocery shop apps that you can download and run on your phone.

Online Apps to Buy Grocery

1. Grofers: Really good for solid staples. grofers

2. Pepper Tap: Pepper Tap is also a great app for online grocery shopping. No delivery fee for order above Rs 250/- Pepper_Tap

3. Jiff Store: Free home delivery and COD. jiffstore

  • Alexa Rank in India: 14 715
  • Website:

4. Taza Stuff: Only two cities Chandigarh and Mohali.

  • Alexa Rank in India: 129, 413
  • Website:

Do you use any of the online stores for your grocery need? Share your shopping experience & feedback with these sites..


  1. Apart from the online grocery shopping website mentioned in your list. There is one more online grocery store called Grocery Store Online, which is doing great job in offering wide range of grocery products to Delhi audience. The store provides the ease of shopping online vegetables in Delhi and variety of other items like household items, personal care items, grocery staples, branded foods etc.

  2. Dont shop on Big Basket. It might have a name because of Shahrukh Khan advrtising it but from personal experience it has the worst customer service and quality. They cancel orders without informing so that they can make money on delivery and they wont even inform you. The fruits n veggie quality also bad.

  3. Hi,
    Happygrahak is also a online grocery store in Delhi, where you can buy all the grocery item at discounted prices.

  4. online shopping is a hot trend in india now a days and many online sellers are doing very hardwork to make their stores a big brand

  5. This list need to improve as there are many in market which are doing great and have improved really well.

  6. Would like to add for online grocery shopping

    Navi Mumbai Shoppy is a new guy in and around navi mumbai, thane and mumbai area. providing a rich experience in delivering grocery, vegetables, fruits, electronics, mobile phones and fashion products. New generation entrepreneurs selling online shopping to local markets.

  7. Kindly update your data. Presence of in Delhi NCR is noticeable and expending their business exponentially. Its current user base is now more than 6000 and deliver more than 400 orders per day. Its annual turn over is Rs 9 Cr.

  8. New online grocery store is open in karnal, haryana is named which gives the most kiryana products at cheapest prices

    I think, almost all groceries store are going to online, by this the rush in city market going decrease and it reduces the important times of customers. It also helps to demonetisation

  9. I don’t live in any of these megacities. None of the sites deliver to Ranchi, which is a state capital actually. This is sad. Imagine what would happen to the smaller cities. You should only list sites which deliver to all over India e.g. Amazon, Flipkart etc. Don’t list sites which deliver to only Mumbai or only Delhi. Do you expect your readers from those cities only?

  10. Yes, in India ordering groceries online has become a great trend because these days people have little time to go outside for purchasing grocery. So i think there is a great scope and much profits into this business. No doubt above all listed businesses are very popular in their cities but there are still some areas in India where such online stores are not available. So launching online grocery stores in such areas is a good scope for the upcoming startups to start new profitable business. The cost of developing online grocery website is very high if you build it from scratch. But there are some e-commerce platforms like Growcer available online that can help you build your own online grocery store at an economical price.

  11. There is another big player in the online grocery shopping platform. Rajasthan based online grocery startup have launched

    Download the app from playstore.

  12. I would like to add one another store in this list. My suggestion is Omart. is a leading online grocery stores network in Mumbai, India. At Omart you can buy all grocery items, household items and more.

    • Nice Idea Should we Start Up In Delhi NCR I Need a Partner for Supportive or best knowlege of Markting.


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