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I have been using Hostinger for some of my affiliate niche websites and few micro niche websites and I can say – Hostinger is one of the topmost web hosting companies in the world.

It's very fast, stable, secure, affordable and provide excellent customer support.

Hostinger is inherently a web registrar offering a plethora of services including domain names and web hosting, for big and small websites around the world. It is headquartered in Lithuania.

Due to the easily accessible and affordable hosting facility, Hostinger quickly gained fame and reached worldwide. It now provides hosting in 178 countries all over the globe. As of 2020, Hostinger has more than 29 million users in total.

Hostinger Web Hosting Black Friday Offers & Coupons

Hostinger Black Friday Coupons

One of the reasons why Hostinger was welcomed by people around the world is affordability and coupons and promo codes that make web services more affordable than ever.

Developing countries like India accepted Hostinger with open arms. The hosting services and the domain names become super affordable during the special days.

In this article, we will talk about the Hostinger Black Friday offer. Black Friday is an important event all over world. You will find deals for almost all the online tools and services during Black Friday.

It is a great occasion to start a new business too. To help people, Hostinger gives phenomenal discounts for web hosting and domain names as well. Along with them, you can also claim several other benefits like a free SSL certificate, Unlimited visitors to your website, etc.

Before we talk about the Black Friday sale, let’s see some of the reasons for its extreme popularity.

1. Highly affordable

Like I mentioned before, Hostinger is perfect for low as well as high-budget websites. With the platform, anyone can afford a domain name and run a successful website. Millions of people have already bought hosting from Hostinger; you can try it too.

2. Fast loading

Unlike other cheap services, Hostinger doesn’t compromise with the load time. This is the main problem with websites running on free hosting or cheap hosting. At Hostinger, you can easily pay and apply coupons to get the best possible speed on your website. The load time of websites hosted by Hostinger ranges between 69 microseconds to 165 microseconds.

3. Free SSL certificate

SSL certificate gives security to your website. It also protects it from potential attackers. The lock sign on the top left corner of the URL bar represents the SSL certificate. In the absence, you can see an exclamation mark that looks unpleasant and less reliable. Therefore, an SSL certificate is extremely essential for your website if you want to earn the customer’s trust and represent your brand.

4. Free Domain Name and 24×7 Customer Support

If you choose the right hosting, you can get a free domain name & lifetime free SSL certificate that can cost you more money if you buy it separately. For newbies and amateurs, customer support is also available. You can ask any query and get on the spot solutions to them.

Hostinger Coupons for Black Friday

Hostinger is giving 90% during Black Friday. You can use this Hostinger link to buy the web hosting. You can use coupon code PRITAMNAGRALE for extra 10% discount.

Web Hosting

As soon as you visit Hostinger, you can find irresistible offers on web hosting. You can get hosting for your website at only 59/mo. Isn’t it super cool? It is just a little money that you waste daily on buying a pastry.

With Hostinger, you get a free SSL certificate, free email accounts, free domain names, and unlimited visitors. What else do you want?

Domain Name

A domain name is the address of your future website. You can get it free with the above-mentioned hosting plans. If you prepare to buy an individual domain name, you can get it at a 95% discount.

You will be surprised if I told you the price. Just spend Rs.49/yr and get a .xyz, .tech, .online, .store, .space, and .site domain name. I know it is too good to be true. Don’t let the opportunity slip away, avail the Hostinger Diwali offer now or regret later!

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