Top High Income Skills to Learn in 2024

Pritam Nagrale

high income skills to learn

Nobody in the world, regardless of where they live, wants low incomes. Unfortunately, millions of persons in the US and elsewhere continue earning low because they don’t have the high income skills.

If you’re among such low income groups, surely, you’re aware of the problems that shortage of money or less money brings about in life.

What if you had high income skills?

You might falsely imagine that it’s no longer possible to learn high income skills anymore. That’s wrong. As a matter of fact, anyone can learn high income skills anytime.

The good news is that some of these high income skills can be learned free of cost too. This means you don’t have to attend a college or institute or leave work to learn these. Instead, you can learn them anytime at home, over the various websites and YouTube.

If you’re interested in learning high income skills, continue reading. I will discuss some of the top high income skills to learn for 2024 and beyond. These skills could help change your career and lead to a prosperous life.

Places to Learn High Income Skills

Before I tell you about these high-income skills, let’s explore where to learn them. Obviously, if you’re young and can afford a college or university education, the best is to do an undergraduate or graduate degree in that field.

However, if you’re older and can’t go to college to learn new and high-income skills, there are still some ways.

Here are some of the ways you could try to learn high-income skills.

Udemy is one of the best apps for students, where you can get lots of courses for free or for affordable fees. These courses are useful to upgrade your skills or acquire new ones for high income jobs.

Some of these courses are from top colleges in the US and elsewhere, and a few come with downloadable certificates, too. You can get vital insights into some courses with their free versions, too.

As an example of the valuable courses available on Udemy, I'd like to highlight my own course, ‘AI Blogging Blueprint Using ChatGPT‘. This course is designed for anyone looking to harness the power of AI in content creation and blogging.

You can come across several courses for all levels of learning at These courses are made by experts in various fields or directly from faculty members of top US and foreign universities.

They are priced very affordably, and some courses are available for free. Some of these courses come with free or paid downloadable certificates.


You tube

Yes, you can come across lots of free courses from videos on YouTube. In fact, some of these courses are created by masters in their respective fields. They create such courses and upload them for the benefit of the public or to make their own online brand using YouTube’s free channel service.

Here, you can come across lots of courses that otherwise cost a lot of money. YouTube is an excellent resource to learn high income skills for 2024 and beyond.

Alternatively, you can do some internships at businesses in your area, gain experience and learn high income skills of your choice. This doesn’t require money and instead, you can expect to get paid during the internship or apprenticeship with the business.

Coming back to high income skills to learn anytime, continue reading.


Best High Income Skills to learn in 2024

The list of high income skills I am presenting to you is based on information from various websites and sources such as Bureau of Labor Statistics and Department of Labor, among others. However, the demand for certain skills could increase or decrease due to job market conditions in the US and abroad.

Here’s my list of best high income skills to learn for 2024 and beyond. You can learn these skills anytime or even attend college to acquire them if you wish.

1. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which are also known as AI & ML, are a growing yet relatively new technology. This technology is expected to develop and be used by millions of businesses and individuals worldwide. Hence, there’s a superb scope for high income jobs or even business if you learn AI & ML skills.

2. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

This might come as a surprise to many. Digital marketing isn’t anything new or something to rave about. However, digital marketing continues to remain on top of high income skills.

This is because the demand for highly skilled and experienced digital marketers in the freelance market continues to grow. This includes skills such as search engine optimization, social media marketing and email marketing, to name a few.


3. Content Writing

Content Writing

In 2022 and 2023, there were predictions that the profession of content writing would die quickly because of Artificial Intelligence resources. However, that isn’t happening for a variety of reasons.

The first is that organizations that want content are demanding original content, meaning written by a human without the help of AI or with minimal use of AI. Secondly, it’s proven that AI generates faulty content that can put organizations and individuals at risk of expensive lawsuits.

4. Financial Advisory

Financial Advisory

It’s not really easy to get this very high income skill to work as a financial advisor. However, you can get the skill provided you hold finance qualifications from a good university and take tests to get the necessary certifications as a financial advisor.

Generally, financial advisors work with banks, insurers and financial corporations. They also work freelance and provide investing advice to their clients. In both cases, they earn a very high income. With wars and conflicts around the world battering the US and global economies, people are looking for sound investing advice, and this is where financial advisors are in demand.


5. Drone Pilots

Drone Pilots

Piloting a drone isn’t really easy if you’re going to do drone photography or something complex. In the US, it’s easy to buy a high-powered drone and learn to fly it yourself.

However, when it comes to professional uses of drones, it’s a different ballgame altogether. Flying a drone may be easy, but taking certain types of photos and videos requires specific skills.

This is where certifications of a drone pilot prove useful. You will learn various skills needed to take videos and photos that are of high value in the market with your drones.

These five skills are expected to remain in high demand, at least in the near future and not-so-distant future. As technologies evolve, some other high income skills can come into demand and surely, you would be able to find courses to upgrade your skills or acquire new ones too.


If you’re worried about staying in the low income group lifelong, I suggest that you try to learn any of these high income skills online or even offline. That way, you could have a high-income career or even earn lots of money as a freelancer in that specific field.

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