Where to Laminate Paper Near You: 7 Best Lamination Services

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Best lamination services near me

Laminating documents, or at least their copies, is something all of us should be doing. Why? The reason is simple. Laminating copies of important documents helps us to preserve them well.

It’s impossible for us to remember the document number or date of issue. In case the original documents are lost, a laminated copy can help serve as a substitute in most cases till we get a proper replacement.

Why Should We Laminate Documents?

Of course, I am not saying that we should get all our original documents laminated. That’s because certain documents come with watermarks and other distinguishing signs and symbols that prove they’re genuine. Laminating those would make them look like cheap fakes since the watermark or distinct signs and symbols or stamps wouldn’t be seen clearly.

For example, I would never ask anyone to laminate a degree certificate from a college or university because it is full of watermarks and other elements that help anyone to identify it as a genuine one.

Nor will I laminate my driver’s permit for the same reason.

However, I do maintain laminated photocopies and colour scans of all my important documents, such as my passport and other ID cards, for easy recall.

Cost of Laminating Documents

Actually, the cost of laminating documents isn’t very high. Usually, you can get all document copies laminated for less than $10 and if you have many, at best, $20.

Different lamination service providers have different rates. Hence, this price may go up or down, depending on where you go for lamination and your location.

Types of Document Copies for Lamination

Now, you might be wondering what types of documents whose copies we should be getting laminated. There’s no specific list. However, I will provide some broad outlines that you could follow. If you have more documents, you could photocopy those as well and get them laminated.

Once again, I will repeat, never laminate original documents unless absolutely necessary.

  • Driver’s Permit
  • Relevant pages of passport
  • School, high school and college/ university certificates
  • Records of previous and past employment
  • Any certificates you’ve won for contests, projects and other activities
  • Social Security documents
  • Internal Revenue Service documents
  • Bank documents
  • Copies of important legal documents
  • Marriage license/ certificate
  • Birth and death certificates
  • Insurance plan certificates
  • Records of investments
  • Membership records of clubs or other organizations
  • Mortgage agreements
  • High-value checks issued for payments

Additionally, you can also decide on any other documents that are important. Laminating such documents helps you preserve them and protects them from rough handling while making photocopies or scanning. Instead of the original, you can simply make copies of the laminated colour scans or colour photocopies.

7 Best Laminating Services Near You

This brings us to the big question: where do I find lamination services nearby? Actually, there’re lots of places where you can find lamination services.

1. UPS Store

UPS Store

This is possibly the best place to get lamination services since the global courier and logistics company has a presence all over the USA. You can easily find a UPS Store nearby by using Google Maps or any other similar service. They use the best material, such as laminating pouches and provide superb service by all standards.

2. Staples


Staples is yet another place where you can easily find laminating services nearby. There’re Staple stationery stores across the country, and I’m sure you’ll be able to find one nearby. You can select the type of laminating pouches from their store and have the job done by their experts.

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3. Office Depot/ Office Max

Office Depot

As you would know already, Office Depot and Office Max are a chain of stores for office supplies. They offer a wide range of services, including scans and photocopies. Additionally, they also offer lamination services. You can get high-quality colour scans or colour copies of your documents and get them laminated all under one roof at Office Depot/ Office Max.

4. FedEx Stores

FedEx Stores

Look for FedEx Stores in your city, and I am sure you’ll find one easily. You can also locate one using Google search or Google Maps in your locality or city. FedEx stores provide a laminating service at a very reasonable cost. In fact, they have high-quality laminating services. At most locations, you can also get photocopies and colour scans of your important documents for lamination.

5. Minuteman Press

Minuteman Press

All outlets of Minuteman Press provide lamination services as well as photocopy and scanning. You can also mail them the documents and pay the necessary charges for home delivery. They are reputed for their fast and efficient service. In fact, you can select the types of laminations you require from their website and place orders according to your choice.

6. Stationery Stores

Stationery Stores

A lot of local stationery stores around the USA provide laminating services for documents too. Generally, you’ll find such stores near schools and colleges or universities. That’s because students and teachers, among others, need lamination services frequently and don’t have the time to visit faraway locations.

7. DIY

DIY or Do it Yourself is something I would suggest only if you’re willing to spend some money on a laminator and the necessary laminating pouches. A quick search on Amazon shows that laminating machines are available for $27 and above, depending on the size of documents you need to laminate and other features. Add to that the cost of laminating pouches.

Originals v/s Laminated Copies

Here’s something important to remember. In some places, a laminated copy of a document or even a laminated original document might not be honoured. Therefore, always carry the originals with you.

For example, if you’re going for an interview, carry photocopies made with a laminated scan or copy but show them the original certificate so that it can be verified.

In Conclusion

Before concluding, I’ll add that lamination can help you protect copies of vital documents against damage caused by weather conditions such as high humidity or heat. In some cases, you can carry laminated copies wherever allowed and maintain the originals at home or the workplace. That way, you’re protecting the originals against loss due to theft or misplacement.

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