This Simple Neobux Strategy Earned Me $11,000 in 8 Months & $50 /Day

It was one of my biggest mistakes to consider Neobux in the past as not a great way to make money.  One comment from a MoneyConnexion reader made me think again about Neobux. A simple strategy earned me $11000 in just 8 months and $50+ per day continuously from last 8 months.

I joined almost 4 years back but I did not make much money for almost 3 years. In just 8 months, I made almost 50 times, what I earned in 3 years.

That was the reason, my last post on Neobux review was not positive, but after making more than $11,000 in last 8 months (see the screenshot), I started focusing on Neobux.

neobux strategy

So why that much big difference in Neobux earning?

Earlier, I used to focus on just 2 great sites Swagbucks & ClixSense where I am earning 5 figure monthly income and I was not pretty sure, if I can make money from Neobux just like these 2 sites.

But after receiving one of the comments from one of the MoneyConnexion who was making $100 daily from Neobux, I started doing the research based on his rented referral strategy and applied it with my account and the result is $11,000 in 8 months and $50+ per day.

And I am expecting at least $70 or even $100 per day within next 3-4 months.

But don’t necessarily expect the same result with your account as my account is more than 4 years old & I am a golden member and the result can vary from user to user.

And if you have joined as a new standard user in Neobux, I believe you can make at least $20 per day using this strategy in next 4-6 months time from your rented referrals. And as your account becomes older, you can expect much more. If you have not joined Neobux yet, then just signup from this link.

Now you must be very curious to know about this Neobux Strategy.

How can a standard member could possibly earn $10 per day in next 4-6 months and that too by working just 10 minutes a day?

Neobux Strategy to Earn $20 per Day

You might be thinking how I am going to make $600 per month from rented referrals? Well! I will just ask you to hold your breath for now and keep reading this article. Once you have read the complete article you will get an idea how you will have the potential to make $600 a month.

A Word Before You Start Working With Neobux

I assume you are a beginner and have little or no experience with PTC sites. But I do believe that you have clicked on ads earlier and made few pennies by doing so.

You can see this old video where I am showing how to view Neobux ads. You can also my earning of $230 in first 20 days of applying my strategy & how Neobux sent my income immediately in my payza account after making a cash request.

I am going to be honest here. PTC jobs are not going to make you rich overnight. It is going to take a lot of time to make even first $1. So you have to be very patient here.

However you can definitely make up to $100 per day if you follow the right strategy.

So if you are ready to invest at least next 6 to 8 months then continue reading the article. Otherwise no use reading rest of the article.

How to Start from $0?

I assume you have no money.

You can just sign up with Neobux creating your username and password. You will become standard member as it is free to join.

As a free member, you can start earning by:

  • Clicking and viewing advertisements.
  • Using AdPrize for a chance to win prizes up to $50 or even a free golden membership
  • Completing Mini Jobs. NeoBux is one of the CrowdFlower’s third party channels and it is the most generous one.
  • Completing for money Pollfish surveys you might find in your summary / overview page.
  • Completing offers for coins which can be converted to money.

Even if you do not have many offers or tasks or not so high earnings in the beginning do not lose your heart because this is where we are going to pull a rabbit out of our hat.


The rabbit is called referrals.

So what are referrals?

Referrals are nothing but other people just like you who also want to make money with Neobux. They will be your referrals who are going to click on your behalf and you will earn money whenever they click ads.

The more the referrals you have more the money you make. Therefore you have to acquire more referrals each day.

So how are you going to get these referrals?

Before we answer this question you need to know there are two different types of referrals in Neobux. Direct and Rented!

What are Direct Referrals?

Direct referrals are the referrals which you are going to get on your own. I have explained here 40 different ways to get direct referrals for any PTC site including Neobux.

But until and unless you are an expert, you can’t get more than few dozens or 1-2 hundreds referrals. Therefore in this article we are not concerned with direct referrals.

So just forget about it.

We are going to talk about a system that Neobux has given us and any standard member in Neobux can use this system to get hundreds or thousands of referrals and that is called rented referrals.

What are Rented Referrals?

Rented referrals are provided by Neobux itself. They are not free and if you are going to make $600+ a month from them, then you have to buy/rent referrals.

One referral can be rented for $0.20 for 30 days. You have to renew each referral after 30 days.

Rented referral is a vast subject. So I am going to keep it simple for the beginners here. However in next article we talk about them in great details.

For now you just rent referrals from Neobux.

Neobux offers them in packs and this is the cost of each pack for a member who does not have more than 250 rented referrals.

No. of ReferralsPrice per Month

Strategy for Reaching $6 Per Day from $0

You might be wondering how you are going to buy these packs because I promised you to start with $0. Well I am going to keep my promise and ready to tell you how you can start from $0 and reach up to $6 per day.

It should not be hard to reach your first $0.6 in a few days or even in a few hours if you click advertisements, use AdPrize, complete Pollfish surveys and / or mini jobs.

When you have $0.6 you can rent your first 3 Rented Referrals for $0.6. Congratulations! You did not spend any money from your pocket.

Before we move forward I want to ask how much time does it take too reach 0.6? It is only some minutes per day! So, please do it.

Each one of your rented referrals might click up to 4 orange ads per day and each click fetches $0.005.

So now you can potentially make:

Step 1: 3 (Rented Referrals) X 4 (ads) X $0.005 (each click) = $0.06 per day

Waiting Period: 10 days so it reaches 10 X $0.06 = $0.6

Next is buying another 3 rented referrals with $0.6. Now you have 6 (3+3) rented referrals (RR).

Step 2: 6 (RR) X 4 X $0.005 = $0.12 per day

Waiting Period: 5 Days so it reaches 5 X $0.12 = $0.6

See the difference. Now you made $0.6 in just 5 days instead of 10 days.

Now buy another 3 RR with $0.6. Your RR is 9 (3+3+3).

Step 3: 9 (RR) X 4 X $0.005 = $0.18 per day

Waiting Period: This time 13 days, 13 X $0.18 = $2.34

Buy 10 RRs for $2 ($0.34 is in balance). RR = 9 + 10 = 19

Step 4: 19 X 4 X $0.005 = $0.38 per day

Waiting Period: 10 days, 10 X $0.38 = $3.8

$3.8 + $0.34(balance) = $4.14

Buy another 20 RR for $4 ($.14 is in balance). RR = 19 + 20 = 39

Step 5: 39 X 4 X $0.005 = $0.78 per day

Waiting Period: Another 10 days, 10 X $0.78 = $7.8

$7.8 + $.14 (balance) = $7.94

Buy another 30 RR for $6 ($1.94 in balance). RR = 39 + 30 = 69

Step 6: 69 X 4 X $.005 = $1.38 per day

Waiting Period: Another 10 days, 10 X $1.38 = $13.8

$13.8 + $1.94 (balance) = $15.74

Buy another 70 RR for $14 ($1.74 in balance), RR = 69 + 70 = 139

Step 7: 139 X $.005 X 4 = $2.78 per day

Waiting Period: 10 days, 10 X $2.78 = $27.8

$27.8 + $1.74 (balance) = $29.54

Buy another 140 RRs for $28 ($1.54 in balance), RR = 139 + 140 = 279

Step 8: 279 X 4 X $.005 = $5.58 per day

Waiting Period: This time 16 days, 16 X $5.58 = $89.28

$89.28 + $1.54 (balance) = $90.82

Finally you have 279 rented referrals and you are making $5.58 per day. You can buy another 21 referrals and make it up to 300 referrals.

A standard member can have only up to 300 referrals and no more.

So, a Standard Member with 300 (RRs) X 4 X0 .005 = $6 per day (if each referral clicks 4 orange ads daily).

Which means 30 X $6 = $180 Per Month

Let us look at this table to know how many days it took to reach 300 rented referrals and earning $6 per day.

rented referral chart

So according to this table it will take around 4 months to reach 300 referrals fetching you around $6 every day.

Now you will get an idea how you are going to earn $180 per month starting with $0 dollar.

You did not have to spend any money. However what you must have is patience and just 10 minutes in a day.


I just want to cautious you that not all rented referrals click on ads. You will be disappointed to know that only some of the referrals will click ads and remaining will sit idle.

Most likely it will take more than 300 referrals to earn $6 per day. You might need at least 600 referrals if you want to earn $6 a day.

In reality with 300 referrals you might earn only $3 per day or just $90 per month. Moreover time period can also be more than 4 months to reach $90.

Keep on checking MoneyConnexion as I am writing another post where you will learn how to optimize your strategy to make most out of the Gold and Ultimate membership.

So you might ask is $6 per day strategy and above table deceptive?

No it is not! They are real. I can give an explanation for this. It gives you an idea how you are going to proceed step by step when it comes to making money with PTC sites like Neobux and shows you a clear picture of potential earnings.

You should prepare yourself mentally for a long overhaul. You need some patience as it might take 6 to 7 months or even more to reach $6 per month from the rented referrals only.

So go through the strategy again and prepare yourself mentally for a long battle.

Now the Final Neobux Strategy to Earn $20+ per Day

As you know standard member is free and you can’t have more than 300 referrals. Moreover, commission per rented referral click is only $0.005.

So, if you want to have more referrals and double your commission then you have to move on to Golden membership that costs $90. Golden membership can have 2000 rented referrals and commission per rented referral click is $0.01, just double compared to standard account.

You can make a cash request of small amount say $5 or $10 to see the payment proof yourself & to keep you motivated. But the ultimate $20 per day income only from rented referrals should come after buying a golden membership for $90.

So, do not cashout your account frequently and use your account balance to buy golden membership.

$20 per day or even more is possible with Golden membership. You might even make $1200 per month if you have 2000 rented referrals and they are active.

And my result is proof of this. You can see above video & check this strategy to work. Also check how fast is Neobux in sending my earnings to my Payza account.



  2. And what about the renew cost? How in the world can we ignore that! Each renewal cost another 0.2$ per referral for 30 days, AutoPay might be a good option to tackle that, but it’s the worst option for starters. If you put into consideration of overall renewal costs without AutoPay, it would take extra strategic preparation, remember people they are rented referrals, not owned.

  3. is there a anyway to withdraw money without payza account… in my country payza account is not required… plz reply…

  4. I think you are not considering the fact that each 30 days a RR must be recycled and it you must consider that cost every 30 days. RR are not forever, they must be recycled, therefore, this strategy is not 100% true.

  5. The strategy would be good in a perfect world, but you still made a mistake.
    1. RR are great if they really do click the ads and if they are worth as much as you say. Even if they only make 0.001 each click, the strategy “would” still work, but after a longer time, a 5x longer time, but…
    2. Your math is sadly off. You counted in the RR’s that you are renting but not those that fall off after one month. Since, like you said, RR’s are only rented for a month and have to be re’rented, the process and number of those rentals is slower. The plan itself is good, it’s just not so optimistic.
    Counting in, that if referrals really do 1/5 of what you said, that the numbers of them that you will have are smaller by about 1/2, you have to be ready to grow much slower. Then there is the “perfect world” thing. In a perfect world those RR’s will click all your ads and everything is great. Sadly, this is reality and they, on some occasions, will not.

  6. But sir there is a problem, it is taking long time go reach 0.6$, plz help me also in this matter so i can rent referrals fast and one more thing sir, as the numbers of referals will increase the spending hours will also increase because then we have to avail a lot referals?

  7. that strategy doesn’t take into account that after one month you have to rebuy the referrals all over again – so if after 1 month your referrals don’t click or click very little, you wont be able to move forward at all, cos either you’ll slowly loose the referrals or stay in the same position not gaining anything at all.

  8. hey, i am the begginer in this job and i got very much intrested to neobux, where i feel very real to earn from home only without fetching of job all around but i have one question to you that can i transfer my money to indian bank account (Bank of India)?

  9. This article post every site like neobux to get more victims to pay them for gold membership. It is a spam. You will never earn money from that kind of things. It’s waste of your time and money. The truth hurts….sorry. advise?……find a real job.

  10. I have looked at NeoBux in a lot of detail although there is very little to explain things in detail on their website.

    We all know the best way to make any money on these PTC sites is through referrals if indeed you have enough friends who would wish to partake in this opportunity.

    Paying for referrals, well that as to be a first!

    Obviously, these are not genuine referrals and just fictitious, set up and managed by “bots”, which is pure garbage!

  11. Hi,
    Your projection will be true only when all the referrals click all ads. You have missed out one thing, that is cost of rented referrals renewal. I have to purchase rented referrals with $0.20 cost and if I want to renew it for next months then additional cost but the referrals do not click ads regularly and your cost of referrals go higher than the earnings. If I not renew rented referrals then Neobux deducts an amount from my earnings. So these are loop holes of Neobux earnings. I have earned $0 after 6 months with 26 referrals and I have click all ads in those six months. I think this strategy is not true.

  12. But as per rule “One referral can be rented for $0.20 for 30 days.”
    Thus Each and every RR will have to buy after 30 days…….This fact is not considered in above calculation. it will certainly make the difference in calculation…..

  13. Sir,
    I have 200 rented referrals and i am only earning 1$ per day. All my referrals are not clicking daily only 50 or 60 are clicking . What can i do

  14. Hi,

    Can you also include in your strategy how to extend the referrals because without it you strategy is not complete?

    That leaves Recycling out but everyone can decide for himself how to do that.

    Thank you

  15. None of the referrals are fake. Every single ref is an actual human that registered with Neobux without using a ref-link, which makes them ffa. (free for all). I didn´t register via any ref-link which makes me eligible to end up as a RR in someones list.

    The reason you think they are fake is because they stop clicking at some point? Or they don´t click at all? That´s not fake, that´s human. Not every person that register on PTC sites stick to it. Many people just register and then leave without making any effort. And there´s also people that click for a while but end up losing patience and stop clicking efter some time. / These are the people in your list that turns inactive after a while and also the RR that you need to recycle.

    A big PTC site like Neobux which has been around since 2007 is not going to use bots or fake people for us to hire. That would be bad for their business should something like that end up in media as you invest real money (possibly).

    So no, not fake. Every RR is a real person. You just need to work in order to keep your RR up to date, recycle, rehire, check statistics, make a plan and I am sure you´ll get rewarded.

    You need to have the right mindset to succeed. Not everyone does. 🙂

  16. Neobux is okay if u can get direct referral but the earning rate is very low. I recmmend anyone to join Ayuwage under this linkAyuWage – Homepage

    AYUWAGE- Earn 1$ daily without referral & You can refer as many as friends as you would like and earn a wooping 10% of whatever they earn from this site.


  17. Dear sir, You are the one who gives important instructions in order to achieve their goal in Neobux.. I really like your advice,….I will obey you what you have mention the useful tips…Bcause I trust u… I am a new user on Neobux…actually I don`t have enough knowledge or experience on Neobux….but when I read your advice somehow I got some knowledge… I really thank you sir…

  18. hi! is it possible to change the language on surveys? I would prefer it in English. I am not Thai but because I am in Thailand, the language set up is Thai.

  19. Hi,
    I Joined NB in 2011 and got Golden after few months.
    You have missed few facts, may be to sweet up your cake.
    1. There are no rented (even Direct) referrals clicking 4 ads per day continuously.
    Their click rate drop drastically once you get Golden Membership (God Knows why!)
    2. There is a referral renewal cost for each ref. after the rental period, which have been totally omitted.
    3. Golden membership renewal fee after 12 months ($.90/=)
    After taking these points to account, it is obvious that you will never reach the figures shown in this article.

    Please be genuine and post realistic and true figures. Thanks

  20. Sir,you have ignored some sounds facts in your strategy the issue of recycling.Recycling is must for the functioning of RRs. Have you any solution for this problem?As a result of recycling deductions may be taken place from the account.It is very difficult and miser type site. NEOBUX is just a gambling in which any body may lose patience,time and also wealth.Please do not appreciate this website and its admin.After all your block/site is good but my experiences in this regard is consist on despair ad disappointment. you also need to discuss the issue of recycling of RRs.and their time time limit.After all i do agree you in so may aspects, but your efforts are good.

  21. Sir i just reached to 0.6 $ and it took me almost a month to reach there and as i rented 3 refferals only one of them clicked on ads…it let me down on my whole hardwork and patience…if this is how it works then how much time it will take to reach 6$ per day ?

  22. Hi
    Can you please tell me where can I found link to get direct referrals? I can’t find it in neobux. Hope to receive the answer soon.

    Thank You.

  23. sir,

    I already joined in neobux before 6 months only after seeing your site . Now i have a small doubt please clarify it ie., upto 1 month ago payza payment processor wil be there so there is no problem with that but now only Neteller and Skrill which is the best one for indians .

  24. Very simple strategy. In the first few hours have already earned some commissions. These rental referrals are real. Interesting to see how profitable this may be going forward. Always looking to add legit passive income to my bottom line. Thanks for sharing! 5/2018

  25. It’s not true as I’ve been using the same strategy because most of the referrals are fake and the do not even click an ad for a week!! I think many of our referrals are not real

  26. sir,i am golden member in neobux with 400 rr .But i losed every referals and i left neobux.After i read your blog i started using neobux back.Sir i thought neobux as scam is it or not.And i had another question how to increase the working referals list.I read in your blog about yourself as you made money 2004-2007 through ptc,surveys and other ways.i want to know about that sir.In neobux how to increase the working referals and how to make them as working to get average of 2clicks from every referals.

  27. Its not true because most of my rented refferal don’t click in a profitable way. My refferals click maximum of 38 clicks per month and some refferals click only 16 clicks per month. so how can we earn by rented refferals

  28. Hi

    What is the accuracy of the Projection Center? When I do my own forecasting, I do see a profit (green) in a couple of weeks based on previous performance of RRs. However, Projection Centre is showing me that in the next 2 years I will not be in the green…

  29. Hi. You write “Each one of your rented referrals might click up to 4 orange ads per day and each click fetches $0.005” but I think that it fetches only $0.001 each click.
    So the strategy is unreal.
    Am I wrong?

    • your wrong bro… check in the upgrade section you will see your clicks is 0.001 and rented refs are 0.005 indeed…

    • Yes, You are wrong.

      When you will purchase RRs, you will get $0.005 per click. And there are 4 orange ads you will get your referral amount. So the simple calculation is every single referral will give you $0.005×4=$0.020 amount.

      For example, if you have purchased 5 referrals, then you will get this amount:
      5(Referrals)x4(Orange Ads)x$0.005(Value of Ads)=$0.100 per day.

  30. Sir, I think if I had not visited your site I would never have known what is renting referrals. NeoBux site does not give as much explanation ass you have given. It was my first day at it and I was thinking of giving up …but fortunately enough I had saved your url and opened it and got cleared of everything. thank you so much sir.

  31. It’s not true as I’ve been using the same strategy because most of the referrals are fake and the do not even click an ad for a week!! I think many of our referrals are not real

  32. Namaskar Mitra,
    I want to know that whether transferring money from Payza or Skrill to my Bank Of India(Dombivli Branch) is easily possible ?
    If my loacal bank branch doesnt have any SWIFT code then?
    Can you please guide me ?
    Thanks a lot for this wonderfull website/blog.


  33. Hello,
    I am working on neobux for the past two years.
    Ihave received 2,3,4,5$ so far.
    1st time I 3 rented from earning,but not viewing ads continuesly and extended 2 times.
    Then I stoped.
    Now I have started RRs. First 3 then 3 added, extended from my points earned. All are
    not working continuesly. some are viewing once in 7 days. Their ratiio is 0.5.
    Now I am having 13,000 points in my credit. (when I started RR 16,000points) Manin palance is
    Crowd flower tasks not permitted me to work (earlier my efficiency was 40% so my account
    Please guide me
    V. Selvamani

  34. please guide me about reset time ,server time ,local time in india and when to click to get the referral commission in neobux ptc.My click rest time ,current server time and local time are 00.25,09.45 and local time 13.29.

  35. Thank for your discussion with neobux then I heart fully thank you this is a very. Nice appourchunite

  36. hi Pritam Nagrale,
    As you guided in this article, I have got some money by watching the adds. but if i wanted to take survey then it will ask some sort of questions and ends up with redirecting a page containing message like this “You are not authorized to view this page due to invalid authentication headers.”
    please help me in this regards. I want to take survey and make money
    thanks in advance

  37. Great, I have started to work in neobux for last 2 months and started earn like your calculation, just i have 20 referrals and invested all my earnings in rental referrals, great idea and thanking you, it is working, but not all the referrals clicks all 4 ads it seems to be average of 1.5 to 2.5 and also need to invest some more to renew those referrals, so it will take some more months to reach the target, also could you explain earning from direct referrals again thanking you


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