Top 10 Most Expensive Paintings in the World

Art can be only described in single word ‘expression’. Art or painting is the paper and color work of an artist’s inner feeling. On the other a painting not only carries the expression of any specific artist but also it lives year after years with having the time-witness.

It cannot be removed within minutes and similarly a single master piece does not build in a single day. With lots of social and mental attachment an artist grows his or her painting just like his child.

So, it cannot be compared with the value of money; but then also only the way to have all these attractive paintings on your collecting by purchasing with money.

If you are interested on different types of painting then here presents details about the Top 10 Most Expensive Paintings in the World. Let’s have details on the following.

PAUL CEZANNE: The Card Players 1892/93

the card-players

It is one of the famous paintings by Paul Cezanne. It is one of the five paintings of his; which are famous as post-impressionist art. It has collected $258,4 millions from the buyer and basic attraction of this painting is presence of psychological intensity in the player’s face.

  • Price: US $250 million
  • Inflation adjusted price: US $ 258.4 million
  • Private sale: 2011
  • Seller: George Embiricos
  • Buyer: Royal Family of Qatar

PABLO PICASSO: Le Reve , 1932Le-reve-1932

If you have love on Picasso’s painting then it is undoubtedly most attractive one. It is called that; Le Reve is most sensual painting of Picasso which shows a dreaming expression of lover Marie-Therese Walter with closed eyes and sitting in a red armchair. Steve Wynn thought to sell this painting at $ 139 million to Steven Cohen but later it was postponed and the sale process was help in 2013 at $ 155 million.


  • Price: US $ 155 million
  • Inflation adjusted price: US $ 155 million
  • Private sale: 2013
  • Seller: Steve Wynn
  • Buyer: Steven A. Cohen

FRANCIS BACON: Three Studies of Lucian Freud, 1969

Three Studies of Lucian Freud

It is one of the best contemporary art works. As per the explanation of Christie; this painting has the attachments of time when “the relationship between Freud and Bacon was at its apex”. For this contemporary touch it has collected price $ 142,4 million.

  • Price: US $ 142.4 million
  • Inflation adjusted price: US $ 142.4 million
  • Private sale: 2013
  • Seller: Francesco De Simone Niquesa
  • Buyer: unknown

JACKSON POLLOCK: Number 5, 1948

No 5 1948

For the contemporary art lover it is at the pick; because of its stunning ‘drip’ expression which was perfectly balanced by Jackson Pollock. Most important specialty of this painting is that; this special Jackson’s painting grows interest on the contemporary painting. Though there is lots of confusion about the exact price of this painting but as per the market research it was sold at $ 140 million.

  • Price: US $ 140 million
  • Inflation adjusted price: US $ 161.4 million
  • Private sale: 2006
  • Seller: David Geffen
  • Buyer: as per market survey buy’s name is Mexican Businessman David Martinez


It is called; Woman III is one of best on 50 paintings in the world. It is the According towoman iii 1952 53 T.Hess it is described as Black Goddesses. For this special authenticity this painting is sold at $ 137.5 million.

  • Price: US $ 137.5 million
  • Inflation adjusted price: US $ 158.6 million
  • Private sale: 2006
  • Seller: David Geffen
  • Buyer: Steven Cohen

GUSTAV KLIMT: Adele Bloch-bauer

Adele Bloch bauer

It is an amazing work by Gustav Klimt which is featured by iconic work of cosmetic magnet. On the best five canvases it is one which are recently returned to heirs of the Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer. For this special iconic touch it was stick on the sale price $ 135 million.

  • Price: US $ 135 million
  • Inflation adjusted price: US $ 155.7 million
  • Private sale: 2006
  • Seller: unknown
  • Buyer: Ronald Lauder

EDVARD MUNCH: The Scream, 1895

It is another iconic work by Edvard Munch. It is one of the most colorful paintings of top fourthe scream 1895 pastel Edvard Munch’s paintings. This is the only painting which is till now on the private hands.

  • Price: US $ 119.9 million
  • Inflation adjusted price: US $ 121.3 million
  • Private sale: 2012
  • Buyer: Anonymous


Jasper Johns Three Flags

This painting brings some political and social attachment of the period of 1954 to 56. It is the American flag painted by Jasper Johns for the first time and now it is at MOMA. For the authenticity of this flag it has collected $ 110 million as the selling price.

  • Price: US $ 110 million
  • Private sale: 2010
  • Buyer: Steven Cohen

PABLO PICASSO: Nude Green Leaves and Bust, 1932

Nude Green Leave and Bust

Again Pablo Picasso is on the top 10 list of most expensive paintings. Nude Green Leaves and Bust is another amazing creasing by Pablo Picasso and it is features his mistress. This paint is recently show of Landon at the art museum at Tate Modern.

  • Price: $ 106.5 million
  • Inflation adjusted price: $ 114 million
  • Private sale: May 2010
  • Buyer: anonymous

ANDY WARHOL: Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster), 1932

Silver Car Crash Double Disaster

It is painting of an art revolutionary period; when just contemporary arts were newly started. In fact it is a famous pop art by Andy Warhol; which got high popularity at the time as the best contemporary work.

  • Price: US $ 105.4 million
  • Private sale: November 2013
  • Buyer: anonymous

These are the top ten expensive paintings in the world which are till now getting the same attraction by the modern as well as contemporary art lovers.


  1. Priya madam
    This topic is really beautiful and packed with information. These days even people wh0 are c0nnected with the painting works do not have knowledge on this, I do really appreciate your way of thinking. Your presentation is also beautiful. Some painttings are very costly and some cheap..Paintings are just the output of the painter’s thoughts put in an artistic work and his performance together which gives a good finish and raises the value of the painting. Some paintings are drawn according to the situation and surroundings of that period..
    Best wishes and regards.

  2. These are some extra ordinary art, it’s value and price though over rated is still no hurdle for the art-loving individual. Though, I don’t happen to one such creditor so I won’t spend my money on these paintings.

  3. I like to see paintings and would like to buy one but these paintings are better kept in the art gallery than bought

  4. I don’t understand why people spend lots of money in these useless paintings instead of helping poor who die of hunger and diseases.

  5. I wouldn”t have buyed all these even if im a millionare. Cause i spend money for only things which seems useful to me.

  6. some paintings are worth purchasing but others are quite ordinary.
    although one does value the art and skill that goes into the painting work but wonder who will buy the highly priced paintings.
    not the one who will buy so expensive painting but definately the one who respects the hard work and time that goes into paintings..


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